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  1. For years we collected shot glasses from each port or country we visited and ran out of room so we turned to magnets. We now have 3 magnet boards full of magnets and I am mad with Princess that they waited until now to start using medallions. It would be nice to group the magnets around the medallion associated with the voyage they were collected from. Oh well, I guess we'll have to repeat the previous 41 voyages to go with the 4 medallions we already have to make my collection complete and then I can sell the boards for a Gazillion dollars on eBay!!! Yippee!
  2. I would follow the advice above and add another step.............find another TA that knows the process and start looking at the videos that Princess provides.
  3. There are normally more negative reviews than positive because folks like to find fault rather than taking the time to acknowledge what is working well. We have been on multiple Medallion voyages including the first soft roll out on the Regal Princess. In all our 6 voyages with the Medallion we had no issues with it. The apps worked well on all the Mac platforms whether it be a MacBook Air or Pro, iPad or iPhone. It may not be entirely intuitive the first time unless time was spend actually looking at the various tutorials provided by Princess to help lead through the set up. Agreeably, the whole capability of the Medallion is beyond the needs of a lot of passengers which should not provide a negative. For the rest of the folks there is a lot of really neat features, with more to come, that make having the Medallion on the voyage a even greater experience.
  4. That is a great deal. We might take a look at that as well. Usually, we do a Christmas/New Year voyage out of FLL R/T for the weeks.
  5. As a implementer of RFID systems, your explanation is spot on. One of the benefits of this system is it's capability in event of an event at sea when it's necessary to locate every passenger and determine exactly where they are in case there is an evacuation. There is a room on the bridge that contains a complete electronic map of the ship and it's survival crafts. If there was a muster and evacuation, the officers can determine by number and individual where everyone is. I know there are going to be more features to be released in the near future, but for now other than the individual tracking for security reasons, there will be opportunities to make the cruising product better by tracking what part of the product is being used and when and how often.
  6. One of the innovations on the Sky Princess was the use of facial recognition in the photo area. Instead of the cabinets with all the photos taken sorted by event, the new process is uses many laptop computer screens that uses your facial capture and finds all the photos that have you in it. Your photos appear and you chose which ones you want and then chose from among the new printing options or the images stored on a thumb drive for purchase. This new process is amazing. It saves searching through thousands of photos and gives you many creative ways of printing your images. The upside for Princess is that it prevents prints from just walking away without payment, saves waste from photos not purchased even though they were all recycled but at a cost. I hope they will implement this on the fleet if this new system works the way it did when we were on board.
  7. Right, the medallion does have very small magnets to hold it in the various wrist straps and other methods. The paper they put out was to point out that it "could" affect certain devices so they could protect themselves and just the way it is. If you feel that the medallion is a danger, there are options available. I'm happy to see your DH has that implant which has given him a the ability to enjoy hearing.
  8. The Medallion does work just like the previous key card in that it has information stored on it that is the same. They feel that the Medallion somehow is a security risk when in fact it is just the opposite. There is no issues that have been found that the medallion has any medical issues with implants. It's just that some folks that don't take the time to understand something dream up a whole lot of demons to worry about instead of concentrating on why they are on the ship to begin with.
  9. I'm thinking this might be the case and would explain her being out of service during that time.
  10. There is no way to fix the village idiots that don't have any good hygiene habits. You can only do the best possible defensive tactics along with frequent hand washing. Nothing can spoil a voyage faster than contacting norovirus and being quarantined to your cabin for the duration.
  11. I feel the way Princess does their required muster drill is a lot better than in prior years. Checking in with the medallion, using a clear speaking person to do the pre-recorded muster information, not having to lug the life vest and going through the test of putting it on and all this in a brief session. I will never complain about the way Princess does it's drill having gone through a muster drill on one of the older RCL ships this year where we did it out on the promenade deck on the sunny side of the ship on a 90 degree day, standing there for over 45 minutes until everyone showed up. I think that everyone on that side of the ship had to go back to their cabins so they could take another shower! For many, the drill is a pain in the ass until they have to have a muster for real and it's to save their life.
  12. Right. A couple of keystrokes later and you are good to go. Have a great voyage.
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