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  1. The end of a B2B is the end date of the second voyage. If in the same cabin. If have to move cabins on turnover day, then you used to get a new cruise card. Now this is unnecessary on a Medallion ship and they can just re-program the same Medallion to new cabin. It should depend what is in the stateroom billing system for your account as an end date. Lots of B2B's also sell as a single longer voyage. So, it's not "no mo coffee".
  2. Last time I saw it, this was the real Rowboat:
  3. True, but I personally will be rarin' to go.
  4. Same here, but we have not kept them, so cannot use this great idea. I am thinking they might be a bit "scratchy", but any port in a storm.
  5. I agree with JF. You have to get someone to act - neither cancel nor change is a self-service option. I got a Princess agent OTP in no time (extra recordings to listen to is all). I email my TA and she is "on it" quite quickly. Recently, I have had both a cabin location move and transferred Bonus Gift Card dollars from one booking to another.
  6. LOL - yes you are correct. The government here was doing similar for people arriving on flights that presented with symptoms.
  7. You mean if they drove themselves to the port, as many locals do, they could not drive themselves home???
  8. IDK the real 3M facts - seems to be muddled. I wouldn't necessarily count that order cancelled quite yet. When our PM mocks POTUS, perhaps his initial reaction to things is not the best. Seems to be good rapport with key officials however. PS - We did that embassy thing back in the day also, didn't we? Rescued several Americans and smuggled them out of Middle East.
  9. Lots of people, particularly in my country, love to disparage the Americans, and particularly any GOP POTUS, but who is there for the world when the chips are down? Yes, the USA. We are the closest ally and neighbor and rely on the US for so much in our lives, whether good or bad is another topic. I think we should cut them some slack and appreciate that we have this great neighbor to the south.
  10. I had a different experience yesterday when checking prices for a fall 2020 cruise we are on (or might be on). The Basic pricing and the Princess Plus pricing were almost the same. $95 more total cruise for the Plus if Inside; $50 if Balcony; $75 if Mini. Unbelievable when the up-charge was $1,520 for our voyage. OMG!! So, a bit later returned to computer, checked my TA booking engine and nope, the Plus was the higher expected price. Back to Princess. Still unreal. Follow it down to deck plan, section of ship, deck, and this time, selected a specific cabin. The pop-up window that comes up at that point now "magically" showed the higher price. Something was definitely off yesterday (fixed today) where the pricing appeared bargain of the year until you actually go to booking a cabin. BTW, the above exercise led me to a discovery. My great agency has instituted a temporary policy. All cruises sailing between now and Christmas receive no discounting on new bookings. IDK if something internal or driven by CCL and its member lines, but I cannot say I fault them. So, if I want to re-fare, the price drop by Princess has to be enough to overcome my current discounted fare (the change is not retroactive to existing bookings). I don't post this in any way to complain - but will be interesting to hear if other discount agencies are pulling back in a similar manner. This was just new as of Friday.
  11. In today's situation, this thread about the CROWN reminds me of something: "Ilsa, I'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people one cruise ship don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world".
  12. That is 100% a fake or phishing email. Ignore it.
  13. Great. All we needed to know. Mods may as well lock this thread now.
  14. At some point, it would a nice thing to have as a CC general "sticky" notice and kept up to-date by country/port.
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