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  1. Many say it's the best coffee on the ship...
  2. While the above answers are correct, that you can send out laundry any day, you'll pay the per-item price (though I guess for a Platinum level cruiser it would still be free, huh?). I think the OP was specifically asking about the 'fill-the-bag' special for a set price to get the entire load done since they're Gold still.
  3. THIS - earn the 3% on the on-board spend and then also get the $100 statement credit when you cash in the points. I'm currently building my points for a cabin upgrade though. I THINK I'm there, for an OV to balcony upgrade..
  4. My cruise this year was a 15-day Panama Canal cruise. I have NEVER seen so many walkers, canes or scooters in one place in my LIFE! But they all seemed relatively aware of their effect on others. Some were inconsiderate in other ways. One way in which they were NOT inconsiderate - their ability to be on time! We for sure left two ports late, one we left early but had to return for a medical, but we definitely seemed to be leaving early or on time more than not.
  5. Hmmmm, possibly not. I looked for a cabin tour of an Oceanview (the solo should be exactly the same as they simply recategorized them) and the items I would expect to be in the fridge (bottles of water for purchase) were on the counter/desk rather than in the fridge.
  6. It's still 1/6+ of a deck, it's still a good size but on days where it would have previously been difficult to find a seat it will now be damn near impossible!
  7. On a 12 night there's a good chance you'll end up with 4 different comedians, 2 at a time and swapped partway through. I did a 15 night Panama Canal cruise and the comedians were swapped out in Guatemala (it was a Miami to LA).
  8. Drink package should be $21.80 (USD) per person per day if you choose it as a perk (do you Canadians only get to pick a couple rather than all of them?) If you're going to upgrade the WiFi to unlimited anyway it may make more sense to choose the beverage package as your perk instead of WiFi. Yup, you hit on one of the most-discussed topics about that ship - the cabin layout.
  9. a LOVELY town! Oh, I have family there, and MAY have a 'connection' if in trouble with 'the fuzz', unless he's the one you're in trouble with!!
  10. Look closely at that picture where you can see the starboard hull, there are MANY man lifts still in the dock, that was from some time prior to the flooding of the dock.
  11. I think there have already been some reports that the laser tag is going away in favor of Spice on Encore. I'd expect it to disappear from Bliss as well, to be replaced with more Vibe space (which matches your assertion AND the work that was done on the Joy, to make the Vibe on all 3 ships very similar). In fact, I'd tend to believe it if Encore loses laser tag as if she doesn't lose it and Bliss does it would leave Encore as the only BA+ ship with LT and NO Spice. Sure, some variety from ship to ship is appreciated, and there's still some, but was LT really THAT popular?
  12. That may be more dictated by the technical needs than by the remodeling. The OL can probably be mostly deconstructed during the crossing, there needs to be some infrastructure work done to support cabins (the Joy didn't need as much as the Encore will as the Joy originally had cabins in that space) and then the cabins are 'slide-in' modules. The OL and Laser tag/Spice flip are probably the most intensive events to happen during the dry dock. Actually, the laser tag can probably be deconstructed during the crossing as well.
  13. I'll have to double check, but that may be something in your country, I'm not sure it is in the US.
  14. Well, the only ship left to do it to if they do it to Encore would be the Bliss. Looking at the Bliss for April 2025 I'm not seeing Balcony cabins on deck 15 forward available. I even went out to October 2025 on a Mexican Riviera cruise in case those cabins had sold out for Alaska already.
  15. I understand that, but the OL has always been fully-utilized when I've tried to go in and find a seat, meaning that there was nowhere to sit. Other than the money grab there is ZERO reason this is being done.
  16. Studio cabin - as for amenities in the cabin you get pump dispensers of hand soap by the sink and body wash and shampoo in the shower. There will be bottles of water (I believe a San Pellgrino and another glass bottle plus a carton of water), all charged if you consume them. There's also a hair dryer and an assortment of towels.
  17. The time you selected during online check-in? That's your check-in time at the port, not your embarkation time, though you are correct that in a lot of cases it really doesn't mean much as they don't often check it to be sure you're not too early. Par for the course recently with NCL. Cabins were not ready until 3 PM or later on my cruises the last 2 years.
  18. The person you asked this of hasn't been on the boards recently (you can see this if you look at their profile), unless they have email notifications on for post quotes I don't think it's likely they will see it. Such is the risk of digging up a 5 year-old thread...
  19. Sorry, but this is a red flag to me. The TA should be asking for a credit card number and permission to charge direct to the cruise line for your reservation. That is the ONLY way I would do a reservation with a TA.
  20. Typically no, but NCL has recently been sending people the projected flights they would be on and offering to let them go with different ones for a cost.
  21. I believe the upgrade pre-cruise accounts for trading in the FAS minutes. I have. This was day 2 of a 15-day cruise. The $145 is the value of the 300 minutes FAS package.
  22. So you spend your port days wandering every hall of the ship looking for these dogs rather than getting off the ship and enjoying the places you've paid to visit?
  23. because you asked them to? It was, the coupon name was literally "10% off coupon - Latitudes cruise, Norwegian Bliss, September 28, 2024". I can tell by that name that the coupon is for the designated Latitudes cruise on the Bliss on September 28, 2024, I don't need to call to ask if I can use it for a different cruise as it's specifically for that one cruise.
  24. The IMO would dictate the substances allowed on a ship, and I believe weed is one of those prohibited. It's not even US Federal law (though that does apply to buildings through which you traverse to board the ship) or the laws of the country/countries you visit.
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