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  1. I really liked the Escape, I would say the Escape and Bliss are a tie for favorite, depends on the itinerary.  The Joy is right there as well, all 3 are the same class (Breakaway+) so they're mostly similar but I really think NCL knocked it out of the park with that class of ship.  But, as you can see in my signature, those are the only 3 I've been on!

  2. 30 minutes ago, luv2kroooz said:

    Good to know. We are not blindly loyal to any cruise line and appreciate you sharing this so we can all be better informed.

    I just picked a random MSC cruise - their drinks & WiFi included fare was $150 pp more (on a 4 night cruise) than the base fare, and that only gets you drinks up to $10 menu price vs. the $15 drinks on NCL.

  3. 4 hours ago, TheBeardedCruiser said:

    On MSC Cruises, bottled water is included with their drink packages!

    and how much out of pocket does one of those drink packages cost?  Remember that NCL is effectively charging $21.80 pp/pd for the drink package.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, TO_HockeyMum said:

    Does anyone know if NCL ever gives promos on the upgrade to Free at Sea Plus?  As in, is it ever less than $49US per day?

    I don't want to say never, but.


    Unlike Royal - the prices for the packages are the same for every cruise (AND are listed on the site in easy-to-find places) and NCL VERY RARELY (like, I've been watching NCL pricing for 5 years now and haven't seen it) puts them on sale.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Distinctive-Destinations said:

    And I didn’t say a pile of stuff, I said a tote bag.

    tote bag, sandals, towel..  quickly becoming a pile.  No, I'm not putting my towel IN the bag, I'm not getting the stuff in the bag wet when I go to take the towel out!


    3 minutes ago, Distinctive-Destinations said:

    What do you do then? Just turn around and leave?

    I wander around to see if I can find another solo that I can leave my stuff with, or an empty chair, whichever I find first.


    We're obviously not going to change each other's minds, I feel like this thread has run its course...

  6. Every night will be a Solo traveler's Social, usually around 5 or 5:30.  Dinner is usually organized there, you can also meet others there and just do your own thing for dinner.  There is a dedicated solo host that comes to that social and will sometimes work to get those from the group that want them reservations in the theater.


    I've done several solo cruises, ask me all you want!!

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Distinctive-Destinations said:

    Why can’t you just bring a tote bag and set it down near the pool?

    A random pile of stuff on the deck is MORE likely to be absconded with than stuff placed on a chair!  A small beach bag is actually what I carry my stuff to the pool in.


    3 minutes ago, RocketMan275 said:

    No, the chairs are not for storing your stuff while you enjoy other experiences. 

    "other experiences"?  I'm enjoying all that the POOL DECK has to offer!


    Consider this - you go to a water park, get a chair in a spot you like.  Do you leave your stuff there while you go use the water slides or do you pack up and stow your stuff someplace while you're off to do a couple slides (which is going to take 30 minutes or so)?  Similar situation, but I bet you leave your stuff on a chair, don't you?

  8. Just as there's no talking sense into people that are the worst offenders as chair hogs (talking those that place towels at 7 AM only to return after 10 AM, NOT someone that spends an hour in the pool while they have their stuff on a chair), there's simply no talking sense into some people in this thread.


    I've asked SEVERAL TIMES and never gotten an answer - as a SOLO CRUISER where am I supposed to place my stuff when I go for a dip in the pool if I'm not supposed to leave it on a chair?  It's not like there are lockers or cubbies on the pool deck where I can put my stuff if I want to spend more than 15 minutes in the water.  THIS IS WHAT THE CHAIRS ARE FOR!!!! 

  9. 11 hours ago, Two Wheels Only said:

    You've just given chair hogs the blueprint on how to appear to not be a chair hog.

    You think they're not already putting books with their towels?  haha!!  I'm talking about stuff no sensible person would pack multiples of or would leave unattended for hours without being anywhere on the pool deck.


    11 hours ago, EngrJones said:

    Good grief.  So if somebody moves your crap off a chair then Security is going to lock somebody up?  Don't they have real issues to deal with?

    Relocate my $800 cell phone - it's THEFT!  They absolutely have time to deal with that!

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  10. 42 minutes ago, Two Wheels Only said:

    If you feel that they won't remove your items, you have nothing to worry about...until one of the other forum members asks the attendant to move them. If the items are moved after the time limit, the attendant has done nothing wrong.

    That's the difference between you and me - if I can clearly see that the stuff was left on the chair by someone in the pool area (I go there wearing a shirt and sandals, bring reading material, water, a hat, sunglasses, all that stuff would be left on or under the chair along with a towel) I wouldn't think twice to move on to find another chair that would be eligible for bumping the 'hog' because they left only a towel because that chair seems to be in use.  Believe me - when you consider the items I may have in my beach bag, we'll be seeing each other in the security office on board if my stuff is messed with (I'm a solo traveler, I don't have a spouse to sit in the chair next to mine and tell people I'm in the pool), and one of us may end up in the brig.

    15 minutes ago, Distinctive-Destinations said:

    How exactly do you think they will track hundreds of people with hundreds of chairs? Every random NCL deck attendant is just going to know that Ted and Ethel from Toledo are in the hot tub and will be right back? Frank from Akron is just getting a quick refill?

    See above, there are certainly clear indicators MOST people bring with them to the pool deck that would be left on/with the chair if they're there but would not be if they were just reserving the chair for later.  I know I certainly don't pack an extra pair of sandals just to make a chair more 'used'.  However, I may have also seen some timers or other devices implemented to 'time' a 'hogged' chair.  Maybe they were put in place because someone asked for them to remove the items so they gave the person 15 more minutes?  IDK...

  11. 1 hour ago, Two Wheels Only said:

    Tell it to NCL. 

    Their ship, their rules. 

    Next time you're on board, ask the pool deck attendant what THEIR policy is for removal of items from an 'abandoned' chair.  THOSE would be the rules to follow.  Hint: I have a feeling that they will NOT remove items belonging to someone actively using the pool deck facilities (hot tub, pool, water slide) from a chair.  THAT will be the rules to follow, not your interpretation of them...

  12. 22 minutes ago, Two Wheels Only said:

    Think of it like a parking meter. If you return before time runs out, you're fine. You can even leave again. 

    I hope I never sail on a ship with you.  This is so draconian.


    I'll reiterate - if I jump in the pool for 45 minutes, where am I supposed to put my stuff?  The deck is fully-occupied with chairs, where is someone ACTIVELY USING POOL FACILITIES supposed to park their belongings while in the pool or hot tub?  Then you expect them to pick up all their stuff while soaking wet to then parade around the deck looking for a chair to then sit in and dry off?

  13. 7 hours ago, Two Wheels Only said:

    Get up from a chair and sit in the hot tub that is 10 feet away for longer than the dailies state? = A chair hog.

    Where, exactly, is one supposed to put their shirt, towel, book, phone, sandals, etc, etc., when in the hot tub if they're not allowed to have a chair because they spent longer than the dailies 'allow' for the chair to be 'vacant'?


    It's one thing, IMO, for there to simply be a towel on the chair but someone never coming to use the chair, it's something else entirely for there to be evidence that someone is there actively using the pool deck facilities but not currently occupying the chair. 


    What happens if someone leaves the chair for an intended 5 minute soak in the hot tub or pool (thus leaving their stuff and intending to come back) but then ends up in an enthralling conversation with someone and they end up spending an hour?  Are they supposed to keep looking at their watch and excuse themselves every 10 minutes to go back and re-claim the chair as active?

  14. 20 minutes ago, Distinctive-Destinations said:

    If I’m in a restaurant sitting at a table, and I have to use the restroom, should I leave and then get another table when I come back in a couple minutes? I’m not at the table, right? I’ve revoked my right to a table according to some of the “logic” on here.

    Yet another solo cruiser's dilemma...

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  15. 15 hours ago, Two Wheels Only said:

    Solo guests would have a big problem in that scenario.

    As a solo cruiser I absolutely do! 


    Here's another scenario - as a solo guest I leave the chair to hop in the pool.  As a conscientious custodian of expensive electronics, neither my watch or my phone goes in with me, meaning I can't keep time while I'm in the pool and the clocks on deck aren't the easiest to see from the pool.  How would I be sure to go back to the chair/lounger in time?  I'm still on the pool deck (just in the pool), I would not like to have to walk around the deck looking for a chair when I get out of the pool (and where would I put my stuff while I'm in the pool??), I haven't abandoned it like some do, I'm just not in the chair at that moment. 

  16. 15 hours ago, debenson0723 said:

    Lots of YouTube videos on the Bliss.  It is my favorite NCL ship.

    I guess you could say it's mine as well, I've sailed on her 3x!


    For the OP - at the top of the NCL forum section (where you see all the NCL posts) is a drop-down, select Bliss on that and you'll get a pre-filled search for all threads mentioning the Bliss.  Read...

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