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  1. And they still describe the Island the way it was before the 2015 re-model job.
  2. Just a note that you cannot rely at all on the deck plans showing available/sold cabins. Princess can be holding back inventory for future release and/or to satisfy the GTY bookings.
  3. So, I got curious since there have been reports that the pre-cruise Personalizer pricing is not (no longer??) actually discounted for Elites/Platinums as it was for our older booking already sailed. Just called in regards to a new cruise we recently booked (Crown for 10 nights in Nov). Personalizer price is $70. Princess rep told me that is the pre-cruise price for 8 - 10 nights. Have to wait to get 25% discount on board. She did not have a "regular" pre-cruise price, so apparently every passenger's Cruise Personalizer has the same $70 price. I guess the on-board price should be about $52.50 with our discount. We shall see as I intend to wait since departure is not too far off. What I am wondering now is if we really will realize 25% off. If our discount is off the ship "list price" of $90 to $100 on embarkation that the rep indicated, then we are not saving that much compared to first-time cruisers.
  4. Did you ask Princess, because on our recent Medallion Net cruise, the offer in my Cruise Personalizer was 25% lower than for regular passengers, according to a Princess rep I spoke to? On board, that regular price was $10 less on Day 1 and therefore my package was $7.50 less (25% discounted). I had purchased ahead of time and the Internet Mgr gave us each a $7.50 credit to our on-board account. Even though you ordered now, I would check the pricing on embarkation day. You do have a good price, however.
  5. I hear you, but do we all believe marketing hype 100% from any source?
  6. You are most probably correct. I guess I have only used to call a room or the PSD.
  7. While I cannot promise anything, I would say it is a very safe bet that it won't be more. You are already seeing an excellent price with your 25% off. I would say a regular cruiser would be offered your package at around $172 right now. As had been mentioned, if bought on board, it goes against any OBC on account. Caveat - if your cruise is well off in the future, it is always possible that Princess may have a general price increase. So that Cruise Personalizer deal may look better in future. Assuming no price increase, then the on-board offer won't be worse. It may be that Princess will not increase the new Medallion internet pricing at least until it is well established over the fleet.
  8. Has anyone heard if there is a limit to the number of chairs a passenger can carry on? Or, is it a "per cabin" limit? I wonder if we can slap a baggage tag on one and leave it with the porters? What we need is a entrepreneurial furniture maker, who has previous experience in the luggage industry, who can design a barrel chair with storage under the seat cushion for wine bottles, a collapsible handle built into the back of the chair, and of course wheels for ease of rolling it onto the ship. Not only that, but you have a place to sit when arriving early at the terminal and the doors are not yet opened. ETA - Oh, I suppose I should have submitted a patent application before posting here. Sigh....
  9. Unless one has money to burn, IMO the cabana is not worth it. And I don't like it when they take up more deck real estate to them.
  10. I believe I would say "No Thanks" if I won a Carnival Cruise.
  11. Which is why I originally recommended using the labeled push button on the phone. IIRC, the phones in lobby areas have the same button.
  12. You can eat anytime at a land-based restaurant that doesn't take reservations, but that doesn't mean you are going to be seated immediately if you show up at prime time. Not only were you in the prime time zone, but it was formal night which would equate to a Saturday night back home. I think some realistic expectations are in order.
  13. For that many days - and a whole lot of other reasons - I would recommend loading several electronic books. And what might those reasons be? There is travel to/from the ship. There are perhaps other times off the ship. What if you cannot find enough books of interest in the library when you are aboard. There are several shelves, but you never know what's in. You can read in bed without having lights on.
  14. Thought I read/heard they were being mailed from Singapore originally. NBD. Just a pain being excluded when we are in the same marketing group as USA in terms of bookings, promotions, etc, etc. It is probably the 3rd party company on the return label that is handling the distribution.
  15. Now I see a lot more info in your post than before. Not a huge price difference between UPS and USPS for a Small Box. I guess they don't want to spend the extra $$$ on us. They could send them in bulk to a distributor and then have them remailed by Canada Post I suppose. Or give us the option and charge us extra. IDK. Will just have to wait and see what happens. There are oversea customers as well and who knows if they ever intend to ship to them.
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