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  1. not canceling anything. Until Royal cancels me, I am still going
  2. who says it will get canceled? I will stay optimistic until I get a call saying it is canceled. If that happens, will just take another 125% FCC an apply it to another cruise. Will it get canceled, maybe. But right now I am going to hope we get to go and hold good thoughts until I am notified otherwise.
  3. Right now, you pay no penalties, regardless of refundable or non refundable. But we waited until Royal canceled so we could get the 125% FCC, way better deal for us since we have so many cruises booked. As soon as I get our FCC, I will apply it to one of our current booked cruises.
  4. We are D+, working to Pinnacle. Took the 125% FCC. Totally loyal to Royal.
  5. Just one. Took the FCC for 125% so at least got a little more back.
  6. nope, have lots booked for 2020 and hoping we get to go on every single one of them.
  7. We did that for our 4/12 Freedom. Got 125% FCC for our beverage package.
  8. We rarely go to the DL on the Oasis class since don't like the location. We have the bev pkg anyway, so would much rather go to Schooners on that class of ship.
  9. Just booked Freedom for 5/24 and hoping we get to go!!!
  10. Would be nice, but not expecting it from our 4/12 canceled Freedom. We had a JS booked, so double points would be awesome - haha
  11. my understanding is that if you have more than enough FCC for one cruise you can immediately apply it to another. I plan to apply our FCC to 3 cruises we already have booked.
  12. I just booked 5/24 on Freedom with the hopes we get to go!
  13. We were supposed to be on Freedom 4/12. Totally bummed. At least I have one of our 18 booked cruises to look forward to. We are supposed to go to Punta Cana 5/14 for 10 nights, and SOOOOO hoping that does not get canceled.
  14. right now you can book and not pay a deposit until 5/31 if you go through a travel agent - not sure what the policy is if you book by yourself.
  15. Why be so negative?? The cruises are going to come back. I have 18 booked, just booked 2 more yesterday. Not worried in the least - but I am a positive person and always look at the glass 1/2 full!! Cannot wait to get on another cruise ship and resume our cruising life!!
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