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  1. This is one topic that people of this message board seem to conveniently overlook, that is JUST as important as to what we are all asking here in the U.S....when can we sail...More importantly, When will port destinations be open???
  2. I call bs on that. That is so silly. It's been proven in lengthy studies that those things are more sanitary than paper towels. Nope. Not buying that bs.
  3. I think many, if not most of. us, had had those kinds of thoughts, even if fleeting thoughts. Yes there is every possibility that you may lose some, if not a lot of money. So will we....but not all. That is the risk we take when we try to take cruises. The OBC? Pfffftttt. Unless you bought it in some way, it was 'free stuff' given to you, so you have not lost anything. Hang in there. It may get rougher than it is now. We are all in this together. 👍
  4. ^^^^^This! Thanks V.M. Folks, I see this link as important, or perhaps more so, than the 'when can we sail?' discussions. It's a moot discussion, IF all of the ports of call that Carnival(or any other cruise line for that matter) calls on prohibit debarking when/if cruise passengers get there.
  5. WOW!! Whooo hoooo! Thank you sunshower9!!!
  6. Is that the Piano Bar on the right and the Limelight Lounge on the left?
  7. ^^^^^This. We here in the U.S. have not even seen the "peak" of the spread, infections, death etc, etc. New York is the epicenter 'hot spot' for infections here. I believe it will spread. It will peak in New York first, I pray. But then the emerging hot spots of New Orleans, California, Florida, etc. Those 'hot spots' will have to peak and then subside greatly before I believe(and this is just my unsubstantiated opinion) the cruise lines will begin sailing again....I'm sorry to say. I pray I'm wrong, but that's just how I feel.
  8. We are going to do what we did last year on the Dream. Apply a $100 g.c. to our S&S account. We already called and received a $240 OBC for price adjustment on our cabin, and $150 OBC(in the form of CruiseCash from our online TA). So I think we have way enough to get us through our 7 day cruise in September(hopefully). Then go out and drink as much as we want, which is about 4 or 5 drinks/day for me, and 2 or 3 drinks for Mrs. Joe817. Then we will buy some souvenirs for everybody back home from the FunShops with the OBC, buy some bingo cards(that's fun!), and maybe a dinner at the steakhouse. Gonna enjoy this cruise.....if we are able to get on the ship.
  9. I got out yesterday and went to Kroger to replenish some sorely needed staples. Namely red grapes, and spanish peanuts...for the wife. The store was fairly well stocked except for the always elusive toilet paper, paper towels, spray cleaner of any kind, and hand sanitizer. I DID score finding 2 bottles of dial anti-bacterial hand soap. I also filled up the car with gas. Using our Kroger Reward Card, we had built up enough points to pay only $1.49/gallon. The normal price of gas is $1.69/gal. For dinner, I hit the Taco Bueno drive-thru. It was good getting out of the house for a little while.
  10. AFAIK, there are no Carnival sailings from any port in the U.S. going to Alaska. Primary reason is that Canada has closed its border to the U.S. until July 1. I believe that the U.S. has also closed its border with Canada as well.
  11. Gads! There must be at least 12 ships out there doing nothing!
  12. Can I get a fishbowl drink with Cheers? When can I board the ship? Where is my mustard drill station at? Do I have to go?
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