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  1. Which ship were you on? I was lucky enough to be on QV for the Fort Lauderdale - San Francisco leg of her WV this year, and I dream of doing a full WV when I'm retired. Next year I'm doing the 14-night TA on QV at the end of her circumnavigation of South America.
  2. I pretty much only wear dresses and skirts, and due to the dreaded chub rub, I always wear shorts under them. I'm a huge fan of Thigh Society undershorts. You can get them in various colours, lengths, and weights (from bike-short type to 'the cooling', which is very thin, sheer, but still does a great job at both providing cover and avoiding chafing.) You can get them in various 'skin-like' tones, as well as black and fun colours. They're slippy, so they don't cause cling.
  3. From what I recall, there might be one or two nights with a string quartet, but otherwise, I don't recall live music during dinner. Also, Britannia is a loud restaurant overall - it's a large space with a lot of people in it. Not so loud that you have to shout to be heard, but not hushed with no one speaking above a whisper.
  4. I won't be aboard, but I've done three solo TAs on QM2 - you're going to love it. I would recommend taking some anti-sea sickness meds, just in case. She's usually quite stable, but the north Atlantic can be unpredictable.
  5. Seconding the recommendation for a linen button-down. I don't run hot, but I'm REALLY sensitive to the sun, and my linen button down (worn open or tied at the waist over a camisole + skirt, or over a sundress) saved me a number of times during my last cruise.
  6. My last cruise (16 night Panama Canal transit, Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco, in Jan/Feb), I took - Keens hiking shoes (wore on flight) - Keens walking sandals - Water shoes (ended up not wearing) - Black heeled Fluevog sandals (daytime & evening wear) - Black & gold Irregular Choice high heels - Black Irregular Choice mid heels - Maroon Fluevog high heels - Green IC mid heels And I think there might have been one other pair? I feel like I threw at least one extra pair in at the last minute. So 8 or 9 pairs all told.
  7. Much depends on the line and the route, as mentioned above, as well as the time of year. I've done 3 TAs on QM2, all north Atlantic. Layers are definitely recommended if you're going to be spending any time on deck. (At least two of my TAs have involved multiple days where the decks were closed due to weather.) Indoors on the ship should be pretty temperate, but the AC can be cranked, so a cardigan or shawl can be helpful.
  8. I'm both a knitter and a reader, and am frequently found ensconced in the Carinthia Lounge on QM2 with my knitting and/or a book. (I'm a die-hard ereader user after injuring myself carrying an over-loaded tote bag of books back to the library, although I did take two paperbacks on my recent leg of the QV world voyage, to be read during excursions on the water.) One issue with the Carinthia Lounge that I found on my last TA (November 2022) was that it was being used for trivia, which meant that it filled up and became quite noisy a few times per day. At those times, I'd migrate to the Chart Room, or the Commodore Club, or the pub, depending on what else was going on. The library is a beautiful space, but the seats were frequently all occupied. On QV, I usually ended up in the Chart Room, with occasional forays to the Commodore Club or the pub.
  9. From what I recall, it's not identical to the MDR, but there are usually some of the same items (usually one of the soups from the MDR is offered in the Lido). When I was on QV during this year's WV, some of the gala nights were themed in the Lido - I seem to recall that the Indian night in the Lido was a gala night, but I could be mistaken.
  10. Sadly, it looks like the Sunday Riley Light Hearted is no longer available, or isn't available in Canada - at least, I can't find it on the Sephora or the Sunday Riley websites. 😞
  11. I use the Paula's Choice "Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50" (stupid name, but great product.) It's light (truly fluid), melts into my skin, and despite being super-oily on my face, I forget that I'm wearing it. It's unscented (I'm super sensitive to scent), and works really well. During my Panama Canal cruise a month ago, I got a horrid sunburn on my back (areas that I couldn't apply sunscreen to, travelling solo), but my face stayed sunburn, even tan, free. I do know the feeling that you mean, though - one of the other PC sunscreens gives me that feeling. Sephora is now carrying some PC products (but not this one, I don't think), but PC does ship to Canada.
  12. I hope I left her in good shape for you, Roscoe, and have a wonderful time! There were definitely some H. Buckets on board on the leg that I was on - one lady in particular complained about how she knew that 'they' couldn't control the weather in Florida, but couldn't they have done something about the weather in Florida?
  13. The cruise line might also offer an excursion + transfer option (I know Cunard does this after TAs) - you disembark, get on board a coach with your luggage underneath, have your excursion, and arrive at the airport at a more reasonable time.
  14. The instructions on the luggage tag call for folding and stapling around the handle. Because I have to fly, and because I don't want to have to go hunting for staplers (or bring one), I use the plastic slips linked above to hold the tags. They were cheap, and if you get the wider ones, they should be usable with all (or almost all) lines. As long as the room number and location code are visible, they should be fine.
  15. I always travel solo, and I've never had an issue booking transport. Definitely book through the cruise line if you're unsure about an area - paying for that convenience and ease of mind can absolutely be worth it. Also, when you're travelling solo, the cost advantage of booking a taxi on your own is often much less. I took the hotel shuttle to the port at the start of my last cruise. For a couple travelling together, it would cost more than getting a cab, but for a solo traveller, it was cheaper. I also second bringing only what baggage you can easily manage on your own. Except for this last trip (which was 16 nights long, and required a lot of extra cruft), I only bring a checked rollie bag and a carry-on-sized backpack (Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45), plus my purse. This last trip had two checked rollie bags, the Tom Bihn, and my purse, and it was a bit of a hassle to manage.
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