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  1. You can use an online fax service. Scan your docs to a PDF and then use a service. Google is your friend.
  2. Regal has a 6am arrival to PE. Walk-off begins shortly thereafter unless something unusual going on. Just played with our Nov cruise in the Flights section and EZ-Air changes from earliest flight at 11:00am for FLL to 1:00pm for MIA. All things being equal, two additional hours for MIA is over-the-top. Personally, I would not hesitate to keep your flight because making something even earlier than 11:00am at FLL is a breeze.
  3. If you have two coupon books (we did earlier this year), you can save one coupon for a future cruise (we did) and you can use it then as long as coupon not yet expired (we were lucky to have a second cruise not long after).
  4. I am disappointed to read on this thread that the auto-gratuities are not baked into the AU price plans. I would have thought Princess would make this up in some way. Even if they are paying all of the ship staff a higher wage to "make up" for lost gratuities, one would think it is somehow collected from passengers. Drink prices have grats baked in, so I am not sure why the cruise fares would not also be the same. We have done one cruise in that area (a NZ cruise from SYD) and I had no issue paying auto-grats on top of the US booking.
  5. Of course - and that may work for some folks. Doesn't work well for us personally as we invariably look to use it at the same time(s) and then we move on to other activities.
  6. I wouldn't depend on Wikipedia in this instance (although it is generally very good and I find myself using it a lot or having Google searches come up with a Wiki article). Just as easy to check the actual source - Princess - which states the same 3,080. Just thought it was worthwhile to post the actual source number agreeing.
  7. We are all thankful only one more week left in the federal election campaign. Whether we will be thankful for the results is another question altogether which I won't get into. 😉
  8. You mentioned Wifi calling in your message, but then never actually wrote about calling in the detail steps. Calling and texting are two different things. A Wifi call will quickly use up your minutes depending on how long you talk.
  9. Not allowed by email with Princess. If you look up the Carnival Corp Shareholder Benefit, you will find a PDF on the corporate website that outlines the program and the fax number or snail mail address to use.
  10. Would you all mind sharing what the upsell offer was, along with the length of your cruise? Thanks.
  11. True, but the OP clearly wants a situation where both they and cabin mate can be connected at the same time. That requires either two individual packages or one 4 Device package.
  12. We are doing this voyage in 2020 from England (nothing published yet for 2021). We didn't have to worry about a side because we book Inside cabins. 😎. It has an interesting attraction for the timing as Dubai is hosting a World's Fair beginning in late October. We are going to "jump ship" for several of the sea days around that port stop to have additional time in Dubai.
  13. In general, I am never happy and always disappointed in companies that over-hype in the advertising and then put more text and caveats into the fine print. Seems the way things are a lot.
  14. You may be running for it, but once there and it is your turn, you will have time to walk into the area with an attendant and select from available inventory. They also have a paper map of the layout at the podium/desk. It's not a panic situation once it is your turn to be served.
  15. I suppose, but it is kind of obvious that some items are a man's and it is her benefit alone. Why bother for $3 or $6? I don't expect we are going to need laundry on a 10-night cruise anyway. It will be nice to use the priority tender access at P Cay, but since we were last there, they have the larger ferry boats now that take a lot more people at once so I presume it is quite efficient now.
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