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  1. Does that mean pizzas and soft serves are going to be complimentary? This also means the P&O nights will no longer count to Princess. Wonder if the P&O nights will be added to Carnival’s. Maybe not.
  2. My Cruise (Carnival Splendor) on the 24th of June has been updated: Sea Day Sea Day Sea Day Mystery Island Vila Santo Sea Day Sea Day Sea Day One port short (originally 4)
  3. My sailing on June 24 will be the same as the current sailing (with the exception of one more day). I doubt that Carnival would make an overnight decision to return to New Caledonia and the change of ports would have already been discussed with authorities ahead of time. The issue I have with this model is the inability to pre-book tours in new locations and cancel existing ones.
  4. I will be on Splendor on the 24th of June. On that trip we will be going to Noumea twice due to skipping Mare. Been to Noumea maybe 7 times now and not needing to go would be a refreshing change.
  5. Hi, I own Carnival shares via my online broker Selfwealth. Besides the initial trade, I have not received any updates/voting with my name from the custodian. Shareholder Benefit requires evidence within 3 months. May I know from those whom own shares and claim the benefits, how you do it or which broker you use to allow you to receive updated evidence of your ownership? Thanks.
  6. I like playing the roulette but prefer to do it without interaction with the dealer or fellow guest. In my past cruises, I use the ETG on Carnival, Princess and P&O. I am wondering if anyone knows if Quantum of the seas has ETG roulette? Thanks
  7. Depends on what time you want to board. In June, I arrive at 11am for a 12.30pm boarding. At 11.15am, they started calling suite and privilege guests. Then people based on boarding time pretty much in 5mins interval or as much as the queues can take. After the paperwork, a number is written on your boarding paper. Suite and privilege guests will once again be called through customs first, before the numbers. I was on board at 11.45am. This will differ each cruise. If you opt to board later, say 1pm, I have read that there is pretty much no queues.
  8. Its abit dry due to the amount of flour in it. Not the best tasting.
  9. Imagine a skinless prawn sausage diced to a one inch length.
  10. I have, the managers also felt disappointed and commented that I wasn't the first to voice my concerns. I reassured them that the service was still excellent. I have completed the survey and distinguished service vs food vs supply of expected food.
  11. I think that cost for maintaining Specialties would be another topic. But my main objective is to sound out for those looking forward to MDR lobster, paying is the only option. It rubbed me the wrong way as the menus on app stated they were still there on the day itself, only to be proven wrong. The app otherwise have been a useful guide.
  12. The question would be, if Carnival, Royal and others are still doing it, why not Princess? And you maybe right, it is to do with cost cutting. Otherwise, they would at the very least replace it with large prawns or equivalent and not two dices of prawn sausages.
  13. Do note, I have been told the no lobster situation is only for Aus sailing thus far, i.e. the 4 ships here. All other ships are still doing it.
  14. I would say the lobsters from The Catch were great, would be lovely to compare, but alas.
  15. Btw, there is no more lobster on second formal. It is replaced with a very dry mashed prawn dumpling.
  16. Goodbye Hobart. MP leaving. Formal night but no Lobster.... 😞
  17. My kids got their 25 obc and were super excited.
  18. I did P&O and carnival. This is my first on Princess and I know some inclusion have been removed. However, for $20 more pp pn, the quality of cruise is definitely still worth IMO. This holds true to even in my kids opinion. Plus the older crowd have been very sweet to my kids, which is a nice surprise.
  19. Hi, we are on the same sailing. My wife and myself got it after much back and forth, but not the 3rd and 4th guest. I presented the email sent to me by the head office to guest services. It stated $25 OBC is for all guests in my cabin. Still no news. On the side note, see you around.
  20. All good. At bag screening, I informed them where the drinks are. Open and showed them on request: 1 x 750ml Wine 10 x can soft drinks 1 x tetra pack water (just to test the theory of what is allowed) They seemed most interested in ensuring the bottle of wine is indeed wine.
  21. I am going this Sunday. Bringing 20 cans for family of 4. Lets see.
  22. I don't like Royal's booking system where the lowest price is shown at the search but cabins are unavaliable when booking it. Example, lowest interior are shown on search, only to discover only suites are available. I personally feel that Virgin's booking system is the best. It allows you to customize all filters upfront and sorts accurately.
  23. Great idea. I will put in my feedback to translink too, not that I will be using it as Brisbane is my homeport. Appreciate that you are taking action.
  24. If you are on a standard cruise fare, there will be a one off charge and to use on subsequent orders. Will need someone already cruised on a standard fare to confirm if this extends to room location.
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