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  1. nope, have fairly short, straight, fine hair and still hate the dryers in the cabins or hotel rooms
  2. based on our discussions with staff over the years, the answer is yes. I know when we tip at the pool deck to our servers, we totally see them tucking it into their pockets. And when we give it to our cabin person, he does the same. As long as you leave the tips on, or have them charged daily (we do both) then anything we give extra in cash, they keep it.
  3. I drink Miller Lite and with 18% gratuity added (we have the package but once in a while get charged incorrectly) the total was about $9.50. Husband drinks Makers/Ginger Ale and his is around $12.50 or a bit higher. That is why for us, the package totally pays for itself.
  4. Blow Dryers, yes, but they are worthless. I always take my own dryer when I travel anywhere. The ones in the cabin and very small and very little power.
  5. Exactly! That is what we do. When you take them off, you hurt every person behind the scenes that works to make your vacation the best it can be.
  6. I will be on Navigator this weekend and can check and see if they have an inflatable one. We won't get back until the 22nd as we are flying to Punta Cana Monday after the cruise, but I can let you know then if I am able to find one. What is your price limit???
  7. We also know 100% that they do know who prepays or has auto tips charged daily. We have seen the lists and talked to many, many of our cabin people about it. I agree, it probably does not affect your service one way or another, but I would never in a million years remove the pre-paid or daily tips, just would not do it. Worked enough in the hospitality industry to know how it affects everyone involved.
  8. i will agree, I cannot see a small child opening those doors without you waking up. I have a hard time opening the balcony doors. If they do manage, unless you can sleep through a hurricane, you are going to wake up.
  9. Spring break is always high, just like summer as the kids are out of school. But watch for breaks. Our Indy 3 night for end of June as dropped a ton, so price is more reasonable than we got Indy for Feb/Mar 2021
  10. For what we still have for this year and all of next year, looks like other than 2 cruises we will have 2 ships there. Mariner is there a lot with Navigator. We don't care, Empress was there last week and still did not feel crowded at all. Pool was busy, but we sit at the beach. We get out very early so get a great spot on the beach, so we could care less if another ship is there.
  11. My husband was in the hospital and very sick. No way would I leave him to go on a cruise. It would be one thing if it was work, but we would never leave each other if one of us was sick
  12. We do MTD all the time. Rarely do we make reservations. The beauty of MTD is the flexibility to go and eat when we feel like it. Hardly ever do we wait more than 5 minutes for a table, but we are also not picky about have the same wait staff every night. Yes, you can make reservations, but you do not have to. Food is the same at the set dining. My husband thinks it is just fine, we never eat at specialty restaurants. If you want to make reservations, you can do it online, or on the ship. We have been doing MTD since it came out and we absolutely love it. We always get a table for 2 and totally enjoy being alone, no more 3 hour dinners. Works perfect for us.
  13. Hope you have a super fast recovery! I would never travel without insurance. I don't buy it from Royal, we get it from a 3rd party. Never had to use it until this Sept when my husband got sick and we had to cancel our Freedom cruise. Had a check from the insurance company within about 3 weeks. Filled out the claim online, submitted all the documents from the doctors/hospital and the travel docs, and was done. Super easy.
  14. Yup, I never print the Set Sail in Color. Our Status always show up. I do print my luggage tags in color though
  15. exactly. Totally agree with you. My heating pad auto shuts off after a certain time frame
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