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  1. Tell her the morning before so she can prepare 😊
  2. What a terrible thing to say. Shame on you.
  3. Trikes is best in the am before it gets to hot Such a blast !
  4. I second this! We stopped all over and snorkeled different spots
  5. We recently have sailed Celebrity and Princess and on formal nights anything went. Except shorts. I have never seen shorts worn.
  6. They don’t face the water, we have no interest. 😎
  7. Carol, Looking at the Ramada, at Newark airport, I do not options for park, sleep, cruise is that just with Trinity?
  8. Thanks everyone Carol, I was waiting for your reply You always have the right answers 😊 We are in Pittsfield about 50 minutes from Albany. Thinking maybe book a place in NJ and watch the weather. If it looks good, cancel that and bus down. Our cruisemates prefer not to drive down.
  9. Hi everyone Crusing on the Anthem Jan 16th and we are debating Yankee Trails from Albany or just driving to port which from Western Ma is 3 hours With Yankee trails, it seems after the cruise there is no where to wait for the bus back at 11 that is sheltered? Also how easy a drive, does anyone know? Thanks ahead 😊
  10. Hi all Sailing the Anthem in January When using Yankee Trails for transportation to and from in Jan, where do you wait for pickup after? Is there waiting inside, being winter Thanks ahead 😊
  11. Also monitor pricing before final payment for a drop after you book We have saved many times doing this. 😎
  12. I would ask this question on the East Coast Departures board 😊
  13. Free drink package? Check those balcony prices now and then again on June 13th. 😎
  14. We have stayed at the Westin FLL beach it was great Here is a deal I just saw https://www.travelzoo.com/hotel-booking/hotel/228/sonesta-fort-lauderdale-beach/
  15. https://www.travelzoo.com/hotel-booking/hotel/228/sonesta-fort-lauderdale-beach/ Just saw this deal on Travelzoo
  16. janetz


    They do. You pick the combo 😊
  17. I could care less anyone’s status. Just laugh at these people that think they are above. 😎 We are true to none.
  18. I agree Try each cruise line. 😊
  19. I believe once onboard, at the pursers desk, she can give them cash towards her onboard account Not at check in. She would have to go to the pursers desk. We have done this many times but on another line 🚒
  20. Your reasoning sounds very good. it also gives people who prefer to dine at a busy time to do so without thinking they may have to wait for a table. We found most times, depending on the day, we were ready to go around 6-630 and we have always been lucky with no wait.
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