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  1. Day 3 in Charlottetown was fantastic. Watched the sail in. Breakfast was in the Great Outdoors and the sun came out. Beautiful day. We got off the ship and strolled around. We waited before we got off because we didn't want to be amongst the crowd running to their tour buses. I could live in Charlottetown. There is a nice harbor walk that we did. We brought some souvenirs. Back on board we sat at the Atrium bar and watched football. See was calm when we got in. Apparently, lots of people were seasick the day before due to the rocking and rolling of the ship. We had a nice walk around the promenade. Dinner at Cagney's was wonderful. The food was delicious. I had the jumbo crab cake, the petit fillet mignon with baked potato and steamed broccoli and the raspberry creme brulet for dessert. We went off to Spinnakers to listen to 80's music and then watched the Eagles beat the Cowboys and remain unbeaten! Overnight, the ship is rocking and rolling again as we head to Sydney.
  2. Lunch at O'Sheehan's was fabulous. Love the food there. Unable to walk the promenade due to high winds. Getting my steps in as I walk up and down the steps. My room steward is Adi and he is wonderful. Rust relaxing for the rest of the day. Tonight is Norwegian's night out. Not sure where dinner will be. So far, this has been a fantastic trip. Tomorrow is Charlottetown.
  3. I will take a picture when I am able with everyone's name on it. I know the cruise director is Ralph Gelena.
  4. Quick update. Seas have been a little rough throughout the night. Last night we watched the Joy and the Seabourne ship sail way. The Pearl followed shortly after. We enjoyed the sail away party at 4. Spent the evening walking around the ship and enjoying the night sea air. Day 2: Sea Day Started with breakfast at the buffet. Had a massage. Seas still choppy and cloudy today. The sun is trying to break through the clouds. Lots to do. Trivia followed by a scavenger hunt and walking the ship. The staff is awesome, so very friendly. Hope to get some pictures up soon. Having trouble with Internet. More later! Having a fantastic time!
  5. Well, embarkation was a breeze. Got to the port, checked our bags, then checked and waited until they called our groups. All that was checked was passport and boarding pass. I will post more tomorrow as I need to upload my pictures. Had lunch at O'Sheehan's. Food was delicious. Rooms were ready a little early, so we were able to dump our stuff. Bags came about 3 or 4. Ship is delayed unto 7 when it will leave port due to port traffic. We are docked with the Norwegian Joy and the Seabourne Quest. Went to the sail away and had fun. Bars are very crowded; I am guessing the ship is near or at capacity. Ent to the buffet because we have to eat every few hours on a cruise ship. Food was good. We toured the spa; I booked a massage for tomorrow. Now just waiting to sail away as I sip on champagne. Sea day tomorrow. I hope to post pictures tomorrow.
  6. Landed safely in Boston. The flight was quick and smooth. Staying at the Hyatt Place Boston/Seaport District. View is fantastic from the window. Watching the different ships go by. The first photos is my drink on the plane.
  7. A little bit more about my trip. My sister and I are in a balcony club suite on deck 11 aft. My sister gets claustrophobic so a balcony it is. We chose not to upgrade because we are happy with what we have. No Haven for us as we are just not interested in it. Our goal is to relax and enjoy ourselves. We will do our best to avoid very crowded areas and take the stairs mostly (I am a diabetic so I try to walk as much as I can). If necessary, we will wear masks as I am considered high risk (I am fully vaccinated and boosted and already had COVID). We may come down with COVID as we will be going through airports and such and if that happens, it is what it is. We are booked for Cagney's and La Cuchina. We plan to try the main dining rooms, the buffet, Lotus Garden, and O'Sheehan's. Will we be able to see the Eagle's game on Sunday or a Phillies game, who knows? I would like to get a massage and perhaps I will set foot in the gym. Since my sister and I are such workaholics, we are going to attempt to be as unstructured as possible. Will it work? Let's hope so. We will be in Boston tomorrow and I will try to get some pictures there. Looks like rain, so we will play it by ear. We may be sailing out on Friday in a thunderstorm! Stay tuned for more!
  8. Cats are safely at the vet for boarding. Right now, I am trying to check in for my flight to Boston tomorrow, however, Delta is very slow. Good thing I took the day off. I cannot believe my trip has finally arrived!
  9. I love doing the goofy stuff. My sister and I already decided we would do the quizzes and trivia if they have them. I would love a scavenger good scavenger hunt.
  10. Yeah! Can't wait. Looks like we will be sailing out in a thunderstorm. I do love watching thunderstorms.
  11. Thank you for the reminder. I am the queen of being back on time! Yes, having followed CC for a while I know that the ship will not wait for us if we are late. We will make sure when all aboard time is and be back well before that time.
  12. So excited to be heading out on my very first cruise with my sister who also has never cruised before. After these past two years which have been very difficult, we are taking our very first vacation together where we actually leave the state and the country! We are both workaholics, so we are going to do our best to relax. I do have to do some work, but have it planned out, so it doesn't take all my time. We will be flying into Boston the night before (Thank you CC for suggesting this. Less stress). We are flying in early enough so we can take in some sights in Boston. Then Friday, we board the ship! Our itinerary: Boston, Sea Day, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Portland, Bar Harbor, then back to Boston. We will then be staying in Boston for the night and flying home the next day. We decided to do shore excursions on our own. We just like to do things at our own pace with no structured tours. Stay tuned as I plan to take lots of pictures and share our adventures.
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