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  1. We sometimes use one that the steward puts under the mattress at the foot end to elevate it, but that's it.
  2. Well, now I got it to work again but now it says it isn't complete because we have to enter a PIN code (which we did before). So, I went to the section to enter the same PIN for both of us, did that, confirmed it and the next screen deals with the medallion and accessories which we can't access if we wanted to because we board in three days which means we try to close the app but it still show we need to put in a PIN code. I am not going to mess with this at this time, we have other things to do in preparation for the flight to London.
  3. Not a clue. We didn't on the other ships either, but it's fun to walk all the passageways and look at the other images that were selected.
  4. The image I am referring to is the photo which we submitted that Princess chose to be in the passageway. Photographers sometimes refer to photos as images We are fortunate to have 3 others on the Royal and Regal Princess.
  5. Correct, it wasn't very good and I'm wondering what they intend to use this footage for. I hope it won't be part of a promo package because it won't bring excitement to this great new ship. Glad we are still excited to be on the Sky for her inaugural voyage from Port Everglades on December 1 and looking for our image that has been selected to be on her.
  6. I've asked this question many times directly with Santa Clarita and haven't gotten the answer to if there is enough bandwidth to add the evening menu to the intranet app. We have the practice of going to the DR sometime during the day and looking on the wall for the evening fare and that's not a big deal. Most times it doesn't matter because we are going there anyway and even if we were to decide ahead of time what we were going to order, our waiter would probably talk us out of it based upon what he has seen.
  7. Has anyone had the experience of their Ocean Ready app crashing after entering in the email address and password. It had been operating just fine for the past couple months and now it crashes on both the iPhone and iPad while it does still work on the MacBook Air.
  8. I noticed that as well. They also didn't factor in that the app with it's daily schedule of events is the most up to date listing while the Patter was created the day before and doesn't account for any changes. Everything you need to know about the ship is at your fingertips on your smart device in addition to being able to send and receive emails wherever you are and contact a fellow traveler. If you are using a tablet device for reading or playing games and have it with you wherever you go, then you have all the Ocean Ready app features with you as well. Don't have to fold up a Patter to take with you.
  9. Always good to see more "dinosaurs" deciding to forego the "bells and whistles" that are available on their phones and other smart devices by leaving them off and in the safe thereby not cluttering up the intranet bandwidth on the ship. This makes it easier for the rest of us that love the features of the intranet apps that provide instant access to the 'Patter", destination information, account information, our reservation information, tours, ship map and venue locations all right at our fingertips at all times anywhere and anytime. We are paying for it so we are going to use it.
  10. You are correct stating the capacity is 3,140 and not the 3,600 the OP stated. Even adding in the 1,100 crew doesn't make that number. Maybe they confused the capacity of the Royal Class ships which are closer to 3,600. I'm glad the OP only had a couple of things to pick on for a reason to not being seen again on the Caribbean Princess. We have at least two voyages booked on her and look forward to it and having one less complainer on board with us.
  11. A thought occurred to me and that is if people don't want the medallion because they fear all the information about themselves is out there now and by going to the cruise card they are now safe. Well if the cruise card has RFID technology built in and the card is produced by Passenger Services, won't the passenger information be imbedded in the card so it can open the door and be used to do purchases on the ship? If that is true, then what's the difference between the medallion and the card other than the range? Just wondering. If you are also wondering, read Rabbit's post above.
  12. I totally agree with you.......what a surprise! It's amazing that the same folks that do connect to all those things you mention in your first paragraph and think nothing of it make a big deal of the workings of the medallion. As a Princess stakeholder and Carnival shareholder, I like seeing them leading the way to, not just monitor passenger activity, but use the information to improve the product. We have enjoyed our previous Ocean Medallion voyage and look forward to the upcoming four voyages and seeing the improvement in the features of the technology.
  13. Yes, and it's terrific. Escargot and the onion soup in the Crown Grill.
  14. I don't know why this issue is different from normal life off the ship. You check the credit card statement when it comes in or, maybe go online to review it there and make corrections. What makes the ship issue a little more of a problem is that you don't get a receipt anymore with the exception of in the boutiques or the "garbage sale" in the MDR at noon. We always check the Ocean Concierge and also print out the portfolio a few times during the voyage just to keep on top of things, because "stuff" happens.
  15. Apparently there is always room for another "No" if you want to build up your post counts.
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