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  1. I agree. We all know that there are people in Santa Clarita that have much more knowledge regarding cruise line operations that are working around the clock to handle the current issues and also crafting a playbook that would be used in the future based upon both past and current issues. While that is going on we should be concentrating on handling our personal situations and plans on what we can do in the future.
  2. That's the response that we expect to see from a PVP and why we always use our PVP for all our cruise and air planning.
  3. Our answer is that we booked another cruise right away to take place at the end of the year. We have a cruise already booked for late Fall and would book another cruise for this summer if our schedule lets us. This is the time when those shareholders and stakeholders need to stand behind the company and do what we can to keep it #PrincessStrong.
  4. I agree. Doesn't make sense to give away revenue and then end up without a company.
  5. Ours are placed next to the magnets we have collected and placed on our magnetic boards that we have hung in our home office area.
  6. I just read this in Cruise Industry News.... With six ships sailing from South Florida, Princess Cruises has put together a detailed plan for what to do with its ships and crew during its temporary suspension of service, according to crew aboard the ships. The Caribbean Princess, Sky Princess, Regal Princess, Emerald Princess, Crown Princess and Island Princess are in the Caribbean sailing from South Florida, and will spend the immediate future at anchorages in the Bahamas with weekly calls into Princess Cays, the brand's private island. A substitute port could be Port Everglades, according to a company document. Calling it an immediate, low-cost layup proposal, the plan keeps the ships ready to return to service on short notice and defers repositioning decisions, according to a letter sent to crew aboard the ships. The company plans to have the ships stay at Great Isaac Anchorage. Crew disembarkation plans are pending, and the company plans to have each ship call at Princess Cays once a week, where crew will be able to use the island. In its letter sent to crew, the company also notes operations at Princess Cays will include making space for operations from Carnival Cruise Line vessels.
  7. That's correct. That makes at least 3 Princess ships that will be there.
  8. I did a search of Princess ships yesterday to see where they were or headed to. As stated above, the ships at sea are allowed to finish their voyage and might end up docking there after passengers disembark. There are a couple of ships already headed for Freeport probably for a berth or some minor maintenance. One ship is already docked in LA, the Sky is in Port Everglades, etc. #PrincessProud
  9. Correct. The glove is only good for to protect you against those that didn't wash their hands and handled the serving utensils.
  10. Absolutely that is the action to take then that person should be taken to "the plank".
  11. Agree. Keep your hands in your pocket until you see the next sanitizer station.
  12. True enough. My broker agrees with me that this is the time to increase your holding in CCL stock. Always wise to invest in what you use and this stock will continue to be a good long term growth opportunity and still provide a good dividend and SHB. I just purchased another 100 shares because I feel I'm not just a stockholder but a stakeholder with this company. It doesn't buy me any more SHB but it confirms my commitment to CCL.
  13. Finally, a posting that has it correct. If you do the necessary stuff, like washing your hands frequently, your chance of catching this virus is less than being hit by a meteor. The cruise lines and other travel entities are being hurt by the overdone hysteria created in most cases by the media looking for headlines rather than facts.
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