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  1. If I do not book a port excursion with the cruise line and getting to the port requires a tender, do I pay additionally for it, or is it included on cruises?
  2. Neither Lisbon or NY will be warm in November, a northern crossing I assume. Is there an interior pool area on your ship
  3. I walk around in just a bathrobe. People assume I am wearing my bathing suit underneath.
  4. O wow I had no idea pre existing conditions and being well travelled led to insurance quotes over £1000! That is horrendous
  5. I was flung out of bed in the North sea, fairly wild waters in the winter. Got back in to bed and was rocked gently asleep. I have also sailed the north sea in winter on water like glass. Travel prepared for the worst and enjoy the journey when it turns out perfect.
  6. Nice map, source? I check the fisherman's weather forecast when surfing. Incredibly accurate.
  7. FYI you can book baby equipment in to be checked in baggage for much less than the cost of a suitcase. For them to be accepted onboard in the aircraft cabin, they MUST be regulation approved. Tha is info you must get from the seat manufacturers and cross check it with the airline. Also it is often free to bring car seats and buggies for free in the hold if travelling with children. Contact your travel agent or if you use a decent airline, contact them directly.
  8. Would a Transatlantic cruise departing from Florida have more American passengers than a Transatlantic cruise departing from Europe? Or are the Transatlantic cruises more Euro/American centric depending on the cruise line more than the departing port? More Americans on Royal Carribbean, Norwegian, Carnival? More Europeans on Costa, MSC, AIDA More British on Cunard, P&O
  9. The west coast of Ireland often looks like that. Giant waves crash in to 300 foot cliffs. But the sea a few miles out is relatively calm. Little more than 10 foot rollers.
  10. What did you book in the end? And yes the weather is far better in Spain in September than November.
  11. In Europe you have to travel by train. It is inexpensive, comfortable, direct city to city and frequent. Book early and pay a small additional fee for 1st class. Unlike the us, you can travel between countries at 300kmh When you get to the UK, hire a car. The trains are a joke compared to the continent.
  12. Amsterdam is a big city. Are the tulip fields close? If not there are a million things to see and do in Amsterdam. Also cobh is a 2 hour flight from Amsterdam and you would want to check the frequency of flights. Shannon is hours away from cobh, as is Dublin.
  13. I was yeeted out of a bunk sailing to Rotterdam. Mean winter storms in the North Sea. Best waves I have ever experienced were off the coast of West Ireland, 12 foot double overhead, I was on a surfboard the whole day and ended up 3 miles out to sea before breaking free of a relentless riptide.
  14. Thank you for the replies. But I am literally looking for an Atlantic weather report like you would find for your city or county. They must exist for sailors if nothing else
  15. Sounds very exciting. There are not too many storm videos on YouTube. I am fairly sure the dinghy is sailed further south to avoid open sea storms when possible.
  16. You can often find luggage restrictions on the cruise lines website, easy to find with the search function. The few I looked up said you can bring a much as you can carry. Just tip the porter heavily and you should be fine. Do NOT sail to a different country. Southampton looks close to Spain, but after Brexit UK cargo delivery fees have tripled. Make sure you are sailing to as close to your final destination as possible or you will pay more to get your bags to Spain from the UK than the whole cruise cost. MSC often stop at Spanish ports enroute to Italy. Also check Costa.
  17. There are a number of cruise lines that include tips. MSC as long as you don't book from America. You can actually see the all inclusive price of American Nickle and Dime cruises too if you use a German website, just use Google web browser translate, top three dots on your phone browser. Makes comparison easier.
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