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  1. Thanks. So, if I didn't need to use the internet every day, I'd be better off using the $16 plan on a piecemeal basis? Are there any per minute plans ?
  2. In Carnival's info on internet pricing, under Value WI-FI Plan, two of the entries are: Onboard: $12.00 USD, per day Onboard 24 hour plan: $16.00 USD What are the differences between these two?
  3. Absolutely it is NOT! Cunard has dining categories, not classes. Where you dine is based on your cabin. The entire ship otherwise is open to all passengers. As time goes on, more and more people who post on these boards have never traveled on ships with classes, nor do they know what the experience is. I traveled on the Italian Line and French Line in the 70s and Cunard in the 80s when the QE2 was still a two-class ship. For example, on the Italian line there were three classes. This meant that there were three of everything, e.g. three dining rooms, three swimming pools, three lounges, three children's playrooms, separate seating in the theatre, etc. There were signs at the entrance to these areas saying "First (or Cabin) Class Passengers Only". All far removed from Cunard nowadays.
  4. I was in 7020 for 3 1/2 months on WC 2016 and had absolutely no noise issues.
  5. I had Coq au Vin as a special order in the QG on the QM2. Coq au Vin.mp4
  6. Just got my OG assigned for the Oct. 25th New Orleans to Miami. Got A B2, 8021.
  7. The Serenity crossing this coming November, Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale, has eliminated single supplenents below penthouse level. https://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/lisbon-to-fort-lauderdale-ocy191112-12#suites-and-fares
  8. This past April, I had booked a C1 guarantee on the Crystal Serenity for the Nov. 12, 2019 crossing from Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale. I would have preferred the cheaper C3, but it wasn't available. The total price for a single was $4915. I always periodically check the Crystal site and upon doing it in June, noticed that the C3 was available. My agent called Crystal and I was able to get the C3 guarantee for $4270. Then, today, while checking again, I noticed that there was no single supplement. I contacted my agent and she got me the C3 guarantee without the single supplement for a total of $3120. So, that's a saving of $1795, just for checking.
  9. I'd bet not. Crystal went to anytime dining on the Symphony last year and will go to it this fall on the Serenity after the dry dock.Some are upset about it and thought Crystal would go to a two-tier system. It's anytime dining only. There's at least one thread on the topic on the Crystal board.
  10. Priscilla is the best caipirinha maker on the high seas!
  11. Are there any lines or ships that routinely set aside areas for nudity? I'm not talking about nudist charters or toplessness for women, but full nudity for both genders in (a) specific area(s) of the ship.
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