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  1. Where, exactly, is one supposed to put their shirt, towel, book, phone, sandals, etc, etc., when in the hot tub if they're not allowed to have a chair because they spent longer than the dailies 'allow' for the chair to be 'vacant'? It's one thing, IMO, for there to simply be a towel on the chair but someone never coming to use the chair, it's something else entirely for there to be evidence that someone is there actively using the pool deck facilities but not currently occupying the chair. What happens if someone leaves the chair for an intended 5 minute soak in the hot tub or pool (thus leaving their stuff and intending to come back) but then ends up in an enthralling conversation with someone and they end up spending an hour? Are they supposed to keep looking at their watch and excuse themselves every 10 minutes to go back and re-claim the chair as active?
  2. As a solo cruiser I absolutely do! Here's another scenario - as a solo guest I leave the chair to hop in the pool. As a conscientious custodian of expensive electronics, neither my watch or my phone goes in with me, meaning I can't keep time while I'm in the pool and the clocks on deck aren't the easiest to see from the pool. How would I be sure to go back to the chair/lounger in time? I'm still on the pool deck (just in the pool), I would not like to have to walk around the deck looking for a chair when I get out of the pool (and where would I put my stuff while I'm in the pool??), I haven't abandoned it like some do, I'm just not in the chair at that moment.
  3. I guess you could say it's mine as well, I've sailed on her 3x! For the OP - at the top of the NCL forum section (where you see all the NCL posts) is a drop-down, select Bliss on that and you'll get a pre-filled search for all threads mentioning the Bliss. Read...
  4. Were you on the cruise starting in Miami or LA? I embarked in Miami, we had TV cameras covering our arrival. I did the same tour, it was amazing! I had the same feeling. I was on your same cruise, second ship visit to Acapulco since the hurricane. As awesome as it is to travel the Panama Canal, I think I rank Acapulco as one of the most meaningful days on the cruise. Seeing the devastation of the landscape and the resilience of the people, and contributing to their recovery by bringing tourist $ just warmed my heart. Mexico overall - I walked the port area in Puerto Vallarta alone, I walked much of Mazatlan on my own. Never really felt unsafe.
  5. I've had my eye on the Bliss Westbound. The post-drydock concerns me, as does the idea that it's going to be filled with people 25-30 years older than me.
  6. I was on the Escape last year. One of the shows you CAN'T make a reservation for (the Rumours show in The Pour House) is one of the best on the ship and if you want to see it you really need to be in line an hour or more before the show. If you want to see the dueling pianos you either need to be early or show up later after people have left. Both are popular shows but small venues.
  7. @Captain Obvious I don't consider it a 'chair hog' situation if you're actively sitting in the chair. I don't even consider it that if you're sitting there and have one saved for your travel partner or new friend you met on board to join you at some point. It's the people that are on deck as soon as the chairs are set up, stack of towels in hand, reserving rows of chairs (I saw it one time) with towels only to come back after having an 8 AM breakfast, participating in 9 AM trivia, then meandering back to their cabin to put on their swimsuit and finally appearing sometime around 10 or 10:30 that are the real issue. If the chair has just a towel, or a towel and a book but no indication it's been used and has been unused for over 20 minutes it should be fair game unless there's a living, breathing, soul in the chair next to it saying their spouse or friend is coming. As a solo cruiser this gets even trickier - I either need to find a pool buddy or hope that someone sees my sandals under the chair to recognize that I'm somewhere in the area. I will often spend 20-30 minutes at a time in the pool, but then I'll want a chair to sit on when I get out of the pool.
  8. I wouldn't remove it myself, but I'd certainly find a crewmember to assist with securing the abandoned items so I could utilize the chair. If the person comes back and claims you took their seat - "it was empty when I sat down, maybe that crewmember knows where your towel is"...
  9. They weren't asking about FAS/FAS+, they asked about the Premium Plus beverage package
  10. Or they were asking about the Premium Plus beverage package, hence the words "Premium Plus" in the thread title...
  11. Not to toot my own horn, but if the current input is accurate information why does anyone else need to provide input? NCL is not like Royal Caribbean - the price of the package is what's advertised, it does not fluctuate based on season, ship or itinerary...
  12. You asked for one, but did you then confirm that what you were given was what you asked for? Accountability goes both ways, it's easy enough to look up the deck plans of a ship and see if the cabin you were assigned is actually an HA cabin, you can then call back and ask to have your reservation amended if you were not given the cabin type you requested. The calls should be recorded, they could pull the tapes to find out that you made the request known.
  13. I agree with @PelicanBill on this point - if you want a HA cabin you need to book one. Don't hope to get moved to one once you board, it doesn't work that way. This goes way beyond 'requesting' one - you need to specify a HA cabin and ensure that the cabin number on your confirmation matches a HA cabin on the deck plans online, PRIOR to the cruise (within minutes of getting the confirmation, preferably).
  14. Sat phones are INSANELY expensive (have you looked at them?) and seem like voice-only so I doubt this is the case. Iridium, for example, is $100/month for 100 minutes of airtime per month (with a 1 year minimum term) and the device is $1400. The purchase price of the device can be lowered if you go with a 2 year term. Bottom line, I doubt selling internet packages is why they're not allowing satellite phones.
  15. I once connected in ATL to an international flight from a domestic one in about 20 minutes. Off the domestic flight, to the tram to the international terminal, showed the gate agent my passport and they slammed the door shut behind me as I walked down the jet bridge. My bag even made it!! This was a Delta-Delta connection.
  16. You're thinking of the STUDIO. NCL has SOLO categorized cabins in inside through balcony categories now (was announced in November 2023 and sailings started in January 2024), this is what the OP is asking about.
  17. Correct, USB is low-voltage, no way it could be used to power a 110v device.
  18. @schmoopie17 my parents have done that type of itinerary on Princess
  19. No, can't do one US port to another without a stop outside North America (Caribbean included). Look up the PVSA...
  20. Can't do that with US ports unless one of them is a repositioning with a stop in South America.
  21. well... I see how I rate with you!! haha Jokes aside... Might be cool. I agree that it might be good as a >7 day cruise. I loved my 2 weeks this year, but I skew to a younger demographic (I'm 44, a cruise that has an avg. age of 70+ isn't really my thing!!) so I'm trying to figure out how to swing a B2B or S2S for my next one so I get more time on board but get younger folks. My dad turns 81 this year, they embark in 2 weeks on a TA (I have to drive them and another couple the 3-4 hours to port), his birthday is during the cruise.
  22. Just need to scroll through threads in this forum, most of these questions are asked and answered at least once a week.
  23. No, you pay $250 each and get $250 OBC. No need to question, it's in B&W on their website - https://www.ncl.com/cruisenext
  24. non-Haven CruiseNext are $250 each. If you do the BOGO you're only paying for 4, which is $2000. That's 6,000 points or about $60 in redemption value if my math is correct.
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