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  1. That was the main purpose of this thread. I imagine it will be refreshed at appropriate time.
  2. Yes, the attitude in Ottawa could certainly put the stops to any cruising involving ports in Canada for the foreseeable future. However, the statements and measures in your post were directed at Canadians who choose to travel out of country and they are looking to "punish" returnees after their trips by imposing harsher measures they can think of in order to discourage the travel. What they really want to do is kill off as much March Break travel as possible. There is a public school break each March in Quebec and Ontario (different weeks) and it usually means a huge exodus to w
  3. Yes, I am not sure of the policy in that and don't really care much I suppose, but does it crack open the door? Probably not since they are employees of the cruise line.
  4. So, it's okay to name Princess employee TA's, but not independents?
  5. Don't see any info on what the comp plan will be. We just have FCD's down on a 24-night in the Med for this coming Fall. We were doubtful ports and such would be ready and were already looking this week to 2022.
  6. So, it also appears as though Princess is not substituting another ship in the fleet for the Fall 2021 voyages. Such as the ones in the MED. So, we are out of luck again with more cancelled cruises. Either that, or they may announce something new and we all have to re-book.
  7. These date policies could be different for Aussies and Kiwis than for North Americans, no?
  8. Lots of great info here for comparing with HAL. In summary, I had read many of these. Sofa in more cabins. Similar good customer service and food quality. Older demographic, not as good entertainment, less daytime activities. I have heard/read that HAL does well on grand voyages. For example, they do a circle Africa trip and I didn't see where anyone mentioned that above. Their South America resembles Princess very much. We are thinking about the Africa one (71 days on Zanndam in 2022). It's a small ship and there is a one week set of sea days on each end of
  9. That's about it - the question is in the topic title. Thanks. I tried Google, but didn't find anything of use.
  10. You should have contacted Princess before they expired and requested a date extension. Just mentioning this for anyone else who reads this thread. Many have reported doing this and would think Princess would be especially amenable now with all the cancelled cruises and they also get to keep the cash.
  11. I have not noticed the problem for several days now. Appears to be resolved for me at least.
  12. They can only vaccinate as many as the supply that comes. In our county, they had 5,000 doses last week and the appointment reservations were filled via phone in minutes and there were 1,000's more calling in.
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