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  1. From a standpoint of earning more points, yes.
  2. It's only been since January that I last cruised, I thought they scanned my card on embarkation when I stepped foot on the ship. It's always a juggling act of paperwork, card and hand sanitizer.
  3. It would be a little more complex than that - the first scan is when you step foot on the ship, so it would need to be activated for boarding but not for drinks or room access until it's scanned at the muster station.
  4. Maybe it works different when booked through a TA? On direct bookings I get a new confirmation PDF any time a change is made (dining, excursion, etc.)
  5. Interesting. As you noted - in Bermuda it could be a challenge as they can't "make" water at the dock but I imagine they produced and stored water in transit. Maybe they had an issue with the water system and they couldn't produce enough to keep up, or they bunkered some in NY because they couldn't get enough in Bermuda? It should be noted, however, that one of the reasons NYC is widely regarded as a GREAT place to get pizza (or bagels) is the water used to make the product. Does that make it better or worse for drinking it from a glass? 🤷‍♂️ It's a question to ask next time I'm on a cruise - I wonder if they run the water through the on-board water plant if it was brought on in a port? If they do, then I would consider it the same as any other water received from the tap on board. You know who would know? @chengkp75
  6. I agree with the other two. You get WAY more benefit by charging all your onboard expenses to the card (those on-board spend $$ are worth 3x points) compared to cashing in for OBC. I may have even seen a CruiseNext manager telling people this exact same thing!
  7. @Floatyman I 100% agree with this. Maybe the people that were speaking hadn't been on a cruise since before 2020 and hadn't experienced the idea of just checking in at the muster station. They would not have experienced on your cruise a muster drill like they're familiar with. As you may have experienced, it's actually quite difficult to bypass the muster check-in, the only way they could do more to get you checked in is to hold your hand and walk you there instead of having you parade past people that point you in that direction.
  8. Unless it's something separate from the cruise (air, hotel, etc) that the TA is booking then NCL should be sending that to the email on file. Though it might be helpful to get in writing from the TA that you requested a change.
  9. I was in 14252 on the Joy, it was a relatively normal balcony but is listed as "privasea". It was right where one of the angles on the side of the ship is
  10. My experience in the Manhattan Room on the Joy was pretty good, but I also dined with someone with a food allergy so our table probably got a little extra attention. I've honestly rarely been disappointed with the MDR dinner food on NCL.
  11. I don't get this - on my two cruises with e-muster they practically escorted everyone to their muster station (even those not in Haven cabins) upon embarkation. It's not THAT HARD to stop by there, present your card and move on with the cruise. The water produced by the ship is absolutely fine to drink, better than most municipalities in the US (and this should be the case on ALL cruise lines). In 5 cruises with NCL I've only ever drank the cartons of water that are given as perks on my Latitudes status, the rest is tap from my cabin or from a bar.
  12. Log in, do what you need to, log out. This is done through websites (login.com and logout.com, the DNS on the ship resolves them properly but you can't see the same sites at home. though some say the NCL app can do this as well while on board). If everyone has iPhones, Apple's built-in messages app SHOULD work as long as you're not sending images, without being logged into the internet. Airplane mode on, WiFi on, connect to the ship's WiFi. Once connected, you can use the NCL app to get a PDF of the Freestyle Daily (the daily listing of events), make show and dining reservations, book excursions, look at your on-board account. As noted above - if you all have iPhones you should be able to continue messaging each other, the NCL app's messaging protocol requires a port on the ship's firewall to be open that allows Apple's app to function to a degree without logging in and using minutes. The NCL app changes to 'on board mode' and looks different once you connect to the ship's WiFi, you won't be able to see it and play around with it until you board and connect. However, be sure to have it installed before. One more thing - NCL offers messaging within the app for $10 per device. It's hit-and-miss as to how well it works.
  13. How DARE we counter those saying NCL's free at sea isn't worth it by posting actual facts? haha I'm not a drinker and haven't sailed Royal since 2018, but I peek at the board periodically and see comments about them from YouTubers - their drink packages and dynamic pricing at Coco Cay put NCL's "nickel and diming" to SHAME...
  14. Yup, that's one of the things you give up with NCL when you go from a FAS rate to a sail-away. The difference is that with the FAS rate on NCL you get much more than just the ability to pick your room (on sailings where it's possible), you're also getting the excursion credit, beverage package (for $21.80 per day, try THAT on Royal!), some internet minutes and specialty dining for around $10 per meal.
  15. Both of which come up in the pre-filled search I posted 3 days ago but the OP hasn't returned to advise...
  16. Unless you take a (increasingly rare) sail-away rate where you don't have to decline the offers in order to not get them.
  17. Follow the build here (linked to the last page/comment, you can backtrack if you like) - I'm sure that information like what you seek will appear there as it becomes available.
  18. There have been a couple threads on this topic (maybe not related to the Joy specifically but answers should apply across the line). 'vegan' in the search box is the only term you need, browse these results - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q=vegan&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=64
  19. The rest of it is a record for the passenger of the items they pre-booked or paid for. It shows excursions, dining and beverage packages, etc. For some this is GOLD as it helps them figure out what they're supposed to get if something isn't as they expect. It's also something they can bring to guest services as proof that as of their check-in date they had something on record as owed to them. Of course, a PDF of that document (as I suggested having on hand) would work for those purposes, but some luddites won't deal with that...
  20. My point is that the menu item itself hasn't changed. The change is that it may be the only fish on the menu...
  21. Someone even asked earlier in the week, but it hasn't been replied to since Wed. so it wasn't on the first couple pages (but search would find it!)
  22. Are you talking about that breaded flounder filet? That's been on the classics menu since 2019 when I started sailing NCL (so it could be longer).
  23. I found a pic, looks like 4 of 11 items are gone (though not comparing the same exact menu) so I guess there is a difference.
  24. Doesn't look any different than the menus on my Bliss cruise in January, or on previous cruises.
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