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  1. 1 hour ago, HokiePoq said:

    Thank you OP for this public service announcement!  I'd thought to check our flights for our upcoming cruise for price adjustments....but will pretend I got the best price available.    

    @HokiePoq. You can call HAL and have them check to make sure you received the best deal just don't touch the website. I wouldn't want anyone to have this stress 

  2. 38 minutes ago, boards said:

    Just reading what has happened on this thread is enough for me not to tamper with my flightease reservations.

    You xan call HAL and have them check for better prices or times and still have the benefit but I wouldn't use the website. 

  3. 47 minutes ago, caribill said:


    At the very least they could post a prominent notice saying "If you already have a reservation, continuing on this path may cancel that reservation without a notice it happened."


    That does not fix the problem, but it could help people from losing their reservations.


  4. 19 minutes ago, AryMay said:

    The original post is exactly what happened to me last summer. (I shared my story in the link posted above.) I booked flights (round trip to South America) but then wanted to check prices from a smaller airport that was closer to where we live. Prices were higher so I just kept the reservation the way it was...or so I thought. A month later I just happened to notice my flights were gone. At no time did I ever get any notice from HAL that my flights had been cancelled. Luckily I was still able to rebook the flights but at a higher cost. (I still shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't discovered the mistake when I did.)


    It didn't seem right that I had to pay more money so I contacted HAL by phone and got no where. I called my TA hoping she could check into the problem but I don't think she actually even tried. 


    It bothered me enough that I sat down and wrote a letter to guest relations explaining what happened and also mentioned that I had read on Cruise Critic about others with the same issue.


    A few weeks later I got a call from a manager in the transportation department who admitted they knew the website had a problem. Since I had already rebooked the flights on my own, he just adjusted the price and actually gave me a lower price than what I had in the beginning. He also gave me his personal phone number and said I should call him directly if I had any more problems. I was very pleased with how he handled things. 


    Good luck on your travels and hope everything goes smoothly.


    I am completely disgusted that HAL apparently refuses to fix this. I had to go with another route as it wasn't financially an option for us to pay the higher fare.

  5. 3 hours ago, NayaSantaFe said:


    Have you had any luck getting a hold of them?


    I received the same response from them and sent an email to the email address they provided and haven't received a response yet.

    I have not heard back. However my HAL air fiasco continues (they booked our return 3000 miles from our house) so now we leave Venice at 1:30 and I have to pay for a hotel room in Rome that will be empty. I am thunking we may use pubkic watertaxi to go from port to airport taking our sweet time.

  6. 4 minutes ago, suzannecruisecritic said:

    We've flown twice from Montreal to the US and I recall being pre-cleared in Canada by US agents quickly and having positive experiences at that airport. I'm sorry about what happened to your flights. Thank you for alerting the rest of us; that is very kind of you to take the time to share and spare us the same mess with HAL. Hopefully these tight connections are post-cruise so if you do miss one you'll be late returning home rather than getting to the ship?

    Thanks for you for understanding my intent of this post.  Yes they are on the way home. I couldn't risk it getting to the ship.

  7. 1 hour ago, Sherry H said:

    Wow!  Can't believe this FlightEase "glitch" is still occurring !

    I am one of the folks this happened to last Fall.  I had my flight booked but as I have a choice of 2 airports, I decided to compare times and flights from both airports.  At no time were there any warnings or indications that I was canceling my booked flight. I was only aware when I went to the Delta website to pick my seats and no longer saw my reservation.

    I was able to rebook but at a higher price.  

    I will say, when I notified HAL what happened, I received an apology and an OBC that made up the difference in the airline fare.

    Still, the whole thing was very stressful and should not happen.

    It is so stressful!!!! I ended up with a slightly less expensive flight with a horrible schedule. We are a family of 4 so the $250 per person difference wasn't financially feasible for us, especially since HAL acted like they were doing us a favor. I notified HAL by phone and in writing with no response.

  8. 3 hours ago, Krazy Kruizers said:

    I would be very concerned about the 90 minute layover time in Montreal from Venice.

    I absolutely am! However I only have so much energy to fight with HAL air sitting on hold with my TA. I am a stressed out mess over this and I rarely get anxiety. Pretty sure HAL hates us and am wondering if I am missing the signs that we shouldn't be on this trip....but the booking is fully paid and we really want to go. 


    I think we fly Air Canada. Honestly I am having a hard time keeping track.


    I agree with that the airlines should not allow booking of connections that are too short. I believe they call them "illegal" and they are not happy rebooking you if you created this problem. I am braced for this.


    I am already out the cost of the hotel I paid at the Rome airport.  TA asked for compensation for this both times. HAL said no (not surprising) even though both errors were their fault. I contacted customer service in writing over a week ago and they haven't bothered to respond.  Meanwhile they likely believe they are delivering great service...clearly I feel differently.  This is our first HAL cruise. We have cruied Disney 4 times so we are accustomed to amazing service and expected equally great service from HAL as my parents are 4 star Mariners. It's not like I asked for anything crazy like a cabin upgrade. The request was could they do something. Nope! it costs them next to nothing to treat us to lunch or dinner at the Pinnacle. However they are not interested in creating my goodwill. Sad.

  9. Just now, *Miss G* said:


    Montreal has a pre-clearance center.  You are pre-screened by US CBP before you board.


    There are a few threads about the Flight-Ease issue but I thought I’d read the known solution.  If I find it in a search I will post the link.

    Thank you @*Miss G*. I needed some good news! We are flying in to Montreal with a 90 minute layover from Venice. Will that work?

  10. I had a horrific experience with FlightEase. *** Good news: it is extremely unlikely this will happen to you!  I am sharing so you don't accidentally go through this nightmare ***


    I booked cruise and Flight Ease through a TA. As it is Flexible Air, I checked a couple times by calling TA who then called HAL to check fares which was a 45-90 minute phone call.  Seemed like using the online tool to check prices was a much easier way so I went on the website to check fares. This also worked great. (or so I thought) I checked flights with different routes from different airports. I was still happy with what I booked and closed out the system. At NO time did I receive any notification that I was changing my reservation. At NO time did the system prompt me that I was potentially canceling my reservation. At NO time was I asked to confirm that I wanted to cancel my reservation. At NO time was I sent an email that I had canceled my flights. You get the idea - I did a price check was happy with my booking and moved on.


    At final payment I was only charged for cruise and when I called TA  we discovered my flights were canceled! I was in complete DISBELIEF. I had never agreed to cancellation and was fully expecting to pay for the flights. What happened? Apparently when I did a price check since I changed the airport code I effectively canceled my flights. WHAT?!!!


    YES, there is a glitch in the system that will cancel your flights without notification. HAL was not able to reinstate my flights. I had to rebook with a terrible schedule but we have flights. 


    I encourage you NOT TO use the FlightEase WEBSITE to check prices!!!!! Call your TA or HAL and have them check. You don't want this to happen to you.


    PS - I said I have a terrible schedule because there are 4 legs but that is not the worst.......HAL Air booked us on a flight from Montreal arriving in Houston at 8:42 with a connection to Phoenix at 9:50. I questioned how I could clear customs and make the connection and they said it was fine. Anyone think this is going to go smoothly?! I don't!!!!!



  11. We travel reasonably light and will be able to move our luggage across bridges if that makes sense. Since we are going to the airport and not the train station I want to make it convenient to drop our bags after cruise and pick them up on the way to the airport. With the extra time we will likely take public transportation to the airport instead of a private water taxi.


    Here is the response I received from Transbagagli: 


    Hello! For this kind of service you have to contact the porters into the cruise terminal. You have to leave your bags to their luggage storage and then they'll deliver the bags at airport.  They can help you. Their contacts are: +39 41 5334734

    e.mail: info@portabagaglidelporto.it



  12. We (2 adults and 2 kids) get off the ship in Venice in the morning and due to flight changes we now leave at 7:30pm. I don't think it will be fun to drag our luggage around Venice. Seems like leaving at the port is not a good option since that is out of the way. Is it worth it to go to the airport to drop it off (are there lockers?) and then head into Venice?   Other  ideas?  Thanks!!!

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