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  1. yes it does also a full kitchen , cook you some real aussie fish not that imported stuff on the cruise ships from asian countries they call fish . its also time the southern bluefin tuna arrive and you might have a chance to lock onto a 1-200 kg tuna . also do home made real meat pies and beer . the boat is up the hawkesbury river atm at empire marina i will be sailing down to sydney this weekend
  2. have you blokes ever considered with the amount of people in nsw who hate the current liberal gov they will be voted out so no cruise terminal will ever happen in botany . you all can dream and thats ok . but the fact is any mention of a cruise terminal will be met with anger from most in nsw and the country. just mentioning the corona virus and they way cruise ships behaved here is enough . the gov here is controlled by the people . we stopped them from bogus marine parks and if they even mention cruise ships we will rise up again just before the virus we had a estimated 30,000 to attend the rally and that rally will happen. there is a planned black lives matter rally on the 5th july they are going to mention yarra bay as well... so you all can dream and babble on as you do . you know and i know that it will never happen now.. royal crapibbean doesnt even have enough money now they have to borrow just to stay affloat . they wont be sailing anytime soon no ships will enter sydney either untill there is a vaccine . you can bet your money on that . but anyway cruising is on the nose now it will take a hell of a long ten yrs before it may reach what it was if it ever does or the companies can last another 18 months and thats just in australia let alone europe or america or asia . these cruise companies need the world free of the virus to survive . they wont be able to stay afloat .. the writting is on the wall , you all may as well start planing ya interstate travel now.. better still i can take ten on my boat with full sleeping arrangements and food for a month i can take you's around our beautiful country we call australia also can take ya for day trips driving around in a few classic cars . aussie and american cars and japanese , german sports cars . no canadian cars tho lol
  3. have any of you even stopped to even consider the damage dredging that whole bay will do to all the fish, seals, dolphins, sea grass, etc etc the area has just come back to life after 10-15 yrs , and thats in yarra bay and mollineaux point , last time they dredged it destroyed the bay, then there is the gas caverns there , also oil pipeline in yarra bay. if it was such a good idea , then why has the port authority redacted all the negatives on the first type survey they did . that seabed toxin has cancer causing chemicals that should not be disturbed , them ships and there thrusters will keep on swirling them up. there will also have to be a massive break wall built to stop those waves from smashing them ships into the wall or dock or breaking loose and getting beached. there has been many times they have had to put container ships to sea from them breaking there mooring ropes and they are sheltered from the break wall . there have been gas leaks from them above ground tanks as well , a dock there would be less than 50 mtrs from those tanks and dangerous to the cruise ship and passengers that area has some of the worst swells in sydney they have reached over that break wall , they have some bad winds there , its a disaster waiting to happen with a cruise ships there . i have been there with swells of ten mtrs high in summer . thats also the last indigenous beach left in sydney still used by them today . why would you want to destroy such a lovely place just for a cruise ship . sydney doesnt need the traffic jams , its already jammed up every day. its easier and cheaper for them to use a existing port like port kembla , or newcastle . or even use eden . have you stopped to think about how much destruction just for your convenience . most cruise ship companies dont want it there its only royal carribean for there massive 360m + ships. what are you going to see at yarra bay , a grave yard , gas storage containers , the port authority even mentioned that if a passenger terminal building cant be built there then they may transport the people to a nearby building for customs .. how about ya stop and think about your country first before the matter of convenience . how about stopping and thinking about what destruction before convenience . how about thinking of the indigenous people and all those who use the bay families , kids , sailors , anglers, kayakers , marine life , before convenience . maybe some of you can chip in and buy the port authority report and read it. thats if you can read past all the redaction the only one thing i agree is the navy dockyards in sydney harbor should be moved and its not needed there they can build other docks away from sydney , im sure they would love to have a brand new state of the art base on the east coast . instead of the lack of space they have now there. australia needs new naval bases . but botany is not the answer to that either
  4. your forgetting the graving dock its the only one left on the east coast
  5. now why would want to see that view coming into sydney as compared to this
  6. use them as artificial reefs , but that wont happen as chinese will buy them up for scrap . how long do ya think royal or carnival will survive . the virus is still around in most countries in the world . and there is no way in the world any gov would risk having cruise ships operate the risk factor is too great . even the people would avoid cruising besides you 100 odd hardcore cruisers . so i bet royal will go bust as will many other cruise companies its just a matter of time . soon i hope . serves them right karma is a good thing, they have destroyed countless reefs around the world and blackmailed many countries with there threats . so now its there turn to cop it.
  7. have friends in china that said they will be buying the ships , to make new great wall of china cars for you all . they are waiting untill next yr to buy up the royal carribean ships to make a new line of 4wd's lol
  8. id rather a ferry than a great big ugly cruise ship blocking the view and killing of all the wildlife in the bay . not to mention a great big ugly break wall . but then again the cruise ships will take at least 5 yrs to recover thats if they recover and dont go bust by then. its ingrained in peoples head of just how bad they acted and spread the virus around the country. they did it to themselves, its political suicide to even mention the word cruise ships in australia lol
  9. if you think thats a nightmare , then try botany to city . you may not even make it and turn back lol.. dont need to post here that much our battle has been won for now thanks to the cruise companies reckless behaviour. plus been busy having a great time driving the ole cars and going fishing . i see the same people here's attitude is still the same.. now even more people are aware of just how nasty some of the ships can be. still doesnt deter my misses she still wants to go on the kiss cruise . hopefully america cleans its act up and start the kiss cruise again doubt it will happen within next 2 odd yrs but hopefully i can supprise my misses and get her some tickets to the kiss cruise. i like you blokes its entertaining reading some of your wishful thinking post about ships returning here in aus lol i give you 1 bit of advice . got out and support your local towns and places we have such a awesome country here .
  10. yeah but once i got the taste of victory im after more .. lets hope royal caribbean hit the wall that will be ultimate victory when they go bust.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/the-coronavirus-pandemic-has-claimed-its-first-cruise-line/ar-BB15PWUQ
  12. no im still here just dont visit the aussie part of this forum.. that terminal will never get built . look at the cruise line companies they are going broke. maybe you blokes on here can chip in and buy a cruise ship they are going for peanuts lol . no love lost if they go broke , no bailouts and now they are selling off there ships. cruising wont happen here for at least another couple yrs .
  13. you should find the best one and bring it back to original . or modernise it with a newer diesel .. them old international trucks look amazing back to original condition.. there is no better feeling than driving a ole car down the road . i love taking my old cars out for a drive.
  14. cruise ships wont be back here for at least a yr plus or until a vaccine is found . there is no way the people of australia or the governments will allow them here after the drama we had with them ..
  15. lmfao your trying hard to get me to bite on your posts , wont happen buddy keep trying only 1 thing I will say if the port botany goes ahead doubt it very much but at least on the bright side for you cruisers is you wont have to be carted to far to get buried , lol graveyard is right in sight so they can just wheel you's over and dump you's in a big hole lol
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