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  1. Kyriecat- regarding your comment regarding clout, with 9 prior cruises PG treated us same as you. Resolved through credit card dispute. Feel sympathy for those still out money from Ponant. They have taken a line with exceptional reputation for customer service and crushed it.
  2. I was holding my breath hoping your chargeback would be successful... so glad it was. We went the chargeback route also; also successful. Never had to do that before and surprised that our beloved PG would be the first.
  3. Excepting the case on the PG resumption cruise?
  4. To think of all the care that goes into decisions of ship, itinerary, dates ... including supplemental plans for flights, pre/post stays compounded by requirements for testing.... That those passengers who have decided to move forward have the rug pulled out from under them at such a late date (and purely for the benefit of the line) is abhorrent. Basically they are saying ‘ here are your very different choices none of which remotely match up with you vacation dates let alone itinerary and ship. If you don’t like or can’t accommodate the cruise line then too bad’ No refunds? Ridiculous. Ponant doing their best to squander away Paul Gauguins 20 years of goodwill.
  5. If I were going to guess, maybe the 10/14 cruise is ‘under analysis’ because they want to push over to the Soleal cruises around the same time, the dates don’t line up exactly. We were going to be on this cruise with you, bailed a long time ago but had to fight to get our money back. Cannot imagine the stress of sticking it out and current lack of communication. Hope it all works out for you.
  6. The key nark was 4 days into the cruise, past that, I do not believe any required testing For COVID.
  7. Would love to hear reports from someone on the ship about their experience, food quality, social distancing, how excursions are being handled, if there is scuba diving, whether the motu picnic happens, how tendering works now, etc.
  8. Not assuming anything, just informational. Would want to know (operationally) what happens with a positive test onboard on Regent or any line.
  9. I agree it is confusing. Over on the roll call for the affected cruise one of the passengers said they were given the option of going straight to the airport to fly home or stay in Papeete under seven day quarantine. The writer went to the airport but states they were responsible for the change fee. They also said the cruise line giving them 200% refund though is being asked to verify refund and not FCC. Only 16 international passengers, cannot imagine the havoc if numbers were more typical. In other news there is now a report of an air tahiti nui flight attendant testing positive.
  10. Putting aside tennis’ consideration of the risk to one’s health as negligible.... what about the impact of a passenger testing positive on your plans. PG turned the ship around 2 days after setting sail...reportedly everyone tested again (negative) and sent packing to the airport.
  11. The roll call on CC for the PG cruise appears to answer some of these questions.
  12. Over on Paul Gauguin board news of positive testing passenger causing mid cruise turn around of first internationally open cruise.
  13. Hope you all have a wonderful time. We were booked on this cruise but cancelled due in part to the entry requirements and not wanting to be on an 8 hour flight at this time. In our experience, upgrades are possible but likely offered at a reduced rate rather than gratis. Please circle back and let us know about your cruise.
  14. I hope you have a wonderful time on your 7/29 cruise but your admonishment of those if who view Ponant’s unilateral change in their terms and conditions as bad business seems ill informed. We had several other travel plans affected by pandemic, with no other issues in being made whole (including by another cruise line) Ponant is behaving like a company disinterested in the long view and that there is a firewall between them and the PG is troubling. Frankly, we had doubts they would be around for us to use our future cruise credit. No worries, we filed a credit card dispute (first ever) and received everything back. We love the PG and hope they survive and thrive but it will take time and multiple reviews by folks I trust before we consider another booking.
  15. Those Nav. Itineraries in FP look nice and, I have always thought a bargain if you sort out your own air (7500 credit per person) combined with the current $1000 OBC makes for a very low per diem. Many trips to FP, all on the PG but have cruised the Navigator in E. Caribbean and it was fine. We’re divers and those itineraries visit the best islands for that as well. Happy planning!
  16. There is some news today https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/polynesie/deconfinement-total-polynesie-834592.html?fbclid=IwAR3cPe-XHfG8k26wsVFpEs0B5taGuZOuK8_irg7DnlMz5ZG4gP3rCHm3WVg Run it through google translate, cannot paste it here fore some reason Stated ATN flights resume July 1 It looks like the authorities in FP mentioned the resumption of international travel but the conditions for travel are, as expected, demanding: Le tourisme international reprendra suivant un protocole sanitaire rigoureux : test négatif 72h avant le départ, quatorzaine sur le territoire en hébergement dédié du Pays ou à domicile selon des conditions strictes et nouveau dépistage à l'issue. Un suivi sanitaire quotidien est organisé par les services de l'Etat avec des possibilités de contrôles par les forces de l'ordre. Chaque non-respect de la quatorzaine sera sanctionné pénalement. International tourism will resume following a rigorous health protocol: negative test 72 hours before departure, fourteen in the country in dedicated accommodation in the country or at home under strict conditions and new screening at the end. Daily health monitoring is organized by the State services with the possibility of checks by the police. Each non-compliance with the fortnight will be penalized. Source:
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.rnz.co.nz/article/1d7705e3-3511-455f-a1f4-91f0a3bd4cf8
  18. Our sentiments exactly.... not to be crass but over the years we have (happily) spent a small fortune returning to Paul Gauguin, again and again, and have influenced others to cruise her as well. We are not alone; I think the ship enjoys a high repeater ratio especially given her limited itineraries (which we think are near perfect btw but many people seem to be working a bucket list) This is the worst treatment of clients we have ever seen. I’m noticing an increased presence of PG on social media and starting to received regular promotion emails again...not going to make up for their horrendous policy change.
  19. Not sure third party default is an option in US. I did a dispute, the funds were credited immediately and the cruise company has a period of time to respond/refute which seems likely. Gathering up docs to be ready when that happens.
  20. Says the guy who closes his posts with ‘my confederate two cents’ and list ‘supporting Donald Trump’ on his profile. Project much?
  21. We keep the beloved PG staff in our thoughts for good wishes... they are the ones who have made that experience so exceptional. Ponant though.. my thoughts are closer David’s
  22. I’m in the same situation as you; took our money under one set of T&C and now won’t honor them....
  23. I think for a 2021 sailing the old rules apply (100 pp fee) but haven’t checked the PG site in a while. Also, that assumes they do not BK or ‘reorganize’ before they get that money back to you. I know a lot of cruise lines are quoting 90 days for refunds so maybe okay.... it’s just that Ponant seems to have kept PG at a distance and that troubles me.
  24. Yep, this has happened to us.... we have taken MANY Paul Gauguin cruises and have taken my parents twice... and directly responsible for 6 other people cruising with them. This is not how you treat people whose business you value.
  25. Deceptive seems like a strong word. Cook Islands restriction announced on the 5th, cruise started on the 7th. Of course the PG reserves right to change itinerary... as any cruise line does. Current situation is unique and all cruise lines scrambling. Recent (post Ponant) reviews have been favorable, agree with your assessment on reviews from current cruise. Just booked for the fall.
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