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  1. Thank you for the info. Friends with us are hoping to get off with us because we are plats.
  2. Quick question. If you pre order umbrellas, do you get prioaty tender with the the platinum's and diamond's. Asking for a friend.
  3. This situation is scary similar to Baltimore but that one happened due to a freak storm pushing a barge into the bridge and more pedestrian traffic was on the bridge when it collapsed. It is also one of the bridges that cruise ships barely scrape under when pulling out of port.
  4. Maybe they should think about sone moving sidewalks on these massive ships.πŸ€ͺπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸ¦―
  5. Can't wait to see all of her new options. PS...that looks pretty yummy.
  6. A big welcome home to the Vista. Back in port all shinny and new. Can not wait to see the first reviews on her.πŸ’
  7. I was on the carnival Magic last year in a cove and had to have a cabin move. All night long it sounded like someone was ramming a tank into the side of the ship. But last year I was also on the Carnival Mardi Gras had a cove and it was wonderful. So really, I guess it depends on what ship you take.
  8. They have broken ground on a new Buc-ee's in Virginia just north of New Kent County off I 64. I have family near there so my need to make more visits to see them. πŸ˜‹
  9. I love my tag holders. Pay once use forever. I'm sad to say that I have seen many a paper tag and even taped over tags that have been stapled laying on the ground in the halls where they are distributing the luggage and then get that little " have you seen this luggage in your cabin " letter. REAL hard to knock these plastic tag holders off of your luggage. And let's face it...the porters do a great job but they don't baby your luggage. πŸ™ lord love themπŸ™
  10. Freind asked me if two platinum people on a 7 day they get 3 bags of laundry each or just 3 bags per cabin. I have only the laundry one time so not much info about that from me.
  11. Loving your review. Going on the Vista after drydocking and can't wait to hit the deck.
  12. Shoot...If we put a hidden camera on our kids and grandkids when they hit their teens they would never make it to 21 without shekels and a ball and chain on them. Heck when i was a teen in the 60s as soon as I got to school, I would flip the waistband of my skirt over so my skirt would be a mini, put on some lipstick and blush that I had hidden in my locker and boom I went from little girl with braids to a groovy chicπŸ’„. We all did it and you know it...The bad part is every generation pushes the level of what they show off and what they could do in public farther and farther. We are only a few generations from pasties and thongs walking in the mall shopping.🀯
  13. I also learned how to properly pic my teeth with a fork.😁
  14. Be careful what you wish for. On a Magic cruise we went on last year we sat at with a woman and her husband, and she really enjoyed her wine. How would I know this?...wellll she stated that " I Love My Wine and I Don't Care Who Knows It " with raised voice for all to hear about 7 times. We are talking about to the point that phones started pointing at our table. Spilled a glass of wine on the table and she shoes came off at one point because her GD feet were killing her. You could see her husband melting into his seat. Not a young filly who can't hold her drink , a woman of ripe age. PS it was formal night. Now I always cross my fingers for a table for two.πŸ˜’
  15. EFFY has some very beautiful designs. Right now, he is selling allot of nautical designs. Compass with lapis and diamond, manta rays, whale tails, star fish and items like that. I worked in the trade from wax to finished project, so I speak with some knowledge about jewelry. They are mass market but still hold their value somewhat well.
  16. I wonder if they will change over to the smart elevator system that they put on the Horizon and the Panorama ?
  17. Warm sun and sand...puppies...yum yum drinks...Jealous. Now where is my freekn ice scraper.
  18. Shoot.. I wish they would hide some emeralds!!! you guys would see me flippin chairs looking for those bad boys.πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘€
  19. Far Out....free towels. Someone could stuff them in their luggage you know who would get charged.
  20. AHHHHH... I'm closing my eyes right now feeling those deck chairs beneath me. Not looking out my window at snow flurries and cold rainπŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ
  21. So yes, I just looked at my cruise contract and ALL passengers are limited to 15 alcoholic drinks per day. I know that they have had many issues with passengers being rowdy and drinking too much but it almost feels like when I was a child, and one sibling broke a vase and all of us were punished for it.
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