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  1. I didn't have any issues when I was travelling as a solo with CunardAir.
  2. I've done two one-way TAs, and both times booked flights through Cunard Air, and they were seamless. One was an eastbound, with flight to NY to start, and then flight back to Toronto at the end (+ 3 days, because I wanted some extra time in London, which wasn't an issue for Cunard in the slightest.) The second was westbound, with a flight to London, then flight back to Toronto from NY. Both were super-easy, and when I wanted to shift my flight to London on the second one (I wanted to fly in earlier to have more time there before getting on board), it was a matter of a quick phone call. (Also, both rounds were cheaper than I'd have been able to get on my own.)
  3. I've done two solo TAs, both in balcony cabins (regular Britannia, not Club.) The first time, I had a table for 2 for dinner, and ate by myself. I ended up only going down there 3 (?) times over the course of the week, and otherwise did buffet, or room service. The second TA, I was half-solo - I was travelling at the same time as a friend, and we were seated together at dinner (at a table for 6), but otherwise we each did our own thing. The table was lovely - a really nice mix of people, excellent conversations, and it was nice to recognize people to say hi to around the ship. Really, it's going to depend on how you like spending your time. If you like being on your own, go for a table for 2, and enjoy your solitary splendour. If you're more sociable, go for a larger table, but don't hesitate to ask the maitre'd to change your table after the first night if the table doesn't fit. (I'm still debating whether I'm going to do a B2B (with 4 days in London while the ship continues up to Hamburg), or if I'm just going to do a westbound with some days in London beforehand. Budget considerations abound.
  4. M&S is one of the places that I always hit. My favourite linen shirt came from there the first time I did at TA (eastbound, with a couple of days in London on the back end. I spilled something on my top at breakfast, and rather than venturing halfway across the city to get back to my AirBnB to change, I stopped in at M&S, and bought new clothes. 😛 But I think that the consensus is that the one-day London is just too much. I'll either do the 3 days in London, or do what I had planned to do this year, and fly to London, spend a few days there, and then get on the ship for the return voyage. (Much depends on how my company decides to deal with untaken vacation from this year, and whether I can afford to take 3 weeks of vacation.)
  5. I, like so many of you, had a TA cancelled (mine was in September), and I'm now thinking that, next year (or the year after), I might want to do a B2B, starting and ending in NYC. But one of the joys, for me, of the TA experience is getting to spend some time in London - I always need to stock up on Fortnum & Mason tea, hit Irregular Choice for a new pair of shoes, and swing by the yarn store for a little browse. Has anyone done a flying London trip on a B2B? My other thinking was to do a B2B, but schedule it for when QM2 proceeds on to Hamburg, so I'd have a few days in London in the middle - has anyone done this?
  6. I just checked the equivalent crossing to the one that I just cancelled (Sept 5 2021 vs Sept 4 2020), and the price is <$300CAD different (with the solo traveller premium). I haven't booked (I'm potentially loooking at a B2B instead) but just as another data point.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about how they're dealing with the FCC for those of us who paid deposits on board? The crossing that I was booked on for September, I booked last May, on board, and it involved a bunch of OBC, and some other goodies, for a minimal deposit. I'll be getting the 125% FCC of that minimal deposit, but I'm assuming the OBC for booking on board is gone?
  8. Cunard has two - the National Symphony Orchestra trans-Atlantic in early September, and the Trans-Atlantic Music Week in late October. The latter has a number of different musical styles involved, but looks like it should have some good classical. I'm booked on the NSO crossing, so I'm hopeful, but I can't say for sure. (The NSO, despite its name, is a pick-up band.)
  9. How are they managing it currently? On my first TA, I got the soft drink package, and just had to flash my card (showing the sticker for the package), and they didn't ring them through. On my second (just about a year later), every drink was rung through, and a bill (for $0) presented each time.
  10. I've done two solo TAs on Cunard, and have some tips (especially when you're dealing with lots of sea days.) - Go to the talks/activities/classes that they're offering. Check your daily schedule to see what's on offer, and check some of them out. Even if it's something you wouldn't normally try, you're never going to see these people again (unless you meet someone you really click with), so put yourself out there. - Instead of reading in your cabin, try reading in one of the lounges or bars (or multiples, until you find the one that feels 'home' to you.) - When you arrive to dinner, ask the maitre'd if you can be seated at a table with others. - One of my favourite ways to pass the time is to knit, so if you're a crafter (of any portable sort) take your craft along. There have been afternoon crafting circles on both of my TAs, and they're not all knitters - I've seen a few cross-stitchers, a few needlepointers, and I've even been tempted to pull out my drop spindle at times. Enjoy your cruise! 14 days sounds like heaven.
  11. Sitting with my knitting in the Carinthia Lounge on QM2, watching the sea and the people go by. Curling up in the most comfortable bed in the world each night, listening to the sound of the ocean off my balcony.
  12. I've used Luggagehero without issue twice in London - once upon arrival from Soton on an eastbound TA, when my AirBnB wouldn't be ready for a few hours, and once upon arrival in London before a westbound TA - my flight arrived early Saturday morning, I spent the day in London before getting the train to Soton before departure Sunday. I would recommend not leaving anything super valuable in the suitcases (jewellery, technology), but that's standard practice whenever you're leaving luggage anywhere (I believe that Cunard even recommends putting these in your hand luggage rather than sending them via porter).
  13. I've done both a westbound and an eastbound TA. Westbound, boarding is SUPER civilized - you're assigned a time to arrive for check-in and boarding, and are given a card when you arrive. They call groups up based on arrival time (other than the priority boarding as mentioned above, for Grills and Diamond/Platinum passengers, but this is done through a completely separate process.) The Soton terminal has lots of seating, plus a cafe, so you aren't standing around waiting. Security is after check-in, rather than before. Eastbound is rather more line-intensive. You get into a line to get through security, then get into a line to check in. There is a priority line separate from the general passenger line, but all non-priority passengers are treated the same, whether it's your first or sixth voyage, you'll be in the same line (unless you're in the Grills.)
  14. When I was looking before my last westbound TA, I didn't see any LYS's in Soton. (If you're in London, I highly recommend Loop in Islington. It's a delightful little shop.)
  15. The ice creams are fantastic - my understanding is that they're all made on board.
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