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  1. Yes, could be, but not always. Maybe they are stocking them more now. I am just used to picking them up now as I like the larger ones.
  2. Correct. Steward is just going to contact RS. Just call RS using the quick link button on your cabin phone, or pick up from most bars. I get a water glass because they are shaped better for red win especially. The std wine glass is too small.
  3. Right. We often cruise with our best friends and we get a 4-top. If cruising alone, we get a 2-top. I like TD ... no waiting. Get the early time I like.
  4. All the newer ships are the same - aft DR is all TD all night long. One of the mid-ship DR's has early TD. Rest is AT.
  5. Yes, it is going to take some time to catch up now - a whole week!!! Yikes!!! But that is the end of it now. I believe it is the final cruise and then back to "reality" in the USA for them.
  6. Have not sat at a table with cruisers I don't know for a long time, but I would simply inform the waiter and the other folks there that my wife and I wish to eat pretty much on time and just bring our food and don't do the hold-up for late-comers. Don't know any other reasonable way around it because people don't always inform, or forget, or change minds, or are just late back from port, etc. If you want to eat and be gone for a show or other activity, I don't see why that needs to be ruined. If I showed up late, I would feel bad if people were waiting for me. I would apologize and suggest they just keep going at their own pace. What is wrong with that?
  7. It is $105. If you check other threads, there are MANY on MedallionNet packages and pricing. You will find complete pricing chart for all cruise lengths in several of them. You have also fallen into the Princess pricing trap as your pre-cruise price is also $105 ($104.99, so not $104). 😉 At this cruise length, there is no additional savings for Platinum/Elite since the "benefit" is 25% off the on-board price and that price is inflated over the pre-cruise price. NORMALLY, we do get a small discount for most cruises and the value of the discount increases with length of cruise taken. For short cruises, not so much. The single device package on board - with the discount - is always 50% of the cost of a 4-device package. So, for a couple, you may as well get the 4 device and have flexibility if you have both phones and PC's.
  8. I buy them every cruise so they are as current as possible and then cancel any old ones I don't need.
  9. With respect to @Storm Monkey's comment's on making a currency decision, Princess periodically adjusts their set exchange rate depending on market moves for CAD-USD. Right now the rate used is 1.30. When accessing Princess.com in Canada, the Princess servers detect a Canadian IP address and present pricing in CAD. It is the same pricing as you would see in the USA, except multiplied by 1.30. It has been that for quite some some. It is quite possible that USD is a better choice than CAD from time to time - and vice versa. For example, the CAD fell quite a bit after world oil prices recently dropped in wake of Coronavirus, so 1.30 is a pretty good deal (but not as good as a discount TA in USD). If you want to make a booking in USD, you need to call Princess, or have a cooperative TA (not sure if any Canadian-based TA's will book in USD). Princess phone reps will book you in either currency. With respect to @hokiefans and @pink845 comments, it is not necessary to visit the Passenger Services Desk (PSD), nor wait to see the Future Cruise Consultant (who is often busy). All you need to do is fill out the FCD form, tick the box for the preferred currency and then write in the credit card number you want the FCD's charged to. They have a letter box and you can just drop the form in there and they will get to it. You receive an email back when it is processed and the email will have a letter attached confirming the FCD. You can login in to Princess.com and check your Captain's Circle account and you will see the FCD posted. Also, if you are on a MedallionClass ship, you can order FCD's right from the App - no forms, no fuss. That is how I did it last Nov on the Crown. When we sailed on the Majestic from SYD to NZ last Feb, I filled out the form for USD FCD's and provided by USD Visa card on the form. The Majestic was a AUD ship so I had my no-currency-upcharge CAD Visa on account and did not want USD FCD's charged to that one (although I could have). Finally, if you do find you have purchased FCD's in the wrong currency and wish to make a booking in the other, you should be able to get a Princess sales rep to help you out as @bennybear pointed out, but it is a bit of a hassle. As I recall from several years ago when I was in this situation (wanting to switch from CAD to USD), I had to have a booking in place needing a deposit and then they refunded the CAD ($100 x 2) and charged me in USD ($100 x 2), and then applied to the booking. They won't change any just sitting in your Circle account AFAIK. Just one thing.... I have switched to USD for several years now as I can book a much lower fare with a US-based discount TA that just doesn't exist in Canada (at least Ontario and AFAIK). You might consider looking for that in future and forget about CAD altogether. Happy sailing. FCD's are a great feature from Princess.
  10. Sorry, but you don't to be correct about it. You are buying a Future Cruise Deposit on board. As the name implies, these are held on account and can be used in a future booking to satisfy the deposit requirement. When you do this, Princess gives you back cash in the form of additional OBC. How much you get back depends on the length of cruise and cabin category booked. You can even earn back all your FCD, or even more than you invested. If you don't apply a FCD to a booking within two years, Princess refunds it back, so nothing is lost.
  11. Everyone has free Wifi. You are getting free unlimited internet with B.S.E. promotion. You get nothing else - the benefit is overridden.
  12. Would you mind copy and paste the thread link here?
  13. Whether you can do seat selection via EZ-Air bookings depends entirely on the airline and class of service. Some airlines allow it and some make you wait until ticketed. Often the ones that don't allow it, are charging for selecting specific seats, so they want you to do it on their website. Then there is the example of Air Canada (for one) - they do not allow seat selection until ticketed in Economy, but if you are booking Premium Economy or Business, you can select a seat in advance.
  14. There are three (I think the number is right... maybe four??) Crown Grill mains offered along with the MDR menu items for an extra charge of $19. You can make them Surf & Turf for an extra $10. If go to Crown Grill, the cover is $29 with a larger list of selections. The MDR offering is for the main dish only - none of the app's or desserts (you order those off the MDR menu). I did this one night on our last cruise and it was great. I even got my Applewood Smoked Salt!!
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