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  1. The bartender in my house isn't nearly as good as the ones on board ship...
  2. @Muckyduckway Thank you! I actually got a little choked up reading your description of how you felt. I appreciate you sharing.
  3. I have NEVER felt anxious about traveling but I am honestly dreading our flight to the cruise port and the boarding process. It was my choice to book and go, but I didn't expect to have these feelings! There are so many more unknowns, so many more hurdles than back in the pre-covid times. I have no control over most of it, I can't make plans that will assure everything goes smoothly, I just have to be optimistic. Those who have traveled since the restart, did you feel like this? Any reassuring thoughts to share? Thanks!
  4. I saw it when someone posted about it on a Facebook group. It doesn't even come up on United's "ready to fly" checklist so I have no idea if it's even being enforced.
  5. I know that when we sailed on the Star or the Sky (or both?) we really enjoyed the Blue Lagoon. Quick, fast, simple. And I remember having to walk through the Mexican restaurant to get to our aft room, it was kind of a weird feeling to go strolling through the tables.
  6. Do they ask about it on arrival? I didn't get anything to print out so I don't see the point. https://travel.lacity.org/
  7. I did know what she meant based on context. But I would say "electric kettle" to Americans because I know it's not standard equipment for us.
  8. This thread truly shines a light on the some of the differences many of us aren't even aware of in countries other than our own. For example, I nearly died tasting what they serve as ketchup in Australia and NZ. "To-mah-to Sauce." Shudder...
  9. It seems as though lobster has been slowly creeping back onto menus, albeit only with an upcharge and in specialty dining.
  10. I was looking at Prima's cruises and stateroom options last night and after looking at the renderings I am wondering about the aft cabins. I got excited when I saw there is an "aft deluxe owner's suite." We love sailing in the aft cabins and an aft DOS with hot tub (which the stateroom diagram appears to indicate) would be an aspirational/upgrade bidding goal. BUT. That flying saucer on the lower decks looks like it takes away all of the fun of being on the aft by pushing the cabins way back. When you look down from your balcony, your view is going to be of a deck below, not the water. That's a nope for me! So sad. I wonder if NCL is going to discover that passengers aren't going to be as willing to pay a premium for this as they think.
  11. From the look I've had at the new Cagney's menu they have dropped the Beef Shortrib Confit starter (or it wasn't available fleet-wide?). I had it several times on the Jewel in 2020, it came with a red pepper hummus and little flatbread and it was delicious! Seems like the jumbo shrimp cocktail isn't available as widespread either.
  12. Are there two of you on the reservation? Have you repeated all the steps for guest #2?
  13. Jersey Boys disappeared from the 10/24 cruise entertainment listing about two weeks ago. As the first sailing since the shutdown, our roll call is assuming it's the length of time needed for casting/rehearsal of the show.
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