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  1. That makes just a world of sense. You buy something to have delivered. When it arrives it's no where close to what you ordered. And not remotely in the price frame.
  2. And thank you. Oceania's side is abhorrent to me. BUT. We went to Turkey and Israel (G1 trips) about ten years ago and they were fantastic. Since then we've said, due to current issues, we would never go back there again. And there are certainly other parts of the world - for instance, a cruise that included two days in St. Petersburg (after Ukraine blew up) which got canceled. We've seen more of this world, I'm guessing, than most people. But we don't need to see all the rest. Anyway, thank you.
  3. FWIW I NEVER want an upgraded anything! Cruise ship, airplane, etc. I just want to make it onto that ship.
  4. Allow me to add. This is ONE cruise and also TWO cruises. It terminates for one group when we return to London. Does that make sense?
  5. I'm on this cruise: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/grand-voyage-cruises/amsterdam-to-stockholm-NAU240704A/?sr=%2Fcruise-finder%23time_frame%3D2024-7%26marketing_region%3Dbalticandscandinavia%26ship%3DNAU%26sort%3Dfeatured%3Adesc%26page%3D1%26pageSize%3D10 I have a "guaranty" for a deluxe ocean view. But the reason I'm posting is practically the entire ship is "waitliste." What does that mean? And my O agent has calmly ensured me that mine will clear. I'm not asking for specific advise but rather showing this as an example. TIA
  6. I looked at CSR but IIRC they only offered something like $750 for medical. I got another plan..
  7. Are you talking "ball gown" formal or maybe just a long black skirt and tunic top with some rhinestones?
  8. LOL! And, hey, I can tell the difference between Coke and Diet Coke 🙂
  9. Have you ever done a blind test to test yourself?!?!? 🙂
  10. We went to Antarctica on a 400 passenger ship. And sailed the Norwegian coast on a 100 pax ship (and it didn't have stabilizers) )
  11. That's my go-to, day in and day out. And they're heavy enough that they don't get stretched out.
  12. Also up to the individual is they are going to dispute credit card charges, file suit, etc. I think this issue if fare from over.
  13. Why not just order gin since that's what you want?
  14. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Gives me a good perspective.
  15. I'm dying to know...are these short or long cruises? Do you go home between them? Not the question but I couldn't be gone that long. I like our home and friends and kids and grands. GREAT restaurants. Anyway thanks 🙂
  16. Quite a few years ago we were returning from somewhere in Europe? and connected through JFK? to SFO. That airplane was going on to Asia, as you say. And was practically empty. My partner got a middle row of five seats 🙂
  17. Oh I didn't elaborate. That 20% isn't going to staff but to "costs" and only some of that is staff.
  18. Some restaurants in some cities have done away with tipping and have added 20% or more service charges.
  19. Oh for heaven's sake it was MY feeble attempt at humor. You know like you choose not to travel from west to east. Enough.
  20. " I choose not to travel from west to east purely because of the safety issues." A feeble attempt at humor.
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