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  1. Thank you! I searched but it didn’t come up for me.
  2. I had to gently remind Princess since it didn’t show up automatically when we booked our second cruise with them. They fixed it.
  3. Yes. They don't have to do it and it's much nicer than an email on V-Day. Mine is finally in the system so it should be automatically added now. Shopping for our 3rd cruise with Princess in Jan-Feb. Leaving on the Grand Monday!
  4. Anybody had any experience with a Catholic Church near the cruise terminal?
  5. Any comments or experiences? Covered balcony on the Dolphin deck? Thank you.
  6. Happy V-Days to all our vets, both past and present.
  7. Oh, I’m getting one, all right. Have it in time for our January cruise. It’ll be just like Rick Blaine.
  8. Because, for all intents and purposes, there are no longer any dress codes.
  9. On the Grand, IIRC the hot chocolate in the IC was the same price as the drip coffee, maybe $3 for a large? The hot chocolate they use is Nestles. It’s really good.
  10. Usually just the lights and air con/heating. Everything else is on a different circuit.
  11. A business card works, too. At least they used to in the hotels I've stayed in that use these systems. Make sure it's someone you don't like.
  12. Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to work but did not in my particular case as it was not “attached” when we booked our second cruise. It’s there now... all that matters.
  13. Absolutely true; while I would never sail again to the Caribbean on Carnival, I would happily sail with them to Alaska.
  14. Thank you for that pithy and clear explanation. When we booked this cruise, I had to remind the agent that I should have the Military OBC on file. She had to look up our previous cruise to see that it was on there before she could apply it to the current cruise. She said sometimes it takes one or two cruise cycles for it to be on there permanently. It seems that this is the way they let you know that it’s on your “permanent” record. Thank you, again.
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