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  1. I agree with @PelicanBill on this point - if you want a HA cabin you need to book one. Don't hope to get moved to one once you board, it doesn't work that way. This goes way beyond 'requesting' one - you need to specify a HA cabin and ensure that the cabin number on your confirmation matches a HA cabin on the deck plans online, PRIOR to the cruise (within minutes of getting the confirmation, preferably).
  2. Sat phones are INSANELY expensive (have you looked at them?) and seem like voice-only so I doubt this is the case. Iridium, for example, is $100/month for 100 minutes of airtime per month (with a 1 year minimum term) and the device is $1400. The purchase price of the device can be lowered if you go with a 2 year term. Bottom line, I doubt selling internet packages is why they're not allowing satellite phones.
  3. I once connected in ATL to an international flight from a domestic one in about 20 minutes. Off the domestic flight, to the tram to the international terminal, showed the gate agent my passport and they slammed the door shut behind me as I walked down the jet bridge. My bag even made it!! This was a Delta-Delta connection.
  4. You're thinking of the STUDIO. NCL has SOLO categorized cabins in inside through balcony categories now (was announced in November 2023 and sailings started in January 2024), this is what the OP is asking about.
  5. Correct, USB is low-voltage, no way it could be used to power a 110v device.
  6. @schmoopie17 my parents have done that type of itinerary on Princess
  7. No, can't do one US port to another without a stop outside North America (Caribbean included). Look up the PVSA...
  8. Can't do that with US ports unless one of them is a repositioning with a stop in South America.
  9. well... I see how I rate with you!! haha Jokes aside... Might be cool. I agree that it might be good as a >7 day cruise. I loved my 2 weeks this year, but I skew to a younger demographic (I'm 44, a cruise that has an avg. age of 70+ isn't really my thing!!) so I'm trying to figure out how to swing a B2B or S2S for my next one so I get more time on board but get younger folks. My dad turns 81 this year, they embark in 2 weeks on a TA (I have to drive them and another couple the 3-4 hours to port), his birthday is during the cruise.
  10. Just need to scroll through threads in this forum, most of these questions are asked and answered at least once a week.
  11. No, you pay $250 each and get $250 OBC. No need to question, it's in B&W on their website - https://www.ncl.com/cruisenext
  12. non-Haven CruiseNext are $250 each. If you do the BOGO you're only paying for 4, which is $2000. That's 6,000 points or about $60 in redemption value if my math is correct.
  13. You buy on board. There are groups on certain social media sites where they are sold. I don't imagine there are many being sold anymore unless the people just need the cash or have decided to swear off NCL for one reason or another. The certificates no longer expire, there were lots sold because some people had some expiring in the next year and ended up not planning to cruise before the expiration.
  14. That may be so. However, like @njhorseman I highly doubt that a "I want to drink soda but you don't have the kind I would prefer" is a valid reason to get an exception, even though you have a medical reason you MUST drink diet soda. They have diet soda on board, just not the flavor you'd prefer. Next will be the 'I won't drink the tap water and I don't like the water you sell, I need to bring my own as water is medically necessary for sustaining life so I have to have something to drink'.
  15. WHO changed it? NCL sent you the updated booking, but is it possible the airline adjusted schedules? Is it possible the airline changed the time of the flight on which you were booked so as to be too early to make it from the ship to the airport in time? There may not have been another flight meeting NCL's financial requirements that left on July 4.
  16. Usually no mini fridge in a Studio cabin
  17. I wonder if you're on to something here... I wonder if the proliferation of cross-advertising the M&G to a social media site to get attendance up has caused NCL to no longer consider them just CC M&G...
  18. Yes, it's the same redemption scale regardless of how you redeem the points. The difference is that if you plan to continue cruising with NCL and want to build points, paying the on-board expenses in full using the NCL card then using points for statement credit or cash will give you 3% as points against the entire amount you spent on board or for the cruise (3,000 points if you spent $1,000 instead of 2,100 points if you spent $1,000 but offset it with $300 in OBC bought with 30,000 points you had previously).
  19. Mine was 2-day service, and they took literally until the last minute to get it back to me (my cabin steward went looking for it around 4:30 PM the day it was due back by 6 and around 5 he was knocking that he had it in hand. The clothes were still warm when I got it back.
  20. They are? Ooops. I've had a couple places tell me in the past that I didn't need to stop by the desk on checkout day and I could just walk out so I just do that and take the card (if I get one anymore since I signed up for Hilton Honors and just use the app to check in/out and open my door).
  21. I actually ended up with 3x more than I needed on my last trip - I brought one and planned to use the app for the hotel to unlock the door but they didn't have my room ready in time so the desk assigned a different room and gave me 2x cards to get in!
  22. There are a couple reasons - the Note 7 was so long ago and they were blocked so hard that they're certainly not being used, plus it's part of the cruise contract that the Note 7 is not allowed on the ship. @stellarose33 I usually bring an old hotel keycard to use in that slot, but I usually pull it out enough to turn off the power when I leave the room. I just do that so I don't leave my keycard in there by accident.
  23. Most people don't, but the possibility that it could happen is enough as fire at sea is a problem...
  24. I've been on the Escape in a Studio. There is no bar in the lounge, just the wine dispenser as explained by @debenson0723 She is 100% correct in that the solo/Studio experience and lounge is what you make of it. On my Escape cruise I went to the lounge as soon as I could get into cabins, met some people and hung around with them for much of the trip. I want to say my solo coordinators have been good, but the one on my last cruise had a hard time controlling the large group (over 100!) and I kind of gave up on it after the first two nights. There's the opposite, my first solo cruise (where I actually met Deb!) I had an amazing solo coordinator but I think I saw that he's now moved up to Cruise Director
  25. I would expect this, they don't want people charging devices when they're not in the cabin. Cabin stewards are even asked to unplug devices they find plugged in when they visit a cabin.
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