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  1. Well said, we will now have to wait and see if people get the hint.
  2. Who knew “First World” problems could be so complicated?
  3. Food is so subjective, but I will voice my opinion. I have had both the old Lido style pizza and the new New York style. I think the New York pizza is superior. I have had some awesome custom made New York pizza on our recent cruises.
  4. A ban is still in effect after 30 years for a US citizen ? How arrogant can you be??? A US citizen is just that and no more, a citizen of the USA not Canada, Britain, Germany etc. There are a multitude of infractions that disallow Canadians, Germans, French etc from entry into the USA no matter how long ago the infraction was committed. As mentioned in another post if a Canadian citizen is asked at the US border if they have ever used cannibas at any time in their lives and respond in the affirmative they will be permanently barred from entering the USA. Being a US citizen gives you no special privileges in other countries, but of course if you shout and yell at the top of your lungs that your an American citizen people who do not speak English will surely do what ever they are told.
  5. In our experiences with HAL final payment is due 90 days out.
  6. In my first message regarding NFL games while cruising I forgot to mention they have all been HAL cruises.
  7. Ever cruise we have been on during football season has had games being broadcast. In our experience they generally do not have more than one or two games on Sundays. We have also watched Monday night and Thursday night football on board.
  8. You will find much cheaper rates at home than on the ship, cruise line photos are really expensive and you need to buy the expensive packages to get any thing worth keeping.
  9. There is no ballroom dancing on the ships you mentioned.
  10. Excuse me but, stop preaching to me and others on this board, HAL is not obligated to support any religion. For you to tell me time should be set aside to observe your religious beliefs is just so much hooey. Take your religion with you where ever you go but don’t expect me and others to observe your dogma.
  11. Hi KK, When was the last time you cruised? I know your DH has had health issues as well as your need of a rollator.
  12. No ballroom dancing. You can dance to rock,soul and funk but no ballroom. As stated on many other threads, if you want ballroom dancing try Cunard.
  13. You should be ok, my biggest worry would be getting wet.
  14. Lobster is really really really over rated, if you think that frozen lobster is good then you will be more than willing to eat the gala night lobster, all the best to you.
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