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  1. Actually, if he wins it could happen immediately. The first thing that happens if he wins is a transition team will be put in place to handle decisions like these that occur between the election and when he takes office. Traditionally, the incoming administration has a big say on what happens. I suspect the transition team will refer to the CDC and let them do what they want with the No Sail Order. Even more so with Covid on the rise.
  2. It looks like Royal may be shifting some ships around down under. Quantum of the Seas is scheduled to go to Brisbane now. Not sure what they are going to do with Radiance. I actually have no confidence in any of the cruise lines schedules. If cruising doesn't resume pretty soon, or their is a large drop in demand some sort of consolidation is going to have to happen and no telling what ship and where they are going to be cruising to.
  3. It may not last for long. Italy is back in triple digits for daily deaths as it reported 123 covid deaths today. The daily death toll has risen rapidly the last 7 days. Hospitalizations are rapidly rising. Lockdowns and quarantines are the only effective measure to bring it back down.
  4. Royal had cancelled Quantum of the Seas cruises thru March 21. Posted on their website today.
  5. https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/national/105335/cruise_ship_passengers_not_allowed_to_disembark_after_suspected_covid19_case#.X4nwQNBKiUk This is on an MSC ship. We are going backwards as far cruising restarting.
  6. From USA Today Don't bet on the U.S.-Canadian border reopening after the closure agreement expires Oct. 21. In an interview Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country is committed to keeping the border closed until the United States gets control of COVID-19. Since the US is using containment instead of elimination strategies to battle Covid it may be a long wait.
  7. I wonder how much longer for Italy. They are starting lockdowns in Naples soon.
  8. The alcohol they serve Diamonds costs about 20 cents a shot.
  9. There has been enormous demand destruction for cruising with only a tiny amount of capacity reduction via ship scrapings. Capacity restraints are not going to be an issue. A growing number of people are taking full refunds instead of FCC.
  10. chipmaster Outstanding back to back posts.
  11. Nothing to see here. Royal website says they intend to resume cruise operations on December 1. The rest of the article is about new routes for 2022-2023.
  12. Cancel. No need to spend your time and money on a trip you are not comfortable with. Put your money in the bank and wait until the day comes you can cruise without all the worries. That may be a while which is why I recommend cancel over bump.
  13. Here are some likely fees coming to most cruise lines. Resort Fee that includes use of the pools, hot tubs, gyms, and shows. Excess baggage fee at check in for more than 2 checked bags. Baggage handling fee if you want the cruise line to deliver your bags when you leave. Free if you carry off. Main Dining Room will be a fee area. Increase in gratuities.
  14. Or, if there is a change of administrations after Nov 3rd, and the new one "listens to the scientist" as they claim they will then the CDC will extend it out to February.
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