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  1. You were fortunate at immigration at BA. We sailed with Azamara in December and we were in line at BA immigration for three hours and fifty minutes. I felt so badly for those with mobility issues as there was no place to sit down. We were thankful the transfer to our ship was a car to a quick embarkation.
  2. I’m about to be a first-time passenger on HAL. Must I make a reservation in the MDR? My other cruise experiences (Azamara and Viking) involved showing up at the podium when hungry (as “hungry” as one gets on a cruise!😄), and being seated. We’d have to wait a few minutes at peak times, but never had to make any reservations outside of specialty venues. I’ll be on my own for this cruise, and I enjoy sharing a table with willing fellow diners. I’m just a bit confused on the reservation system. Thanks for any direction!
  3. Hi! New to HAL cruiser here. I don’t drink alcohol, but I do enjoy an occasional glass of reduced alcohol wine or beer. I’ve seen O’Douls and Buckler listed on posts about beverages, but I’ve yet to find info about the wine. Anyone know if they’re offered? Thanks for any help, and I apologize if this is repetitive info I’ve not come across. Cheers!
  4. Keeping in mind other less experienced travelers might read this thread, I submit it’s a good idea to check any visa requirements (short or long term) with your home country. What works for one passenger may not be valid for another in the multinational population on Azamara. Speaking as a US citizen, I couldn’t agree more about taking a tour that includes a short-visit visa rather than securing a Russian visa. That spendy process is tedious, at best.
  5. It appears on non-mobile sites. I checked my PC and it was there. On my phone, the sliding scale offered no information about bid strength. Thanks for your replies!
  6. Hello! Has Azamara (or plusgrade.com) removed the “weak/strong” ratings on bids? I checked on my link to an existing bid (sailing December 8, 2019) and I couldn’t see any indication of the sliding scale. Thanks for any and all insights.
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