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  1. Everything you could possibly ask or think of is covered on this master thread for the B.E.S. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2714765-best-sale-ever-starts-december-11th/ And, yes, it is unlimited Internet (Wifi is simply how you connect).
  2. How do you know what the deposit will be before the cruises are up and available to book? Besides, I bet the vast majority of Elites have FCD's on account and they suffice as a deposit.
  3. Just to clarify. If passenger is Platinum or Elite, then BOTH plans are less when purchase on board Day 1. And the 4-device plan cost equals twice the single device cost, so for two people, may as well buy the 4-device (on board of course). Never in advance. This is not the case for folks without the status discount - they need to compare the pre-cruise pricing in the Personalizer to see which plan is best for their situation. Once on board, their plans will cost more, but at that time the 4-device plan will be twice the cost of a single device plan.
  4. I am not sure there is anything to fix per se. I just meant it is not easy to create a good search that will get what you are looking for. You need to have some expertise at preparing a search string and use the options they have like "AND" and so forth and put effort into it. I have had mixed results, but have had some successes in finding something I am looking for.
  5. Search is not easy on here. It was on first and second page for a while. NBD.
  6. If I go to PAYMENTS section of the Cruise Personalizer for our next cruise, there is the section to pre-pay gratuities. When I expand on that section, I see this: SELECT PASSENGERS YOU WILL PRE-PAY GRATUITIES FOR <passenger name> Paid $551.00 <passenger name> Paid $551.00 Amount to Pay Now $0.00 I looked into our following cruises as well. We have another two that are B2B, but booked separately, and both indicate the similar display as above. The latter two are booked under 3FF and the one shown above was booked under something I don't have a record of, but included gratuities. Gratuities show under Special Services on the Travel Summary as others have indicated.
  7. Not sure of that as you could always buy coffee package later on. If they will sell it on Day 2, for example, there is no discount - you would still pay full price.
  8. @Retired_Army is totally correct and I agree with the advice.
  9. Besides being cheaper, it is way faster to grab a taxi going either direction. Princess will have you waiting around for a bus to fill.
  10. Internet - the full cruise package is available Day 1. However, if you have less than Platinum or Elite Captain's Circle status, you should pre-order the internet with Princess or via the Cruise Personalizer. Drinks - there is no difference in price pre-cruise or once on-board. You should buy the package right away in order to maximize the value. Spa - I don't think the Spa services in Personalizer are any cheaper, but they do run certain specials on board. I have not availed myself of this location, so cannot speak with total authority on how best to maximize your value there.
  11. LOL - You must have missed some past threads on this. Platinum and Elite passengers should always wait and book the internet package on board Day 1 to get the best price. We get a discount on the on board price and NADA on the pre-cruise price.
  12. I am still fine here since clearing and Princess fixes. However, I still don't like the mono-colored cabins (dark green) on the deck plans and not being able to optionally display other types if I want when shopping. I am still getting thrown off when I first call up a favorite cruise and I do a little skip when I see what appears to be a lower price. It is because they now display the stripped down package pricing as the lowest instead of the lowest price for the current sales promotion. So I have to click further to find out if anything changed with the sales promotion.
  13. Yes, I am aware and I can often tell when I have a home-based rep OTP. Your comments on their "training" are right on. Sometimes experienced cruisers like me who also are used to making own travel arrangements of all types can be more savvy than the agent - or at least as savvy. It is unfortunate when customers don't even realize they have been misdirected. I think this is more true than not. I am sure you can tell as well as I can when you read some posters on here relate their issue or question that they have been working with a less than expert TA (I'm being kind here) and they figure something is not quite right, but they don't really know themselves. I think no matter what a consumer is shopping for or buying, especially if a significant expense, they should be more informed. OTOH, I think many people turn to a supposed "expert" and expect to be taken care of properly. Unfortunately, be it TA's, MD's, dentists, auto mechanics, etc, there are the A's, the B's and most certainly some C's and D's and the occasional F. For those who either are disinclined or just don't want to get engaged, they are the ones who need a reliable TA that can be trusted to do the right thing. But it can take some work to find and interview one - and do they know the right questions to ask? What I did not say is that sometimes, clarifications on a roll-out do get reflected in policies/procedures via updates. I think there is a feedback loop in place as it has happened before. I also don't think it is possible for any organization like a cruise line, airline, or hotel to cover every circumstance in a policy. I think front-line service staff and supervisors/managers have to have some discretion to react and resolve customer situations given particular circumstances. That said, a sales promotion should be well enough understood to have the basics correct - such as applying the new Add-Ons. As for treatment, I think you are probably referencing the application and eligibility of promo codes to different booking types. But I don't think all customers will ever be treated the same as people are different, approach issues differently, and can have some different nuances in complex situations. Imagine Customer A and B with an issue and Customer A is very aggressive and demanding versus Customer B who explains the situation calmly and asks for or suggests a reasonable resolution. Who do you think is going to come out of it with the best end result? BOTH parties can affect the outcome. Yes, I am a S/H and do not like it when companies I invest in misstep. Princess could be doing a better job, but sitting here in Ontario, IDK how to advise them. I can figure out an obvious thing or two, but I am not aware of their situation and challenges either. I'd love to participate in a customer focus group. 😉
  14. Daniel, I think you have some good points there, but I wonder if part of this might be that initial terms get written and perhaps are found out later to not quite cover all circumstances once real life situations come up. Now, this might be termed a failing as well, perhaps. Anyway, when things start happening in real life situations, so to speak, they have to react and adjust sometimes. In my experience, at least dealing with Princess one-on-one, they really try to be fair and reasonable to the customer. I also think (suspect?) that employees on the ships are given somewhat larger degree of latitude to put customer first and make them happy/satisfied. This may result in resolving certain situations for the customer, while not necessarily throwing out "the book" or acceding to unreasonable demands. It certainly appears that some TA's were confused or not informed (but not sure whose fault that may be). And Princess reps were not fully trained and informed (again, did they attend training, participate, distracted, or was the training insufficient?). Don't suppose we will ever know, but I try not to get worked up over these things and just try to work through it with my own sense of what is right and see if other side ends up agreeing or explains why not.
  15. It can depend on the context, but in these threads it means "Edited To Add". In a travel/shipping context it means "Estimated Time of Arrival".
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