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  1. They don't say that after final pay, O may only give you the diff in OBCs and even then you may have to fight for it.
  2. Someone here said a while back that the new 2026 itins may be available in the fall.
  3. I'm surprised the O reps could not provide the most current on board promo.
  4. Yup 30 day prior... They also used to have 30 days after, but NO more. We will be on the Regatta Sept 14, so on Aug 14 I will call my O rep and ask about the " booking on board promo". I am interested in a couple of itins, but yes prices are rising as we speak.
  5. We are on the may 1 to may 22, on the Vista, Mia to London. Booked it when it first came out over 2 years ago. Got prem econ air for 149 from London. All of our early booked cruises are now much more. No sale now can beat the early bookings we took advantage of since prices have risen so sharply. But it is still interesting to check.
  6. Are these the same sailings that are offered in the summer sale?
  7. Thank you. None of our future cruises are part of the summer sale. We already get included gratuities and have a hefty rebate from our agent.
  8. A very underwhelming sale, but not surprising.
  9. Recently I saw some huge price increases on some of our sailings. Glad we booked very far in advance. No sale price can bring it back to what we paid. But always interesting to see a sale. Thank you for posting a heads up.
  10. Thank you for your posts. Looking forward to our 3rd to Alaska, in Sept.
  11. Well I hope in Sept there will be no kids, hope they will all be in school but there are always some. Wish O had the Viking policy of no one under 18.
  12. Really? Just looks like water with some coloring in it...but hey, they keep making it, so somebody might like it.
  13. of course you are correct... but look at it this way, I love caviar, but many dont, I got my fill on the Vista, when you could get all the caviar (black) you could eat in the Terrace....they did that cause we missed 2 ports...a gesture of sorts... so if you hate caviar, why would you eat it, since pizza makes you happy... I hate all lobster, shrimp, etc...and always complain that so many salads and pastas have seafood in them...O does not loose any money on me in that respect, when I see plates piled high with lobster....unless I am eating caviar....lol...
  14. I dont drink wine....to me flavourful food is not sushi , not indian, and not japanese, just give me a nice vegetable soup or a beef with barley soup, none of those cremes, none of those water soups with barely anything floating in it, hey, Henry marmite soup in the dining room comes to mind...what is that and more to the point who would like that....tongue in cheek....
  15. yes I also miss jacques...cant replace the crepes and so much more...
  16. Yes the pizza is very good... But I do get criticized by people who say they don't go on a cruise to eat pizza. To each his own.
  17. Suchi Yes I understand, to each their own, even though I like European food, there is always something I can find, but on Indian night it is a little tougher.
  18. Suchi I agree...and No NO NO to sushi... Nothing new about sushi, have seen it in Terrace every sailing... Now if they began to have Hearty soups, like goulash, beef and barley, cabbage soup, chick noodle with vegetables...ah I can dream... Generally I think they do very little European and much more exotic... That's what more prefer...I am in a very small minority on this one.
  19. Been on Riviera a while ago, so I forgot. Would sail any O ship regardless of pizza ovens. We really enjoy them and all that they offer. This is for the last couple of years since covid. I understand that those sailing prior to that are not as complimentary now. But then I'm sure that few of them are turning to Celebrity and the like.
  20. we will be on the regatta in sept...I think it is amazing as well... but hey vista has the pizza oven...lol... we spent a life time and a fortune on over 50 cruises with Celeb and have nothing to show for it...so no wonder we think all O ships are amazing...
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