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  1. We must only get 30 in a box in Canada because of the difference between $CAD and $US.
  2. For those who have been on the Koningsdam or Nieuw Statendam and enjoyed the Stroopwafels, be advised that our local favorite big box club store (Boxco) is now selling boxes of 30 Stroopwafels.
  3. We give ours to someone on the ship, if we go to the lunch we usually give them to our table mates if they want them.
  4. Have a look at the Moda Hotel, downtown Vancouver. The Skytrain from the airport has a stop with a very short walk to the Moda and the hotel is just a short walk to the cruise terminal. As long as you have rollers on your luggage you are good to go. The Moda Hotel is a funky boutique hotel close to all sorts of restaurants and things to do. We easily walked all over the downtown and harbour areas during our visit and on cruise day it was an easy short walk to the pier. Last I checked you could book a double room in the summer (2020) for $261.00CAD.
  5. Go to the link, scroll down to the dinning options, there are eight listed venues and one is the Tamarind.
  6. All one needs to do is purchase some foam ear plugs and wear them when you go listen to the groups you are presently avoiding. You will find that you can comfortably listen to and hear all the music without issue.
  7. Another first world problem, how sad.
  8. If there is no room to sit, just go up to the bar, order and collect your happy hour drinks and find a seat some where else. HAL is not trying to cut costs by limiting happy hour to a small bar with limited seating, another conspiracy theory debunked.
  9. Please take this smoking discussion to the proper HAL smoking thread.
  10. The last thing one wants to see at breakfast is someone in the lido in a bathrobe. Tacky, classless, no brains. Especially the ones with nothing on underneath the robe. The rules state that bathrobes are not suitable attire whilst eating in the Lido, unfortunately some of the ships do not seem to enforce that. You can’t eat wearing a bathrobe in the other food venues, why do people think it’s ok in the Lido? Questions, questions, questions boys and girls.
  11. Route 66, famous American cross country highway from days past. Mr. Goggle can help feed your curiosity.
  12. So jwrph87 after all the the posts here replying to your original question with many of them making things way to complicated, my original post, #2 in the thread was correct as confirmed by cruiserbruce. Don’t let all the other baffle gab confuse you. So once again the correct answer is yes ship time corresponds to the time zone you are in.
  13. HAL ships sailing in the Caribbean are on local time, depending on the itinerary you may have more than one time change per cruise.
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