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  1. Is it possible to have the complimentary Prosecco (isn’t that for Diamond status) swapped for the Nicolas Feuillatte? Would there be a full charge for that bottle or maybe just the difference in price between Prosecco & champagne? Of course, with the $100 introduction we’re going to try next cruise…maybe no upcharge!! We enjoy your live-froms!
  2. DW wanted me to interrupt this most wonderful live-from comparison (thank you so much @FamilyAtSea.travel for sharing your observations and experiences), with a photo of a YC Salted Caramel Expresso Martini, her favorite!! Now, please continue with the reports and conversations; thank you for allowing DW to reminisce…
  3. Boo! Oh well, it was worth asking the question; thank you for taking time to let all of us know.
  4. @mnocket I reported that banner in my earlier post. You still could ask your TA about the Senior Club and provide the info (photo) of the details. Who knows…you might get the perks! From my reading on this board (another personal experience) trying to change a booking might result in a total re-fare at the current rate and/or a loss of the perks you received when you initially booked. But, your TA should be able to keep MSC straight on whether to change your booking or not. Let us know!
  5. So I went to the brochure link @FionaMG supplied in the post above. Then scrolled to the bottom of the page to the “Our Fares” which is one of the many options under the “Travel Info” heading. Here is the “Our Fares” link: https://www.msccruises.com/int/cruise-deals/our-fares Not only is there a Senior Club fare listed but among the many fare options, there is an age 18-29 fare called Young & Young! The initial link to the brochure page triggered a banner from MSC saying “we notice you’re from the US; do you want to go to that page?” I did then click the banner to go to US site and the “Our Fares” option is not there nor are the other special rates.
  6. I understand a corkage fee on a bottle I bring aboard and take to MDR, but they also say they (might?!?) charge corkage fee on a bottle I buy through the RC website prior to the cruise? Also, along the same line: I know we each can bring one bottle aboard at embarkation to be consumed in the cabin (or pay corkage if taken to consume somewhere else) but, can I bring on more than one each and just automatically pay corkage on the 3+ bottles? Thank you (and anyone else too!) for help with these questions. BTW: I would think policy applies on all RC ships but if it matters, we’ll be on Harmony.
  7. DW said this lamb was delicious!!
  8. In 1996, DW & I embarked from San Francisco for our honeymoon, to go through the Panama Canal ending in Florida. Not only was the terminal a warehouse, but the buses from the airport actually drove into the building where passengers were lined up to get checked-in for the cruise. There was no separation for vehicles, baggage drop-off, security, or check-in lines (really, really L O N G lines!!) as all were within the same footprint of the building. You just moved from one area to the next, following directions.
  9. Just for grins, I googled this customer service guy. Found same name, working in customer service field…don’t know if same person or not and I only took a very cursory look. But interestingly, the guy I googled, runs a company that uses AI to help other businesses address their customer service issues. Hmmmmm…
  10. I’d keep an eye out, via the other booking number, for possible cancellation of a bungalow; someone may decide they don’t want/need what they reserved. And, if final payment has yet to happen, someone may end up cancelling their cruise and a bungalow.
  11. Click the link provided, then scroll all the way to the bottom to find their info on shuttle to the port.
  12. “Captain Bye-bye’s” real name is Captain Tuvo.
  13. When in a hotel, we count the number of doorways to get to the closest emergency stairs and to the alternate exit. In the event you had to duck low or crawl to get to an exit, the number of steps would not help but you could still feel the doorways. DW and I need to do a better job of finding secondary (the “hidden” stairway exits) when on a cruise ship and knowing how to get there, in addition to the main stairs. Once, on a Princess ship, they had pax using both the main stairwells and the “hidden” ones for muster drill. Unfortunately, only the main stairs & elevators were available after drill.
  14. @Best Cat Mom loving your review—thank you for taking time to share with all of us. We’ll sail Divina this coming December in YC as our 3rd MSC cruise. Our cabin is 2 doors aft from yours, 15026. Anything we need to know about the location (noise, interlopers…anything positive or not-so-positive). We won’t try to change rooms but if there is something to be aware of, this will give us time to moderate our expectations if we need to. Regardless of anything, we plan on having a lovely, relaxing time in YC!! I thank you for your insight. PS: got any photos from the auto garage yet?!?
  15. I’m not absolutely positive regarding this comment but my guess is the “bye-bye” at the end of the announcement is from Captain Tuvo (I think he’s your captain). Captain Tuvo is Italian so if the announcer’s accent is British, then the CD also utilizes Captain Tuvo’s signature sign-off. I agree with your assessment regarding most all CDs: it really doesn’t matter to me who they are and there are very few who I’ve had direct interactions with and/or who are memorable, regardless of the cruise line. Again, thank you for sharing all of the information about your cruise with us!!
  16. Now, if I was in a YC lounge right now, I would order a salted caramel espresso martini to wake up then maybe I wouldn’t make silly mistakes!! And @FamilyAtSea.travel, really enjoying your thread…thank you so very much for taking the time to post!
  17. Thanks for catching this while I had time to fix my mistake! I had just been reading the Celebrity thread then switched to MSC thread…without switching my brain too LOL
  18. What about having the comped specialty dining for lunch so you can continue to enjoy dinner in Yacht Club?
  19. Roscoe, Do you happen to know what time of the day SWA will begin selling these new dates on 3/21? I have done a lot of googling as well as searches on the SWA website to see if anyone has noted the time for past schedule openings, but I haven’t found anything. Thank you!!
  20. Maybe someone in YC would swap their Toblerone for the prosecco!!! We did give ours to a couple we met in YC and they too were super appreciative.
  21. Whenever we finally get to cruise Cunard and a masquerade evening is part of the schedule, I plan on wearing the necktie I bought in Venice that depicts the cityscape…even if it’s not a proper tie for a black tie evening, it sure would seem to be a proper tie for the theme!
  22. I’m Mrs Dock B and I heartily concur!! I’m from Alexandria and only eat gumbo when south of there!
  23. @DaKahuna thank you for the written ship-tour explanation, as our review of the deck plans were not as clear as your description! We’ve been on Seaside and Seashore, but their layout is different enough from Divina that we wanted further input—we really appreciate your help! Now just waiting on the travel agent to return DWs call… Enjoy the rest of your cruise!!
  24. @DaKahuna if you have a moment to offer an opinion, DW and I would really appreciate your insight. We are considering a Divina cruise in YC (this will be our 3rd MSC YC cruise) and would like a cabin as far aft on deck 15 as possible. I realize there are a couple of HC cabins there so we wouldn’t get one of those. My question is: are these YC cabins too close to the public elevators or the pool area where we’d be disturbed by noise? Thank you for your thoughts and for your review.
  25. I don’t think it’s an animal: maybe a 3-leg basket with a rose in the center for Valentines??
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