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  1. Yes I believe they have cancelled thru July Pisted in another thread
  2. Sailed in January and it was pretty simple. Just head into the garage and as you go, there will be porters, they will unload your luggage from your vehicle. Then you will proceed to a parking place. Short walk to the terminal. Be sure to notice, take a picture of where you park. 😊
  3. Our beach opens back up tomorrow with 2 restrictions No more then 6 to a group and 6 feet apart Can not wait 😊
  4. St Kitts-Beach Bar Da Marriott Beach Resort has day passes...Call Beautiful beach with shaded loungers and huge pool with swim up bar.
  5. No Looking at a few land trips. No interest in a cruise for awhile 😊
  6. Bermuda is beautiful! So much to see and do on your own without pricey ship excursions. We have been 3 times via cruise ship. I would avoid the summer months, to hot Fall until the last week of October is beautiful. As is the end of May, 1st week of June Check out the Bermuda forum for great info 😊
  7. Agreed! We have done many cruises and have been blessed to do so. 😊
  8. 😊 I am not to worried as we are both very healthy, just curious I believe those requirements made by other cruise lines, as this mess was getting started will not be in effect once the cruise industry gets going again. 😊 Just my opinion
  9. Is Princess implementing a policy that if you are over 70 you need a ok from your physician to cruise? i tried to do a search and did not see it mentioned Thanks ahead 😊
  10. Thank you everyone The link with the cabin locations was great! Found two without any obstructions Now to bite the bullet or not 🤔for January
  11. Awesome That is the cabin!! 😂 We normally go for a balcony but the pricing is way up for the Panama I believe we are good!
  12. I think I found a cabin for us between two boats 😊
  13. Looking at a Panama cruise on the Emerald and considering an obstructed view cabin, forward on the Emerald deck Seems like there are a few right between lifeboats. When I go to book it says fully obstructed. Are the deck plans correct on the Princess website? Thanks ahead 😊
  14. I would not pay for the package, seeing how port intensive your cruise is 😊
  15. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22737-coral-princess-docks-in-miami-two-dead.html
  16. I would look at cruises for later next year i agree with Tapi and it’s good to have something to look forward to. On our bucket list is the Panama Canal We we’re planning on booking for January but are hesitant now. Stay well 😊
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