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  1. Thank you. I looked on their website. It looks like a really great place. I like the bonus of pastries. 🙂 I appreciat eyou telling me.
  2. I googled that and it is Adventure Falklands. I actually have a tour booked with them. Thank you for the recommendation.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Bluff Cove is still available, plenty of times at $225 each. Gentoo is sold out. I appreciate your honest feedback.
  4. @Ken the cruiser Hello. I just spend the last few days reading your live thread. Thank you so much for sharing. I learned so much and took notes. I just booked the Antarctica on the Sapphire in December a few weeks ago. (Just came back from my first Alaska cruise!) We are so excited for this journey. Out of all the penguin excursions you did (I think 3-4), which one was your favorite? Would you recommend all of them or one over the other? Thank you for your time.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing this info. It stounds like a great day. And thank you for sharing his contact info.
  6. I also went twice in April and had free wifi.
  7. Also, when you get to Skagway, go to the visitors center and you can get a trail map that shows all the trails. It gives directions on how to get there if you don't want to use your maps app. I wish I still had my map to show you but I gave the map to a crew member. We also walked to the Gold Rush Cemetary and Reid Falls. That was over 5 miles round trip. It was a beautiful falls that we enjoyed. That is also on the map.
  8. Thank you for sharing. It is easy to get to.
  9. Lower Dewey Lake. I would do that one first.
  10. We just got back from our cruise. In Skagway, we did Yukutania Point Trail and Smugglers Cove one day. This one is shorter and total with the hike and walking around town it was 5 miles. Another day, we did the Lower Dewey Lake hike. The hike itself was over 4 miles from the start of the trail. To and from the ship it was about 6 miles total. It was a beautiful hike.
  11. I have done both (just got back Sunday). Hubbard is definitely bigger and very impressive. College Fjord is beautiful also. It's a hard decision to have to make. We booked the 14 day Voyage of the Glaciers Grand Adventure and luckily did both.
  12. We were there also. It was a beautiful day!
  13. I have not done this yet but considering Phillips Glacier Quest Cruise or Phillips 26 Glacier Cruise. They are right near the port.
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    Thank you.
  15. rcprncss


    Can you share what company you used for the boat tour to Blackstone Bay? I googled it and found Phillip's Cruises. Thank you.
  16. Thanking you for sharing your experience. I was wondering how difficult it would be to get a taxi. We will have 4-5 ships the days we go!
  17. Thank you! I didn't even think to post on Trip Advisor. Great idea. I keep reading the chances are great of being cancelled because of weather. Thank you for the reminder.
  18. Is one of these glaciers landings better than the other? We have the Dog Sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier scheduled for the end of May. There is also the same thing but land on Norris Glacier. Flight times are similiar. Anyone do either of these? Thank you.
  19. What an amazing photo and experience!
  20. I am also looking to see if anyone has used this company recently. Thank you.
  21. I will be visiting Skagway on Princess the beginning of June. Does it matter the time of day to experience this excursion? The tour times have different prices. The first one 0945 being the most expensive and the last one at 4:30pm is the least expensive. Any input? Thank you so much. Description below. Leave all traces of civilization behind and experience the infinite beauty of southeast Alaska's remote glaciers - accessible only by helicopter! Soar over glaciers and green expanses en route to landing on a glacier for a guided nature walk. Lift off from the historic Skagway waterfront and head into a rugged region of sheer mountains, majestic valleys and massive glaciers. Jagged peaks towering over the Chilkat Glacier, cascading waterfalls surrounding the Ferebee Glacier, or the spectacular "river of ice" known as the Meade Glacier are among the wonders you may encounter. Flight routes and landing zones are selected daily to ensure you enjoy the best the area has to offer. After a thrilling 40-minute flight (roundtrip) over spectacular glaciers, you'll have the rare opportunity to explore one of Mother Nature's greatest marvels. Enjoy an unforgettable 40-minute walking tour as experienced glacier guides explain the awesome forces at work.
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