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  1. I've sailed in 10166 on the Pearl twice. I love the aft suites.
  2. Hello All. I made a search of the boards and didn't find much information, so I'm asking here. My husband and I are on an NCL cruise that will cross from Burnie (Tasmania) to the New Zealand Fiordlands the last week of January 2020. My husband asked "what will the conditions be like when we cross?" and I have to admit, I'd never considered that! My search of Cruise Critic yielded one post from a January Viking line crossing that said it was rough and they were very seasick. Anyone know what it's typically like?
  3. Was Blue Lagoon the small restaurant that had a walk-up counter and very limited menu with things like soup, sandwiches and stir fry? You'd order and they'd bring it to your table. I remember it was good and fast.
  4. My DH is a carpenter. He simply cannot work as he could even 5 years ago. One fused wrist and the other nearly as bad makes using tools and lifting materials and cabinets hard while he's doing it, and he suffers for days after if he works more than half a day. He took SS as soon as he was eligible, but the money isn't anything like what his working income could be. He feels guilty for cutting back and pushes himself too hard.
  5. Wow! I don't know if that was the same Concierge named Bruno that we had this September (2018) on the Pearl, because if it was, he has seriously improved his game. Our Bruno was excellent. He was personable , visible and "No problem" was his answer for every request.
  6. OK, my confession. I can turn down desserts and candy and get through the day without unplanned snacking but the Kryptonite items are: 1. Fast food. I love those greasy burgers that aren't even very good (looking at you Quarter Pounder). And they are so fatty and salty and calorie laden that one isn't enough. I seriously have to deny myself even thinking about eating burger chain food. It's the main reason for my gain because I didn't plan work lunches to bring from home, so I'd go get the bad stuff. Every day. 60 pounds later... 2. Cooking at home. There are just my husband and me. I always cook too much. 3. Carbs. I love bread. I don't do a low- or no-carb diet, but I know that I can't eat bread at breakfast or lunch and still lose weight. A serving at dinner is okay but that's all.
  7. Eek! This week has been so screwy with the Tuesday holiday that I forgot it was Thursday today! I am up two pounds from my December 11 weight, which is when my holiday from the scale started. I really thought it would be worse, so I feel okay with the number. So, back to the healthy eating and a resolution to get more exercise. Congratulations to everyone who has made it back to the group and renewed their weight loss journey!
  8. It's only good if it's in my mouth!
  9. I agree Putu is amazing and a sweetheart! He was on the Pearl when we sailed her in 2015.
  10. Hoooo boy! I gave myself permission to eat however and whatever I wanted the last two weeks of the year. And the result was not too bad up through the day after Christmas. But it seemed as though the eating from then until New Year's was a big ole binge. Frankly, I didn't feel that great and I'm ready to stop, so that's good. I've gained 5 pounds since my last weigh in. Hoping it goes fast! I read something yesterday I am encouraged by. "It’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Years, it’s what you eat between New Year’s and Christmas." Michelle
  11. Great job! When you see that first digit change to a "1" it's so rewarding!
  12. Staying the same is definitely a success this time of year, don't be discouraged!
  13. Welcome back, Belle. I am up 1 pound. I'm not surprised or discouraged by the number, I expected worse! I considered not getting on the scale, but sucked up my courage and did it. One more week of temptations, parties and busy life, then time to reset.
  14. I guess I'm first this week, so I'll report in and get the thread started. I'm up a pound. I knew some of my loss last week was coming back since it came from dehydration from a stomach bug. I feel like 1 pound up is a win considering all the eating out I had, plus some stress/emotional eating. And tonight I'm up against a dose of kryptonite! I'm the event organizer for my work and I'm putting on a Christmas party for the company kids and their parents. It's a pizza party and is going to be tough because damn I Iove pizza. And being run off my feet means I'll be inclined to eat without caution. My December goal is to minimize gains and be sure indulgences are for really good food and drink, not junk.
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