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  1. Sadly, I feel that we will all have plenty of time to pontificate about GMB and such like whilst we patiently wait for our refunds, hopefully the refund revolution will be in full swing though...😤 On the topic in question, certainly ok in my view to "no platform" Piers Morgan ... can't abide him... 😒
  2. My personal view is that an attractive cruise proposition will now not be in place until a vaccine is developed, and the high risk segments of the population have been vaccinated. However, I am hopeful that the vaccine itself is not too far away and there are s number of encouraging signs. We are much closer to a proper understanding of the virus than we were back in March, let's see the positive. Geopolitically, world economies will not be able to withstand this level of disruption carrying on in to the new financial year. The other point is that of you look at the length of previous pandemics, they do not always last more than 18 months or so, with exceptions. Therefore, I think that Spring 2021 probably is a possible timeframe in the way that November certainly was not. I do believe that, in time, most of the major players will survive. I also think that the previous logic that the bigger ships will definitely go first probably now no longer applies as the Carribbean Winter season has essentially gone and the Christmas cash cow has been sent to market. That said, this Winter will be awful - accepting the issues around cruises are small fry in the grand scheme of things, I would also say with confidence that the "90 day balance due" problem will be back with us by Christmas. Our next cruise is due Aurora to the Northern Cape in late March. I'd say there's about a 30% chance we will be able to sail. However, close to 100% certainty that P&O and we won't know by Christmas Eve, when the balance is due.
  3. That's good to know, thanks - at least this sounds better planned from P&O than last time 👍
  4. Ah, I see, that's helpful. The issue here is, when you rebooked for the October 2021 cruise, you would normally need to pay between a 5-15% deposit to secure the booking. In normal circumstances, where people don't have FCCs that would be in cash. The key is, did you pay cash to secure the October 21 booking? In a similar vein, I also took a small FCC for a previously cancelled cruise and used it to pay the deposit on another cruise. Although it does not show up (months later), they have not chased me for money to pay the deposit. The P&O booking agent explained that I should not worry because the FCC is considered redeemed at the point that the booking is made - not when the finance team apply its value to the booking. This only needs to be resolved by the time when the full balance becomes due (and I have all the emails just in case!) Unfortunately, my interpretation is that although they have yet to allocate the FCC to your October 2021 booking, it has been redeemed, assuming that you used it, instead of cash, in lieu of the deposit. Once redeemed, it cannot be reversed back in to a cash refund. You are also unable to split a refund amount into part FCC, part cash - it's either one or the other unfortunately. Unfortunately, cabin credits are also lost when cruises are cancelled to best of my knowledge, frustratingly. However, if you have extra cabin credits added, then you can move them by calling them. However, what I would say is that if you want the cash back for your June cruise it might be worth ringing them next week when it calms down. Choose option 1 as if you are booking a new cruise, and explain when prompted that you are unable to fill in the online form. If they have no record of your redeeming the FCC (I.e. they haven't actually processed your email) then you may get the refund processed. Sometimes passengers can benefit from their incompetence. You can then choose to pay cash for the October 21 cruise when the time comes. Alternatively, if the idea of calling them feels like hours better spent doing something else (how I feel), then wait a little while to see if the refund turns up on its own.
  5. Hi Steve, Sorry if I've misunderstood, but I'll try to help👍 You booked the short cruise in December 2020 in cash, paying a deposit only. As this cruise was cancelled by P&O you are entitled to the deposit back, in cash. If you have filled in the online refund request form then you have done the right thing. You also booked the initial cruise in June 2020, which was cancelled by P&O, and you accepted a 125% FCC. However, I'm not sure if you are due back a full balance, or just a deposit - did you pay for the June cruise? You then rebooked a cruise going in October 2021. If you have already accepted and used the FCC against a new booking, then you cannot change your mind and request a refund afterwards. However, if the FCC is unredeemed, then you may apply for a 100% cash refund of the sum that you paid for the June cancelled cruise. This needs to be applied for by 30th November at the latest under the current policy. In terms of the October 2021 cruise, if you have used a FCC to pay and this cruise is also cancelled then you have two options: -- Transfer the 125% FCC balance to another cruise. Note it does not rise again. -- Accept a 100% cash refund of the sum that you originally paid. If you no longer wish to travel in October 2021, then you cannot cancel without losing the FCC, however you may currently transfer the booking to another cruise from the existing brochure, running up to the end of March 2022. I'm not exactly sure how this scenario will work for Summer 2022 bookings. This is provided that you booked the "Select" (i.e. dearer) fare. 😀
  6. I'm sorry to read of your problems, which must be immensely frustrating. Although of course different to the double refund being returned, Carnival UK ought to recognise the excessive stress and inconvenience that they have caused you arising from their poor service - making an appropriate offer of compensation.
  7. My positive is that it is at least three months until I am asked to pay P&O any more money 💰... I see this as a positive, because I can at least spend the money on what I would have paid on having a better Christmas and New Year 😃
  8. The prize is not having to listen to the call centre music 🎶 for 4 hours or more as you try, in vain, to redeem your FCC🤣
  9. I initially considered waiting for the new 2022 brochure for a FCC.... I then watched the video.... Five minutes later I completed the refund form.... So pleased that I didn't pay them when the last Tuesday slot came and went, otherwise I would now be four grand down. Must admit I am so relieved that it has been cancelled so we can now plan more realistic Christmas. Let's see how this new "refund technology" works....
  10. Fair enough...I feel sorry for the camera operator having to listen to him more than once. 🥴 Still doesn't excuse the 90 day payment term.
  11. Good intel...so basically before the ministers visit, and after they had taken balance payments for early Christmas cruises...🤔
  12. Hopefully he'll receive his Golden Raspberry award in the post...a shoe in for the "worst remake, prequel or rip off award..."
  13. Two important points to note amongst the fluff: 30th November 2020 remains the date on the P&O Cruises website for you to request a 100% cash refund if your cruise has been cancelled, either arising from this or a previous pause. The above point not mentioned in the video; this information was correct as of a few minutes ago. In practice, this should mean that you can review the new brochure before choosing, but you will not have too long to decide. All time based guarantees appear to have been withdrawn relating to the timeliness of refunds. In practice, this should probably mean activating a "chargeback" 14 days after the refund request is made, as no clear timeline for a refund is being provided. This has been accepted by my CC company previously, but not all experiences are the same.
  14. Now official...and yes he's got himself another video on Twitter to share with the world...when will they learn...😤
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