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  1. taglovestocruise and BekkaW never thought of that. Didnt know we could leave ship early. I will contact Royal and see what it entails. Thanks for the info.
  2. Here I am totally 🥵 Must have inadvertently added something extra to my morning coffee to think this was possible. Thanks for the input. Guess I will stick with commuting to a Paris or London hotel after leaving the Allure
  3. It seems like a silly question but wondering if anyone has chanced this. I am debarking Allure of the Seas after transatlantic May 8 2022 in Barcelona. I would love to book Voyager of the Seas leaving Copenhagen on same day. Looks like there will be some nonstop flights at 3 hours+ 4:30 departure for Voyager so I would need to be at port by 2:30? This would be a bucket list trip for me and only $1000 for inside cabin. I am 78 and use a mobility walker, travelling solo.
  4. Hello planning 14 transatlantic on Allure of the Seas (triple threat, obese, 78 years old and solo LOL!) Sailing next April from Fort Lauderdale with a mobility walker so lugging a suitcase can be a little bit much in and out of airports and train stations. Wishing to ship my suitcase back home to FL at end of cruise at either Valencia or Barcelona. I would like to continue trip to Paris and London with carryon only. UPS and POST OFFICE sites in both cities. Has anyone ever done this? Had a previous cruiser suggest packing light or purchasing used clothing and leave on
  5. Just to update my Norwegian story. Received full refund from them last week, 30 days from my scheduled flight. I have notified my credit card that they need to return it to sender because already received funds on disputed charge.
  6. Another positive on Norwegian Air. Received refund from them last week 30 days from my scheduled flight. Of course I need to return it to them because I disputed the charge on my credit card and received funds already.
  7. Oh didnt know that it was leased. Do you know if crew move to passenger cabins?
  8. Out of boredom I checked marine traffic and saw that at least 5 ships are anchored at Ocean Cay. They were here in Florida a few weeks ago. Hope their crews left onboard are well and able to enjoy the island, since it is MSC owned. Another question I wonder how long before things get moldy inside or does the crew still need to clean cabins? When we rented a cabin near the ocean for the season it needed to be deep clean before new season began.
  9. These flights fall under EU261 (leaving from France) also DOT (landing USA) Norwegian has said they would refund, but no date or time given. Tap only offered ffc. Chase (my bank) has given me credit while they investigate. I suppose the airlines can protest to VISA but dont know if they will. I disputed immediately when airlines cancelled flights
  10. Hi Both flights were non refundable.
  11. Tap Portugal CDG to MIA May 5th was cancelled by airline but they only offered Furture Flight Norwegian Air Cdg to Mia 4/30 cancelled with offer for cash back.
  12. Hello, just wanted to let you folks know that my bank has given me credit for my disputed cancelled flights. Hated to do it, but $800 in my pocket will help plan a closer to home trip next winter.
  13. skings

    Tap Air

    My tickets were nonrefundable, but Tap cancelled flight. As did Norwegian and MSC. Chase says it will take more than normal time to investigate my dispute. Since I wont be travelling anywhere Tap or Norwegian flies, I will wait and see how this all pans out.
  14. skings

    Tap Air

    Hi Lois, Tap offered m a voucher also, I did not complete the form, have filed a dispute with my bank.
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