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  1. I think it best you call your credit card company, even the "experts" on this board can't answer that, even though I am sure they will.
  2. I'd be talking to HAL about your refund especially since it was 6 weeks ago you last talked with them. As for your trip I believe you do not to have to think that it may be cancelled, it will be cancelled (already is cancelled but HAL is playing coy). All the Canadian ports are closed until July 1, 2020, a number of American west coast ports are closed, ports in Alaska do not want to see cruise ships until this virus situation is resolved. So where are you going to get on a boat and where is the boat that you get on going to go to?
  3. I believe the OP was not suggesting the cruise lines are American companies. The point being made was due to laws and circumstances you don't always pay taxes to the American government when you are an American company so you can have similar tax savings as off shore entities do.
  4. I believe that the email you received was machine generated, just a mass mail out to email addresses in the HAL data base.
  5. If your are leaning towards a FCC for a covid19 cruise cancellation the most important thing is to read and understand the information from HAL below. After reading it and seeing all the exclusions listed we opted for the cash refund. Carefully consider the choices below before you make a decision on choosing "Door #1" or Door #2 of the offer. They conveniently included the below information at the very bottom of the cancellation email. Future Cruise Credit (FCC) Terms & Conditions The value of this credit may be applied to the cruise fare only of a new cruise or Land+Sea Journey reservation with Holland America Line, and it is combinable with any other applicable discount. While the credit is valid until December 31, 2021, please note that it needs only to be applied to the new booking by that time; the cruise does not need to depart within this timeframe. Although you may choose any stateroom category, this offer is dependent upon space availability and cannot be transferred, refunded, or used as a deposit. This credit may not be used for onboard expenses, pre- and post-cruise packages, shore excursions, taxes, Cancellation Protection Plans, Home City Air, Hotel Service Charges, or other optional programs or services. We ask that you or your travel professional verify this offer with our Reservation Agent at the time your new reservation is placed. For your convenience, the credit is built in direct association with Mariner Society numbers so it will automatically be credited toward the cruise fare of the next Holland America Line sailing booked.
  6. Now that the President and federal government are involved in the cruisedemic things will work out for the cruise lines. I can't remember exactly what President Trump said but he certainly implied that the cruise lines would be helped out with these extra costs so they would not suffer undue hardship. Lets face it once the Vice President and the feds met with the cruise CEOs last Saturday you knew something was in the works and we now know that they spent the week working out the deal and how the cruise lines would respond with the proper logistics (moving ships, disembarking passengers, getting passengers home etc). Shut your ships down for the 30 days and the Fed will help you out and so they did.
  7. Why would you pay in US dollars? Every HAL cruise I have taken I have paid in Canadian funds.
  8. This what the Canadian government is doing about air travel From Citynews . OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – The federal government says overseas international flights entering Canada will be restricted to a smaller number of airports amid the pandemic. It’s unclear which airports will be on the list. “We believe that this is a precaution that we should take so that we concentrate overseas international passengers coming into Canada to a smaller number of airports,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said.
  9. I just got off the phone with our insurance company. We purchased a trip cancellation/interruption policy for a 28 day cruise starting March 21, 2020. Because the Canadian government has only recommended Canadians not travel on a cruise ship there is no cancellation provision. If the Canadian government decides to make a no travel advisory for any of the countries on the cruise itinerary then that would kick in the cancellation clause. The person I talked to also mentioned if any of the countries we visit declare a no travel advisory to their country that would kick in the policy too. Our policy actually covers quarantine situations, if we are quarantined the trip interruption insurance kicks in and we would be covered for a refund of any remaining cruise, hotel and flight costs.
  10. Tell your friend to call HAL they are the one with the answer, not the "Cruise Critic" experts.
  11. The noose is used to keel haul bad passengers and crew. They had been using the traditional plank to take a short walk, but the environmentalists complained on social media that some one killed a tree to get the plank. Due to the relentless efforts of the social media crowd, HAL capitulated. They now use hemp rope that is made from recycled legal Canadian cannabis plants.
  12. How can anyone on this board answer your questions? There are already to many false prophets on this site blaring all sorts of knowledge about any thing and every thing. The only answers you need in regards to this are from HAL not from Cruise Critic Experts.
  13. This having no printed news letters on board definitely is an extremely complicated "First World Problem", but by golly I am going to suck it up and persevere. I'm going to get into the 2020's and get me one of them fancy sell phone things and maybe one of them tablets that I see folks using. This could be more entertainment than ice fishing in the cement pond out back of my place.
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