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  1. We're Mediterranean tier too but our surname begins with G. It must be random. Avril
  2. Nope, you're still here Presto, and welcome back. Avril
  3. Every one of those I mentioned was a genuine topic discussed on here, though not all had there own thread. Nightwear is whatever you wear in bed and would or would not like the cabin steward to fold. Although what some people sleep in would be impossible to fold😉 Avril
  4. Zap, shush🤫, don't give anyone ideas. Avril Too late I see😏
  5. We began cruising in 2010, when my husband could no longer fly, and I can say with all honesty that we had an evening turn down service and towel change in every hotel we'd stayed in over the past 25+ years. Maybe things have now changed, but with P&O also doing a turn down service when we began cruising, we will miss them if they stop. It's something we've been used to whilst on holiday. Avril
  6. P.S. Don't try this while still in port🙈 Avril
  7. You aren't Fanged Rose in disguise are you?? Avril
  8. Well isn't this an interesting thread? Do you think it will ever replace the dress code thread, lift etiquette thread, tipping thread, the correct way to hold cutlery thread, cabin stewards folding your nightwear thread, sunbed thread, the mystery of the disappearing face cloth or flannel thread,? and on and on....😉 Which only goes to show, ------ Cruising's back!!!! Avril
  9. I have read that that on certain occasions it's the port authority that has insisted the pax are disembarked and not the onboard medical officer. Wiould that negate that proviso? Avril
  10. I don't disagree wowzz😉, however when/if cruising gets back to 'normal' I am hoping the turn down service resumes, if only to replace the wet towels. Avril
  11. Our boosters are due November 1st, but our surgery has said they aren't doing them, and we have to wait until the vaccination hub contacts us. Avril
  12. So that's the real reason there's no turn down service, they have another job to do instead. 😏 Avril
  13. To be honest, I think most people will miss it, but if this is going to be a permanent change then we have to accept it or move on. Avril
  14. P&O, maybe only on some ships?, don't use the hanging sign now. On Aurora they use a card that goes in the card key slot which I assume alerts the cabin steward to empty cabins? Just musing🤫 Avril
  15. I'm not worried about any of that, but I would like a dry towel to use the following morning. Avril
  16. Aww, why buy a new one?. The one you have is much more fun🙃😁 Sis
  17. Have a good meal tonight bro, and a safe and stress free journey home. Sis
  18. I make my own Christmas cake, pud and mincemeat, courtesy of Delia Smith, so no problem there. I'm not even worried about the 'turkey problem'🙄 If I get one in my Asda pre-order, I get one, if not there's plenty of food in the freezer, we won't starve. However, Asda have their 25% discount on wine again, so I've a dozen bottles coming on Thursday😁 I've just remembered, I also ordered 2 boxes of Asda's extra special biscuits for cheese they tend to run out of them early. They're lovely, our favourite😋 Andy must be busy🤞 Avril
  19. That's just been reported on another thread. There's a suggestion it could be due to the wind strenght. I wonder if someone on Iona at the moment can shed any light on it. Avril
  20. Morning. We seem to have similar tastes kalos, LG tv and Samsung phones. My phone's not quite as new as yours though, Galaxy Note 3, 🤯yes I know, but it's still going strong. I hope I've not just jinxed it🤞 We're lucky, in that we have our own built in IT system at home, it's called a 'Grandson', just a quick shout and everything's sorted.😁 The weather here today is terrible, dark, wet and miserable, dreich I think our Scottish friends would say. I'm cheering myself today up by starting to sort out Christmas, after all it's only 9 weeks away, sorry if I've upset anyone😉. I noticed last year that some lights and decorations needed replacing so I've been trawling through Amazon. On the bright side though, after Christmas comes a New Year and all the hope that brings for a much better 2022. We can only keep positively looking forward, and leave the past where it belongs. Oh dear, I'm at it again 🤐 Enjoy your day everyone and take care Avril
  21. Thank you, I've taken a screen shot. I make a similar topping to pour over ice cream , but with less milk and some chopped nuts. It sets into a lovely gooey crust when it hits the cold ice cream. Avril
  22. There have a few that have been having problems recently bro. Not being able to post,quote or like, but it works on the phone. Most strange🙃 Sis
  23. .....and by the time they answer, the itineraries will have already been released😉 Avril
  24. So pleased I can post on my laptop again, the phone screen was driving me nuts. What is it with this website recently?? Avril
  25. It sounds like you had a great time. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. The incident with the mixer has happened to me too. Everyone went silent and just stared at me waiting to see how I'd react. When the shock wore off I laughed so much I could hardly breathe. Needless to say, I've never been able to live it down. Can I ask, what is a Mars trifle, it sounds lovely and my sweet tooth is twitching😋 Avril
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