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  1. None of the pools are open 24 hours. If I remember right there might be a couple of hot tubs open til midnight.
  2. Thanks. I'll watch for his interview.
  3. I know Simon is on vacation, anyone know who is filling in for him ? Will be leaving Nov. 3.
  4. Never left out of Baltimore. If flying in, what is approximate cost for transportation from airport to port ? How far is it ? Looking at the Pride to Bermuda next October. Thanks
  5. The dining room hasn't gotten any bigger. As more and more people ask for tables for two, they have to rearrange the tables to accommodate the requests. They can't separate them too much or they couldn't seat all the guests. Not to hard to figure out.
  6. I think my wife and I were on the same tour with you. I second the fish sandwich that Heidi got for us. DELICIOUS.
  7. Usually three but got carried away this year. Will be going on 6th in November.
  8. Was on Magic the end of September and thought it was fine. As a matter of fact , we are also going again on it in two weeks. Didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.
  9. They have lots of floating mats. Don't think they ever sell out of them. Don't know about the others.
  10. Got lanyards on Magic last week.
  11. Looking forward to October 2and 3rd when we will be there.
  12. The question was..is a passport card all that is needed to CRUISE. Answer is yes. Didn't ask about flying anywhere.
  13. Thanks for the review. We were on Magic the end of August and heading back on the 28th for Bermuda. Agree that Simon is everywhere on the ship. Sounds like you enjoyed the Magic. Try the Breeze, that is our favorite ship on Carnival.
  14. For question #1....Son had ineternet pkg two weeks ago and didn't complain so it must have been ok.
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