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  1. How so? Color me confused. I was sincerely looking. I personally can't stand jeans in warm weather 🙂
  2. I'm curious where you got this info. We're part of the Levi's family and I've just looked and looked and can't find a single article that compares the weight of Levi's versus non-jean pants. Levi's vary in weight but are lighter than they were 100 years ago. Maybe take two pairs and weigh them? I sure find a difference.
  3. The first one would cost a lot. The rest not nearly as much.
  4. When my spouse was working, they traveled 50% to 75% of the time, domestic and intl, first and second and third world. And never lost a bag. Once that I remember he had one delayed because HE had cut his connection too short. But that was it.
  5. As was I. And I have what used to be called "Bermuda short." Come down to the knee. The others I would call "gym shorts."
  6. I really wish the powers that be would lock this thread and put it at the beginning of the Oceania 'group.' Would save people a lot of time and worry.
  7. We ate most of our non-specialty dinners at Terrace Cafe. So, so good.
  8. THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ And we haven't been on Vista (yet?) but Terrace Cafe has had really, really good food. (Steak, lobster, etc.) so it's not like you're depriving yourself of some really good food. And a very attractive venue.
  9. Absolutely. I've offered and had accepted countless times.
  10. We were within swimming distance to land for several days so here's hoping 🙂
  11. Better than a selfie is to have someone take a few of you.
  12. I was raised in the South. I tell people that we have a thin veneer of civility. But don't scratch too deep.
  13. I'm going to assume that you're talking about staff removing them. But I think I would be inclined to. Just wait maybe 10-15 minutes and very nicely fold the pieces and stack the a couple of feet away. If challenged I'd just say 'oh sorry'. Period.
  14. I really, REALLY hope that OP has long since handled that. Critical.
  15. Oh, I think they'd give it a shot. https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=3905858&page=1
  16. A side note. Pre-covid we did a trip that included Antarctica. We were small enough capacity that we could go ashore (a treaty does that). Before traveling we actually had to get a form signed by our primary care physician saying that it was safe for us to travel there. Imagine doing an at sea rescue down there.
  17. Why do you call each other???? My husband used to travel internationally for business a lot and we would check in with each other maybe every two weeks. Our daughter and her family go "off grid" several times a year and we never talk.
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