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  1. I believe once onboard, at the pursers desk, she can give them cash towards her onboard account Not at check in. She would have to go to the pursers desk. We have done this many times but on another line 🚒
  2. Your reasoning sounds very good. it also gives people who prefer to dine at a busy time to do so without thinking they may have to wait for a table. We found most times, depending on the day, we were ready to go around 6-630 and we have always been lucky with no wait.
  3. Many people believe you need to reserve with MTD. You do not. We enjoy dining when we are ready with no set time and have never once, after sailing multiple times, with 6 of us, never had to wait If you are looking for a time of 5:30 I would not worry about it, just show up. 😊
  4. You don’t need to reserve with MTD 😊
  5. My sister surprised me She just walked up to me in the cruise terminal as we were waiting to board. it was a great surprise as I had not seen her in a couple of years. 😊
  6. You can ask questions about TA β€˜s on the Trip Advisor Cruise forum 😊
  7. Do not miss the Silent Disco I did not know RC offered it. They have it on Celebrity and it is a blast !
  8. You wont regret it The Oasis is a wonderful ship with great entertainment. 4 days is just to short! 😎
  9. I would choose a longer cruise 🚒
  10. There are many good TA’s with no fees You can freely ask about and discuss travel agents on Trip Advisor Cruise Forum 😎
  11. Between the two, Riverside. We enjoy staying at a hotel next to the beach before a cruise.
  12. Great review! Cruising the Anthem in January and are driving over to Albany for Yankee Trails Great way to travel to port. 😊
  13. You can go to TripAdvisor cruise forum and ask about travel agents there. 😊
  14. Where is the best place to leave your car when flying out of Logan? The airport is very pricey Thanks ahead! 😊
  15. On Celebrity it is called Silent Disco A blast! 😊
  16. Absolutely They give you map to follow and even as you go along, you are right by the water and can see where a good entrance is. You just need to park and walk down to the water.
  17. janetz

    Bermuda help

    When it comes to Bermuda, pick a sailing that offers the most time there 😊
  18. Entertainment on the Oasis class ships is outstanding 😊
  19. Enjoy, We are returning in January 😊
  20. We are booked for January 16th I recently asked someone who sailed in Feb about the weather He said the end of the second day sailing it was just over 70 So there’s a bit of indoor time but remember there is lots to do and there is also a very nice indoor pool area. 😊 Go for it
  21. Another option which we did Rent a golf cart at port and go on your own You can rent the gear there and they give you a map Just riding around the island is fun BoniareCruisers.com Wicked fun 😊
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