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  1. This is the right response. We have done this a couple of times now and the sensible approach is to pack light layers not heavy coats or sweaters. This way you save on flight baggage weight and have the flexibility of being able to remove or add light layers to adjust for temp changes. A light rain jacket is a must for when we are in England at that time of year. Bruges, Bordeaux, Bilbao, Lisbon and the Azores will be better and the TA portion will be cooler until we get closer to Port Everglades. And, yes we are on the Caribbean Princes voyage and that's how we are packing.
  2. Actually, it should be about investing in what you use. The dividend is OK, and the SB is a non-taxable dividend for using the product.
  3. A lot has been posted as to the effect of the propulsion issue. What we witnessed during a transatlantic was a slight change in the itinerary to adjust for the slower cruising speed. The Azores was eliminated, (although we are going there on the Emerald next month) and replaced with Bermuda which we enjoyed. The next portion of our voyage was in the Caribbean where the higher cruising speed was not as important. The parts and equipment needed to fix the issue are not usually shelf items and it made good sense to keep the ship in operation and do the repair when they can better fit into the master schedule.
  4. I like the idea of taking the mail off the door and putting it on the bed during the room turndown by the steward. Other cruise lines do this as well. It removes from site mail that is personal for that passenger and puts it inside the cabin. We had no problem with this on the Regal recently.
  5. I wonder if Curtis Stone eats the concoctions he is throwing together. I bet it looks like a Robin Williams skit as he is grabbing this and that and making a mess. The original menu wasn't broken and I would have rather taken the money they are paying Stone and the idiot that changed the Elite/Suiteholder Lounge beverage menu and put it toward a little extra for the crew.
  6. We are doing the reverse of that this May, leaving Port Everglades then on to your basic itinerary on the way to Barcelona. Staying on the ship we go on to Rome where we fly back to Miami. The idea of getting in to Barcelona a couple of days before embarkation is solid. So much to see and do. You can't see it all, but it's a good way to get into the voyage by getting the internal clock adjusted. We are taking Spain Day tours for the Spain Ports and basically ship's tours for the rest. While in Casablanca we are doing the Rabat tour rather than Casablanca itself. Having taken a couple of TAs in the past, if you love just being on a ship you'll love the voyage home. Very relaxing and a perfect way to reset your clock.
  7. I agree that it was to overcome the industry problem of folks booking tours for the sake of having them in their pocket, kinda like putting towels on deck chairs, and then canceling them at the deadline which causes problems with tour operators and the ship. Purchasing them in advance commits the passenger to make a decision and then stay with it.
  8. We have been blessed by having a PVP that really cares, is very responsive to the point of being proactive in getting us the best deal available. She has been with Princess for many years has given her the knowledge of where to go immediately to get the right answer to any issue we might have. Granted we might get a better deal working with a TA who would give up part of their commission and put it toward an OBC, but it is more important to us to work directly with the company. It might be at some point in the future that if our PVP ever left her position we would work with the local TA that we have used for the Viking river cruise and our recent Cuba voyage. Then again, if Princess doesn't belly up and improve their loyalty program, we might be taking more voyages on other cruise lines.
  9. Another ad opportunity for travel insurance, a good watch, knowing what time you must be aboard and if your delay was due to a non-ship tour.......book a ship's tour because the ship will wait for them.
  10. We just returned from Cuba and we had Duramis as our guide in Havana. What an excellent job she did! Her English is very good which made the narrative tremendous. She has the ability to tailor the itinerary based upon what you want to see which made the flow a lot better than a canned ship's tour. We walked the old section of Havana a used a 1955 Pontiac for the other sections, parking the car in strategic locations and walking the area of interest. We are very experienced photographers and she enjoys photography as well. This made it perfect for us in that we were taken to the best photo ops and shared some techniques for shooting them. At the end of the day, she gave us the micro SD card that she was using to take photos of us and the sights along the way. I will post process them along with ours and put them in a gallery that she can use for her business. The best part is that she is very affordable and a lot less than the ship's tours. She will accept $US as well. Go to her web site that is posted here and tell her that Greg and Carolyn sent you. http://genuinecuba.info/
  11. My guess now is that we drop off our luggage at 18 and park there at that terminal. When we return to location 29 we take the shuttle to 18, collect the car and drive over to 29 and pick up the gals and the luggage. I can't see walking over to mid-port parking from either 18 or 29.
  12. That's great if they do a shuttle between the two locations. As I mentioned above, I know we are departing from 18 and since the Harmony will be in port when we return, the Majesty will probably dock at 29. Our practice, with Princess, was if we are returning to a different dock we would drop the luggage and then park at the returning location taking their shuttle back to the departure dock. If there is a shuttle with RCL between 18 and 29, then we would park near 29 and take the shuttle back to 18. What would be the closest parking area to 29 or is it mid-port?
  13. Our concern is that the Majesty will be leaving from 18 but returning to either 28 or 29 because Harmony will be in port that day. We like to park our car at the returning ship location after dropping off the luggage at the departing location. With Princess, they have shuttles that go between the ship locations if the ship returns to a different location. Does Royal Caribbean offer a shuttle?
  14. Thanks again for this post. She quoted us both in $CUCs and $US and said she would accept either. My understanding was that we should exchange Euros to CUCs because $US was very difficult for the Cuban people to exchange. How did you pay her? Did you use CUCs all the time you were in Havana?
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