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  1. I wonder how many people got upset because they didn't know that. A direct flight makes a stop, you don't get off the plane and then it goes on. So you really don't want to confuse them.
  2. I'm kinda guessing that the US State Department website will give you that info. IMO it's too important to take action based on strangers.
  3. I love ANY day I learn something new. This wins the prize!!!
  4. That sounds like more than just a "drill." Wow I had no idea.
  5. I'm far from an extremist but this 'situation' disturbs me quite a bit. Both the geography and the bad history between so many of these nations. If the people in charge of cruise companies would at least get their ships and people out of there, it would be one fewer opportunities. IMneverHO of course.
  6. I long ago heard a quote but have never checked. But I think of it when situations like this occur. Managers Hire in their Own Image.
  7. Easy enough to hit them all at the same time. As well as all manner of social media and government bodies.
  8. There's some cliche it seems that I can't remember. But if you say nothing then you're being complicit. Scream bloody murder, contact the media (more), etc.
  9. FWIW I've been using an O "personal consultant" who I believe does a great job. Once we book it he then transfers to a travel agent that seems to be high on the ladder. And for our next cruise - knock wood - is giving us OBC and gratuities.
  10. I'm on a site for people who travel with a company that does escorted tours. That phrase of yours above here is almost on auto-play. Makes me nuts.
  11. I respect you for saying that. Most here aren't.
  12. For me it's not that they did it. It's that they would do. Cheaters cheat. Liars lie.
  13. Nor can I remember a 17 day TA and a 20 B2B Southern Caribbean. I was ready to jump well before the last day.
  14. And I totally agree with you. We've only done handful of cruises over the years, two with O. I will not book another with them...and maybe not with any of the "big boys." Ever. I don't see anyone here, some with 10s of thousands of posts saying that. What's the expression "Fool me oncee...."
  15. It truly makes me cringe to post this table. What is the population of Skagway Alaska 2023? Download Table Data Year Population Growth Rate 2023 1,321 2.09% 2022 1,294 2.13% 2021 1,267 2.18% 2020 1,240 2.39% 10 more rows Skagway County, Alaska Population 2023 worldpopulationreview.com https://worldpopulationreview.com › us-counties › skag.
  16. A quick search showed a major landslide on a major cruise ship pier. That doesn't sound like what we're talking about.
  17. With all respect, what are some that will die...and why?
  18. Right. Sometimes no food, no hotel, no car rental (when applicable, rarely staying more than one night, etc. Those arriving not by ship have gotten turned off by the cruise crowd (not that that's question. It's the #1 reason I wouldn't go back there if I were paid to.
  19. I hope many who are effected will take my advice: don't get angry; get even.
  20. Or perhaps they had NO idea of the 'success' of this offer. And woke up and said, "oh, ***** what the hell have we done?!?
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