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  1. THANK YOU ....I was just about to write a thread with the same message, we have existing threads for virus discussion.
  2. Information in this thread states that one can refare down the road up until the original final payment date. Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't you lose your $200 OBC doing that?
  3. I think that I may have written that poorly. We always purchase Princess, or any other cruise line, insurance for the cancel for any reason option, a must if you have pets. My concern is in purchasing this promotion, when do I pay for that insurance when there is not a second, final payment? Our cruise is May 2021. If I pay in full now to get the 10% off will Princess want my non refundable insurance payment at the same time? I do not want to pay for insurance any sooner than I have to. Correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that once you pay for that insurance, all things being equal, it is nonrefundable. Sounds like I need to call Princess.
  4. Can anyone answer this: When you take advantage of this promotional are you required to purchase Princess insurance at that time as it would be the final payment? For us, that would mean declining the offer.
  5. This did not work for us. We have linked back to back cruises next May. We added the dinner to the final cruise as there was no change in booking price. We were unable to add it to the first cruise unless we paid the current booking price which was $190 more. Needless to say we are disappointed Elite members (29 Princess cruises). PCUR....if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them.
  6. I do not get Elite email either. After reading this thread I went to the Princess website, signed in, and looked at the coastal cruise that I wanted and am currently booked on. All cabin categories say "Pricing Not Available." Interesting as I looked early this morning, knowing of this sale, w/o signing in and before reading this thread. All prices were listed and not discounted from when I booked last month. I wonder what is going on here?
  7. Joepeka....are we on the same cruise? May 1 2021 Emerald from Seattle RT? We are staying on board for the Emerald Alaska cruise after that. I accidently called them June cruises in my last post.
  8. We are also scheduled for an Alaskan cruise in June 2021. Our concern is that we want to be safe on a trip and expect the cruise line to feel the same way. I doubt that we would even get on a ship w/o a vaccination. Our no penalty cancel date is Jan 31 so am keeping my fingers crossed as we are going through "cruise withdrawal."
  9. We are scheduled on a cruise next May. If there is a vaccination prior to that, my DH and I will get it. We will also have a copy of all of our inoculations from our pharmacy to show proof if need be.
  10. I agree....... that balcony is perfect for the canal, you must have reserved that far in advance.
  11. Daniel A....thank you for the photo....that is so sweet. I will send a request to the email you posted. rkacruiser: I have no idea why some suites are getting the chairs and others aren't. It makes me hopeful that with both an email and a letter that our reservation will be tagged for a chair, especially for an orthopedic problem. Mark and I are Elite members of the Captain's Circle having completed 15 cruises....that may help.
  12. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to give me this helpful and hopeful information. I contacted Customer Services by email some time ago but have not heard back. Not surprising with all that is going on with the cruise industry. I also sent a letter to the Passengers Relations office in Santa Clarita this week. When and if I hear anything, I will let you know. We are Elite having completed 23 cruises with Princess……hopefully that will help get a response.
  13. Thank you all for your quick responses which are making me very nervous. Tripkr, we will be on the Coral Princess. We have not been on that ship.
  14. We have booked a Club Class mini suite for an Alaska cruise next year. Because of an arthritic condition I need a sitting chair that has arms like the Princess barrel chairs. Can someone tell me if the mini-suites still have, in addition to a sofa, a chair in the sitting area? I am aware that Princess has removed barrel chairs from standard cabins but I am asking specifically about mini-suites. I contacted Princess by email some time ago but have not heard back which is understandable given current events. Thanks for any info…….
  15. We have been cruising with Princess since 1990. 3 years ago we tried Club Class on the Star Princess and loved it for all the reasons mentioned by others. But one major positive for us was that the tables were placed further apart than in the MDR making it easier to talk. We will be on the Coral in 2021 for our 15th Alaska cruise and have booked a Club Class mini suite, one of only three left for a cruise that is one year away.
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