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  1. only you know your health and what trigger's that can cause any harm to yourself .. there will always be another cruise , nobody here can give you 100% assurance there wont be smoke , so put your health first .. your health is more important than any cruise
  2. I don't believe in climate change in the way people use it against all the crap that's going on.. climate has been changing since day 1 .. greenhouse gases should be used as its the rising co2 that is causing the issues around the globe according to scientist .. hut then again some predict we will be entering a mini ice age as well.. .. I just hope it rains in the areas needed .. but who knows if we don't get lots of rain soon Sydney just might be one of a few cities without water .. another case of a myan city no water
  3. what is to blame here for all these condition's that are now happening around the globe in there summer or winter season's .. I have heard stories from global warming to co2 emission green house gasses , pollution, cattle methane , council's governments , etc .. what do people think and think its from .. me I don't believe in climate change as the earth has been changing since day one .. but in saying that I do believe we have accelerated the problem tho ..
  4. one of the fire fighting air tankers has gone down or missing in the south of nsw
  5. like I said anybody with common sense can read that link. majority of people can clearly read royal carribeans intentions to destroy anything to get what they want ... but common sense aint to common here
  6. so you want me to believe that from the cruise industry .. yet you handful , you all choose not to believe the above links I posted from the cruise industry, royal carribean ceo , and this forum. .. reads like double standards to me... few of you called for the facts I put them up in black and white and many more of them that can be checked .. and yet you's choose to ignore them .. just goes to show how you think about your own country . who cares what we destroy so long as its ''convenient for me'' stuff what its going to destroy..
  7. ok you choose to read it that way. even tho many will see who the horse is in the above links talking about moving there fleet and birth space .. but that's ok I knew you blokes would choose to ignore it as per normal.. you depart botany bay at 4 takes you 1/2 to get there sun doesn't go down to 8-830 pm in summer daylight savings .. what are they going to do circle around the heads for 3 hrs then come in for the last hr .. come on get real please
  8. no comparison what so ever , local care about there environment.. royal carribean and cruise ships don't give a stuff they will destroy anything or do anything to get there profits .''greed drives them'' up as seen in the botany bay proposal, cayman islands and many more places and reefs around the world .. so long as they can fill there pockets they don't give a rats about what they destroy to get it.. .... no matter what your looking for you still have no facts for the positives to having it built there, other than ''convenience'' as you mentioned .. im still waiting for your facts..
  9. ok just for you two .. ill repost it as you blokes just choose to make up what you like and don't look over the countless facts about botany bay I posted .. you blokes are just looking for any excuse or reason you can find and no facts about nothing. imstill waiting for the positives why a whole bay need to be destroyed , but there is none , your excuse or reason to have it go ahead is ''just for our convenience'' .. another thing is do you read posts from your own forum as this is from your own forum and not by me... there is the official one as well I will get that as well just for you blokes.. so here you go have a good read of these both .. you will see royal carribean is the only ones really calling for it as it states only 4 of there 44 ships fit under the harbor bridge and that's why they want to destroy botany for there greed.. https://www.traveller.com.au/bound-for-botany-bay-as-the-harbour-overflows-with-cruise-passengers-2bgc3 and here is it from rcl own ceo , there also is a another one published after this as well .. as I said I have posted many facts and you blokes ignore them for your own agenda.. maybe its probably you know its not right to destroy a whole bay for royal carribean , or maybe it helps you blokes sleep at night .. or trying to feel good about cruising altho you know deep down inside its really doing a lot of harm .. next time read your own forum here it is https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/news.cfm?ID=6542
  10. local fisherman don't plunder they have strict limits and net sizes , they have built a sustainable fishing eco system as they understand the need for it... the only ones that plunder are these pathetic trawler factories owned by china and other countries that sit of our coast line plundering .. but don't worry most of the fish you eat are from Asian fish farms from supermarkets .. don't forget to have a good think when your eating on the cruise ship , ask yourself , I wonder what 3 rd world country this food is from lol as they are no different to any supermarket its all about the bottom dollar,
  11. the only ones that want it are about 5 of you's and port authority but this is a cruise forum so no surprise there .. id expect that from here .. and considering I cruise as well maybe not as much or often as some of you garbage can junkies .. at least I try and protect our country rather than see it all destroyed for convenience .. I hope one day the gov comes for something you like just so you can cop the same.. but don't worry if you think people who don't want a cruise terminal to destroy botany bay are a problem .. just wait to the climate activist get a hold of the pollution of these ships .. its just beginning the storm is brewing all over the world we see more people and countries starting to ban and protest about cruise ship's ..
  12. they can speculate what they want .. common sense will tell you they are hiding info as its not in there favour to build it or a good idea either.. so lets just hide it from the public as I said anybody with common sense, but common sense isn't so common … I know deep down in people on here , they know its not right to destroy a whole bay just for royal carribean mega ships.. as its there country as well and there kids call this home.. where do we draw the line against destruction to our country .. gota take a stand sometime to protect the future for the kids , grandkids etc .. we cant just sell it of and keep destroying this beautiful country ..
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