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  1. We're on this cruise also and plan on dressing up! We were on a Halloween cruise on the Jade a few years back and like previous posters said, the majority don't dress up, but many do! My husband actually won a prize in the costume contest!
  2. If you go to Bermuda for the 3 days and get a $50 credit per day, can you use the $150 towards 1 excursion or do you need to book 3 different excursions on each day you are in port to get the credit?
  3. We disembarked in Civitavecchia in May and had tickets for the 9:16am express train to Rome. We self-disembarked at 7:30 and walked from the the ship to the train station. Got there by 8am and had plenty of time. If I knew ahead how easy it would be, I would have taken my time and had a nice breakfast before leaving the ship. If you can't carry your own luggage off the ship, they started calling some of the color tags around 7:15. On our cruise, they had the colored disembarked tags out 2 nights before we arrived at Civitavecchia, so if you need a specific time make sure you check near guest services to see if they're out. Instead of walking you can take the shuttle bus as posted above, I would leave the ship by 7:45 to allow enough time to find your luggage, and take the 2 buses to the train station for your 9:16 train.
  4. We always bring a couple extra plastic trash bags (13 gallon size for kitchen garbage). We used that inside the paper bag to send out our laundry. Was able to fit quite a bit.
  5. We disembarked, but our train wasn't until 9am. Not sure what time they started letting people off the ship, we heard the first announcements around 7:15am in our cabin and decided to head out then.
  6. We got off the Jade a couple weeks ago and walked from the ship to the train station. We saw the shuttle buses but they looked like they wouldn't leave until they were mostly filled, and we didn't want to wait. We got off the ship around 7:30am.
  7. Just got back from Rome and also had to pick up our tickets at the office. We had the email showing what time our reservation was for. Plenty of people there directing you on where to go. Go to the line where people have their tickets or emails for a specified time. Guard allows you to get on the line about 15-20 minutes before your stated time. Once we got inside there was the ticket counter with a designated window to pick up tickets that were reserved online. Only about a minute or 2 deviation from those that already had their tickets in hand. This was in May, don't know if lines would be longer in the summer. There was a 3 hour wait for those without tickets!
  8. I see on the official site to purchase tickets that you reserve a day and time for the Colosseum and that the ticket is good for 2 days. Does anyone know if the 2 days are the day of the reservation and the following day, or can it be the day before the reservation. Ideally, we want the visit the Forum and Palatine Hill our first day, and then the Colosseum the following morning. Don't know if the ticket will allow us to do it in this order. I tried emailing for info but haven't heard back yet. Thanks.
  9. I'm hoping we can use the purchased OBC towards the shore excursions that we also booked ahead of time. Like you, don't want to face a big bill at the end of the cruise. I did notice as I was purchasing my OBC they only allow $1000 max per cabin.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm leaning towards the later ticket. Has anyone toured the Vatican museums between 4-6pm? Just wondering what I can expect as far as crowd size goes. This would be on a Monday which I know is a busier weekday.
  11. Does anyone know if I book a ticket for a 9am entry, can I use it at 3:30pm if I decide to go later that day. The reason I'm asking is that we have a 1:45pm Scavi tour and I would like to deal with less crowds either 1st thing in the morning or after the Scavi tour, and would rather decide that day what we feel like doing. Thanks.
  12. Does anyone have the list of wines that we can choose from for our freebie dinner? Or does anyone remember a nice dry red wine that they had gotten from this list. Sailing on the Jade in 2 months! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Euro Cruiser, We booked seats on the Frecce train to Rome for our cruise ending in May. Is there room at the seats for our luggage, we'll probably have 2 large suitcases on wheels and maybe one carry-on. Our reservation also mentions that it includes a drink. Do you have any information on that, do they come around and take orders like on an airplane? We are staying at a guest house at 135 Via del Boschetto. Do you think that is walkable from Termini? Thanks for any info you can give me.
  14. I don't do the UDP but I do like trying the drink of the day. Does NCL still do this, and if they do, how much do they charge for the drink of the day? Thanks.
  15. Hi Lori, I'm looking for something similar for our trip in the Spring. Was wondering which one you decided on and would also love to hear a review once you get back! Thanks, Nancy
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