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  1. I mailed my request on June 10 and got confirmation of my OBC by email last week, and I confirmed it does appear on my printed documents. This is for a November 30 departure date.
  2. I received a refund of my port taxes and fees ($245 pp x 3 = $735) today for my 5/22 Alaska Glacier Discovery Northbound cruise on Noordam, which was canceled in early April.
  3. Same here for my shore excursions - I couldn't find them on my statement at first because they were backdated over 2 weeks.
  4. Interesting - my taxes/fees were 245 pp, so I'm expecting 735 back (3 passengers). 2 passengers would be 490 so I'm not sure why you only got 480, unless you had a different itinerary with different fees?
  5. Oh wow, that long, eh? Well at least they (probably) haven't forgotten. 😉
  6. I've received my FCC and refunds from the shore excursions, but still nothing regarding port taxes and fees ($235 pp, so not a lot but not nothing). Cruise was for 5/22 and canceled 4/14. Anyone else opt for FCC and received a refund on the tax?
  7. Going westbound, south (the sunny side) would be port (left). In November, the weather should be cool enough and sunrise late enough at those latitudes that I'd pick that side - if it were summer I'd go with the shaded side because I don't like getting hot or being awakened too early. Have a great trip!
  8. Thanks everyone, and especially @amanda219 - I'll definitely look into them! @joeyancho, when were you last there? Everything I've read says you can no longer climb the pyramid at Tulum, unfortunately, but we're definitely going to Uxmal while you still can.
  9. Also consider that fall is the time of year most likely to be cloudy and rainy. Best bet for seeing the aurora is the interior of Alaska in the winter, if you can stand the cold. 🙂
  10. Hi all! I just wanted to follow up after discussing with the Mrs... she agreed that an hour at Chichen Itza wasn't worth it, so we'll book Uxmal from Progreso and Tulum from Cozumel, then return by land at some point for a full day at Chichen Itza. I figure that'll always be there but we don't know how much longer you'll be able to climb the pyramid at Uxmal. We have gone ahead and booked the cruise - port side mid-ship balcony on Carnival Valor departing from New Orleans on 11/30, for only $272 pp. Thanks again for all the advice!
  11. Sorry I don't have any advice, but one thing struck me about the NCL itinerary - the list view says Glacier Bay but the map shows Hubbard Glacier. Any idea which it really is? Or could it be either depending on weather?
  12. There's a thread on Flyertalk about this, and one of the respondents created a template you can use for the DOT complaint: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/32405601-post427.html. It has screenshots from Air Canada's website showing that the airline retroactively changed its cancellation policy for tickets already sold (going from offering refunds for canceled flights or scheduled changes to only offering refunds for cancellations deemed within the airline's control, which of course is up to them to decide). Hopefully this comes in handy. I submitted a refund request 5 weeks ago (for flights which would have been 2 weeks ago) and haven't received a response. I'm hoping the DOT can force them to refund since, according to one of the posters in the Flyertalk thread, AmEx is inexplicably siding with AC on chargebacks...
  13. Same here. The bonus $200 gift card was also in my cart prior to checkout and on the invoice.
  14. Thanks everyone! I considered a land vacation but with everything going on, the cruise turned out to be a much better value (both less expensive and easier to cancel if necessary since we'd be driving to the port from my parents' home). The alternative for this year would be not going, so I figured we'd get a glimpse of it now and go back by land if we want to see more.
  15. Yeah, I’ve heard that about Progreso - we’d definitely do one of the Mayan tours from there, it’s just a question of which one. We’re not really beach people anyway. That’s what I’m thinking - I’d like to climb the pyramid at Uxmal while I still can. It sounds like Uxmal from Progreso and Chichen Itza by plane from Cozumel is the winner if I can get my wife on board... if not, then Uxmal and Tulum for this trip? I assume the ferry/bus trip to Chichen Itza from Cozumel isn’t worth it as you get less than an hour there?
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