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  1. Had 8, used 2, lost 2 so far and have 4 more this year - 1 in Sept, 2 in Oct and 1 in Dec - so we shall see
  2. Who knows, but I am hoping. Had 2 more cancelled for August, so our next one is Sept 18th. All I can do is hope. So far it makes 6 that have been cancelled with 2 more of them having the $18 bev pkg glitch. So that makes 3 of the packages with the glitch I have lost so far. So we will see what happens, but I will stay hopeful.
  3. My 4/12 cruise on freedom was cancelled and still waiting for taxes/tips to be refunded. When I called, for some reason it was not processed and so now looking at another 45 days before I get the refund.
  4. Totally agree, it would save them money. I tried to do the same thing with no luck - just give me the OBC and not have to worry about refunding any money
  5. No. Cruise Fare FCC's can only be used for the base cruise fare.
  6. Royal should make an agreement with Nassau to cruise from there. I would fly to Nassau to get on a cruise ship right now. Then the CDC and US laws would not matter.
  7. No, FCC can only be used for your base fare of the cruise - no taxes/tips/cruise planner stuff.
  8. Don't think it will come to that, but right now, would agree to just about anything to be back on a cruise. Personally, with all the crap going on in this country right now I feel safer on cruise ship than just about anywhere else.
  9. Will do, from what the guy told us that we are renting from, only a temp check at the airport
  10. to get on the ship, muster, getting off - yes - not to dinner and such
  11. Yeah, they cannot cruise until US ports open up, but we are leaving Wed to fly to PR for 5 night stay. Cannot wait, so sick of not being able to travel anywhere, so totally happy that at least we can fly somewhere.
  12. Same here, our June cruise was cancelled and they told me probably at least 45 days
  13. We will cruise the second they allow us to. So bummed that our August cruises will be cancelled. this is 6 so far. Just want to cruise. Thankfully, other places are opening up so going to PR this week and will do Cancun in August since our cruises will be cancelled.
  14. I am waiting until they officially cancel, then will see what they offer. Will probably do another FCC since I have another 20 cruises booked
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