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  1. lmfao your trying hard to get me to bite on your posts , wont happen buddy keep trying only 1 thing I will say if the port botany goes ahead doubt it very much but at least on the bright side for you cruisers is you wont have to be carted to far to get buried , lol graveyard is right in sight so they can just wheel you's over and dump you's in a big hole lol
  2. would of been nice if the cruising community did that after the diamond but oh no lets get more ships in Sydney and go on more cruisers. now they all want gov to rescue them from all around the world , that's fine so long as they the crusiers pay for it out of there back pocket .. cruising in sydny and Australia . wont be happening for yrs and yrs .
  3. well I went to get something to eat. and took my old car for a drive to the shops they don't say you cannot do it im doing everything with in the rules , took the scenic route tho lol.. at least it was to eat something , I see many just going to coffee shops hanging around the street drinking it or the square sitting drinking it and having a cig . so cant see anything wrong with me getting a feed .. so the ruby has dock in port Kembla , I highly doubt that ship will be able to leave for quite a while until police finish of there criminal investigation . heads will roll people will demand action. I think you will find port authority will be held accountable so will nsw health and Gladys for not stoping the cruise ships ages ago as she was told but invited more ships here . all 3 will be held responsible and probably sacked or replaced
  4. that's right I did see many maybe many isn't the word freakin heaps .. I prefer to support the shops that I have been going to before this virus . nothing wrong with that is there?? plus I took my cars for a burn , theres nobody on the roads in Sydney was a great drive tho. did it again tonight . loved it
  5. what wrong with a person going out to get there meals , or somebody going fishing alone or with somebody from there own house.. no different than going to supermarket , or getting takeaway, its permitted to go and get a feed from the shops , its also permitted to go fishing . same as many many people I see in the parks , footpaths, all within 4-5 mtrs of each other. im driving alone, and fishing I completely isolated from everybody. unless I see the ruby ship then im out of there , lol
  6. I can at least still go fishing which is good , not to mention I have been taking my 3 old cars out at night getting a feed .. drive right into Sydney city and surrounding suburbs the cars love the open air and no traffic feels amazing to drive on the roads without traffic , although last night newtown and city was packed out with those delivery uber drivers or what ever company they are never seen so many in my life , there were about 150 of them at least maybe more from enmore to broadway ..
  7. don't email them write to them on toilet paper roll so at least they can do something useful with your letter lol
  8. that's a bit of double standards isn't it... you's are willing to support the destruction of the last indigenous beach still in use by them today with thousands of yrs history to them , destroy a whole ecosystem of marine wildlife dolphins and seal habitat reefs etc, dredge up that cancer causing pfas that will spread thru the whole bay, just for a cruise terminal but im heartless hey, what about having a bit of a heart for those indigenous communities that have seen there beaches destroy bit by bit and now the last remaining one they have in botany bay was under threat.. like I said double standard . now im going to lay the boot even more into the cruise ships and entice others to do the same.. you all might as well face the facts there will be no cruising in aus and many other countries in the world after this great big mess . for min 2yrs .. slightest mention of another virus and there goes that industry again ..
  9. wishfull thinkers on here don't hold ya breath it wont be back here for ages . wont even be going to start up in most countries either . the first mention of any virus and everybody will cancel nobody is going to want to go thru this nightmare again on cruise ships , so don't think it will start up for a hell of a long time.. if ya get itchy dry feet and need to get on the water , I can take you;s on my boat I can fit ten on it . ill be going out next week ill take a few pics of the ruby for you's ill going looking for her
  10. they will not be back until 2023 if that , I don't think they would get enough people to fill 1 ship a week now , this has destroyed the cruise industry in Australia and the world .. woohooo . misses wont be happy but I am.. woohoo what a victory .. I see they are trying to get a class action against the cruise ship .. this is one time I back the cruise ship . they knew this virus was spreading they watched what happen on the diamond and still went fully knowing that anybody on that ships could have it.. so cruise at there won risk , no compo for people who put themselves in harms way . its just sad tho that some lost there lives , no matter my opinion I wouldn't like anybody to die from this virus be it on land or the cruise ships .
  11. I got a friend that makes moonshine , that ***** kills everything even the person who drinks it . he swears by it tho have had a few nips when I see him that ***** is great stuff might see if I can get a gallon of it .its a virus killer . the ole bloke never gets the flu
  12. political suicide , people wont forget and remember we are just in to these lockdowns 1 month 600 infected from the ruby plus few others from royal Caribbean .. 4 ships in total and 5 cruises . the amount of people lost jobs and business I highly doubt they will build anything for cruise ships now , that's if there are any cruise companies still left.. you will see some go broke . they tried to get a bailout from the usa but nope they got jack , they are only helping out any usa citizens staff members. usa ministers are not to happy with them either as they pay no tax there. most people will be broke or have no money to go on cruise shups for a while , at best on start up I reckon you would be lucky to fill 1 ships a week from nsw we are going to lay in the boot into these cruise ships there will be a enquiry into all this , now we have also the support of many thousands and thousands of people from all over nsw , and Australia . our numbers from roughly 100,000 people against will swell to over 1 million or 2 maybe we have a few reporters that will be asking the nsw minister if she will be rewarding the cruise industry a new port in botany after they infected so many in nsw and Australia and refused to leave when asked , yep we are laying the boot in
  13. from that list and the uncertainty with this virus I doubt cruising will be resuming any time soon in any of those places . at best in any of those region, probably 2 yrs to 3yrs . remember 18 months for a proper vaccine . insurance will be a massive prob , maybe few law suits, there is always one lawyer that will probably start a class action … all they had to do was cancel cruising from feb but greed got in the way , so the harm they did to themselves was brought upon by themselves . at least the bay wont be touched now so there is one positive thing about this .. it would be political suicide .. so I think cruising 2-3 yrs min in any region … maybe I might get one of those kiss cruises for the misses cheap now , or might be double ..
  14. we all knew about sars and swine flu and h5n1 the aussie gov knew . we all knew Chinese ccp party has lied many times about different stuff and viruses if the gov knew all that and better than us common people knew they should of closed off all the borders to tourist and cruise ships back in feb they should of put all returning aussie citzens in quarantine camps . treated any loose cases we had floating around in the country and all would of be fine , cruise would of still operated as long as they didn't disembark at other island or countries and people would still all be working , sure the airports and airplane companies would of taken a hit no different to now but we would be safe and our internal economy still thriving to a extent. I applaud Taiwan even tho the ccp party in china tries there best to keep them out of the un and WHO meetings they heard the rumors about the virus thru returning citizens and other countries and acted on it right away . the Chinese test kits are defective and masks they sent are being returned to them they are useless Taiwan is sending material here for us to make some and sending the rest of the world proper ones
  15. do you all honestly think what happen here with the ruby princess and the other 3 ships in nsw letting there infected people of here , is going to go away in the minds of people who may loose loved ones and countless of people who lost there jobs.. these ships are even slapping us in the face by not leaving aussie waters , that's just getting more people upset about these ships. they think the crews are infected and might overwhelm our hospital beds. who will go on a cruise now, and whats to say if they open in 6 months that another case of a infected ship wont happen . people will not take that chance and will probably make the gov not allow them to resume until there is a vaccine or the country is free of the virus . all those other port of calls around the pacific wont let them dock with the same fear so no way in the world will these ships operate hear in oz until a vaccine is found at all. reducing a curve is just so the hospitals can manage the influx of people infected and may need hospital beds or icu , not for you all to get back on a ship .. if you flatten the curve it can always flare up again just takes another cruise ship infected and bam off ya go again with another spike up. be real will you unless its totally eradicated or a vaccine you will never see them operate here again
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