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  1. Or u can purchase from room service 6 cans for the price of 5 = $ 11.80. Canned Soda Package.
  2. Go to gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forcast All the info on Aurora around the world -- great site. Last Oct, the forecast had the peek from 10/24 to 10/26 -- we just happened to be in Alta on 10/26.
  3. I was on the Oct Sapphire Princess -- saw the NL for 4 hours on the second night in Alta, Norway. Was not aware there was a second cruise.
  4. DD OCT 12 -- 29 , 2020 in France
  5. The PP on the Sky is NOT printed in the standard format available on other Princess ships -- see attached. I find it hard to read -- the other version has much more info. Also, the port guides were just one page with limited info -- also, different from other Princess ships ( I pointed this out to Customer Service and in the next port, we had the "old " format !!! ) Wonderful ship.Scan_0046.pdf
  6. This am -- Chrome is working again !!!
  7. Chrome and Princess web site are not working for me -- tried everything -- but issues still exist -- Princess rep said Chrome has made some changes that cause problems on their web site -- both are working on resolving the issues.
  8. We have been on the SkY since Nov 10 -- some random thoughts and comments; The ship is beautiful and crew very friendly and helpful. The chairs in the cabins are very heavy The PP ( Princess Patter ) on the Sky is a new format - I find it hard to read and pick out the items I am interested in. The best customer service rep. is a black lady named Elizabeth -- look for her, she is excellent. They have new self service coffee/hot water machines in the Horizon area. If they are working, there are 2 green light bars lit. Sometimes 2 red bars are lit -- on the touch screen -- lower right -- touch the check icon and green will return ciao for now
  9. We are on the Sky now -- see some gluten free items.
  10. Presently on the Sky -- Ship is beautiful -- weather is less than desirable. so far. Princess patter is different in format then other ships -- find it harder to read -- the port guides are one page instead of two. Formal nights are called are now called " dress to impress" !!! ciao for now
  11. The silver ware wrapped in a napkin in the Horizon Court/Market Place is called a BURRITO by the Princess dinning staff.
  12. Heard that there is NoRovirus on the Sky -- can anyone onboard confirm ????
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