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  1. Hi all! Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread & the poem. Nice some of you had losses & Jan's to be determined.πŸ˜‰ I'm up 0.8 lbs mostly chocolate I imagine, maybe pistachios too! I'll be glad when the Easter chocolate is gone from the stores!! This sure is going to be an Easter/Passover to remember! Have a safe one. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  2. Hi all! A little (lot) late but better than not at all.πŸ˜‰ Belle ~ glad to have you back starting the thread & offering words of encouragement. Just wanted to report I lost 0.6 lbs last week, who knows what tomorrow's figure will be. We're pretty much staying home except I go shopping on Wednesdays & pick up any prescriptions. The past 2 days we've gone for walks so that should account for something good tomorrow, I hope! The library is offering gentle stretch via Zoom a couple of times a week so did that yesterday, a nice change from my usual Wii Fit routine. Stay safe friends! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  3. Hi all! Belle ~ my DH & I have been home alone for just over 13 years since I retired so no difference to us. Jan ~ how nice you & your DH playing cribbage. I love cribbage & can't recall DH & I ever playing any game, just the 2 of us. pacruise804 ~ my sister uses zucchini in a loaf & it's really moist & tasty. It has pineapple in it so that helps. Nice you can get together with your group. DD # 2, who is working from home, Zoomed with me the other day for the 1st time. DD#1, who just got laid off from her new job, will Skype with us (if all goes well) tomorrow. Anybody have any cruises cancelled? My next one isn't until September so wonder how that'll turn out. See you tomorrow. I'm out of chips & chocolate so may have a loss??? ~ Jo ~😊
  4. Hi all! Belle ~ so glad you're back & posted. I was really concerned having heard 2 people from the Grand have passed away! Thanks for the detailed explanation. What an experience you had!! Well for some reason, I don't know why, but I'm down 1.2 lbs even though chocolate & chips were involved. Take care & stay safe people. I went to Town for groceries yesterday & it's like a ghost town. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  5. Hi all! Robin ~ thanks for starting the thread. Where can Belle be? I'm getting worried. Good for you losing when you thought you'd gain! I was bad again this past week so am up 0.6 lbs but enjoyed the chocolate eggs & chips that did it. Now I'm almost at the point where I need to lose 25 lbs to be where I want to be. Have a good day & keep safe. What a life changer this virus has turned out to be!! ~ Jo ~ 😊
  6. Hi all! Rose ~ I'd like to hear from Belle too. I wonder where she is. Up here our premier of the province of Ontario has declared a state of emergency. Everything social is cancelled. No movies, library, gym or even some Churches. Ours is only small so we still had a service on Sunday. You pretty much have to stay at home except to grocery shop I guess. What havoc this virus has caused, especially for travel!! Hope all are well. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  7. Hi all! Just watching the finale, very nice but one thing I didn't like was Karlie's dress. Haven't seen the winner yet. Jo
  8. HI all! Diana ~ thanks for starting the thread. Oh sorry to hear you cancelled your cruise but can see why. Such upsetting news all around!! Well I'm being bad & eating whatever I want so have gained 0.2 lbs again! If this continues I'll be 10 pounds heavier in a year!! I got to get my rear in gear! I wonder where Belle is.πŸ˜” Hope others have had better outcomes. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  9. Hi all! Caught your last review & look forward to this one too. Have a great cruise ! ~ Jo ~😊
  10. HI all! Looking forward to tonight's show. I think this one is my fav when they visit the designers at their home/studio. I think the judges picked the right people to go forward, annoying as 2 of them are!! See you sometime after the show. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  11. HI all! pacruise804 ~ thanks for starting the thread. Sorry to hear about your problem. I'm aware of my sinuses as I sit here! You all are doing better than me. Since I came back from my cruise 3 lbs heavier, I've been adding 0.2 lbs per week! Usual chocolate, lunches out & salty snacks are my downfall!! I'm going to have to get serious soon as I hate looking in a mirror!! Ideally I'd like to be 24 lbs lighter at some point. Have a nice weekend & see you next week. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  12. Hi all! Yes, I'm tired of the same designs & her bad attitude. Sure hope she's not in the finals but imagine she will be as the judges seem to like her. We'll know better tomorrow.πŸ˜‰ ~ Jo ~ 😊
  13. Hi all! I just stayed there Feb 4 & 5th & there were no problems with the elevator. There was a brief power outage one day. I really liked the hotel & the little bar area/ pub. The bath tubs on the roof looked neat & there was such a great view from up there. I saw Carnival Breeze & a couple other ships from there. It's so close to lots of sights & right on Fortaleza where the umbrellas used to be, but now there's a giant USA flag like a canopy & the home of the Pina Colada. Go out the front door & turn left to the corner then go right up hill & there'll be a BK, a lovely Church & across the road a very popular bakery where you can get coffee & an original PR pastry, much cheaper than the hotel breakfast. Can you tell I loved my stay in San Juan?!! Down closer to the port there's a childrens' park partially funded by Carnival, I found that to be interesting & good for them. My one regret was not booking a boat trip to the bioluminescent bay but maybe another time.πŸ˜‰ A lady I met on the cruise did it & wore a sunscreen type sweater which she said the blue particles attached themselves too, how neat!! Hope this helps. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  14. Hi all! Belle ~ great of you to start the thread even from sea! I just returned late Sunday night from my Epic cruise & had a great time. I'm up 3 lbs so not too bad for a 10 day cruise with a night in Toronto, 2 in San Juan plus some junk food here that I missed while cruising. melmar02 ~ I get what you're saying about cooking again! I made nice meals for DH as he batched it while I was away but seem to have lost my touch. I'm sure it'll come back with practice! Have a great weekend folks. ~ Jo ~ 😊
  15. Hi all! pirate ~ nice start to your review. I didn't realize you went on Conquest. It's a ship I've been on so recognized that stairway decoration. Hoping to see the sunflower outside the MDR & ballerina in the comedy club too!!πŸ˜‰ That hotel looked lovely! So did the drinks & food! Looking forward to the rest of the story. ~ Jo ~ 😊
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