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  1. I've only done shorter cruises to date and have packed enough so I never needed to use the on-board laundry service. We'll be doing a 12-day with international travel soon and I'd like to pack as light as possible. Which leads to my question. Do you ladies just send your tops, pants, etc for laundering and wash underclothes in the sink or do you send it all in to the laundry? And if you do sent it all, did the undies come back undamaged? 😎
  2. My husband and I are cruising Australia and New Zealand in January on Norwegian. I received a message from NCL about visa requirements that says something that confuses me. Hopefully there are more experienced international travelers who can clarify! The message says "Once you receive the visas via email, please print them or have them saved and available on your phone to present at check in on embarkation day." What confuses me is that these are electronic visas and there is no paper visa "received via email" to print or save on my phone, just a reference number. For Australia, I at least got a confirmation email, but for New Zealand I have to go to the NZETA website, enter in my details and view the confirmation there. Is it just NCL using generic language, or am I missing something important? I've got the reference numbers for both countries and printouts showing the ETAs, but no emailed visas to print out and show! How is that going to work?
  3. Last fall on the Pearl, we were in an aft penthouse and we met the concierge outside the theatre most nights and were escorted to the suite seating area. (I think there is also small a separate Garden Villa section on the opposite side of the theatre, but I may be remembering an older sailing...)
  4. Were you using the standard or the upgraded Wi-Fi on board?
  5. I booked my specialty restaurants yesterday and didn't enter the correct time/venue for one. I don't see a way to make reservation edits on the NCL website. Am I missing it, or will I have to call to make changes?
  6. No, the MDRs are not bad at ALL. Husband and I just happen to enjoy some of the specialty venues.
  7. It looks as though one at a time is the secret. However, I have one meal left from my package and I want to do Moderno another time and it is coming up at full price instead of zero, so I don't know what that's about. I guess I'll wait a while to let things clear out and then try again.
  8. The reservations opened up for specialty dining for my cruise today and I started putting in dates and times I wanted. I chose restaurant, date, and time and put it in the cart, going through the checkout with "$0.00" since I have the dining package. It looks as though the reservation completes but I can't find anywhere to confirm that the reservation is booked. Is the NCL website just faking me out? Am I looking in the wrong place to see a booking listed? Help!
  9. We drank so much of the Bin 90 on our Pearl cruise last year, I'm sad to hear it's off the list! I haven't been able to find it at the store at home where I used to get it either, maybe there have been production issues. I'm buying Stella Mia Moscato do Asti lately.
  10. Thank you. That is the speific information that I have been unable to find. DIY is fine with me. Lines, not so much.
  11. So, reading through this topic, the advice appears to be wait until you're aboard and you've used up your free wi-fi minutes to sign up for a package. I'm on a 12-day Australia/New Zealand cruise with elderly parents at home, so I am considering getting the streaming upgrade so I won't have to worry about getting in touch with them. Here's my question. I hate getting in lines for that sort of thing onboard! We're booked in a category that has concierge/butler service. Is signing me up for the wi-fi package be something the concierge could facilitate? Anyone had experience with that? I'd honestly pay the advance purchase cost to avoid lining up to take care of it once on board!
  12. I've been confused by the limited excursion choices for the Norwegian Jewel in Melbourne on 25 January 2020. Is that Australia Day, or is it the 26th? I'm wondering if the holiday is the reason for so few excursion options, or if NCL is just slow off the mark getting them organized. What do you think?
  13. Hello, what? Is a person able to call and add a promo without losing whatever promos they've got from the original booking? I would love to have double the shorex credit!
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