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  1. Thank you all for the information posted here. Very helpful to those of us with future cruises.
  2. Where do suite passengers have breakfast on Majestic?
  3. What services are available to get to SFO from Pier 27 at disembarkation? Does Princess sell transfers to passengers who do not purchase their flights? We are not big city people and are seniors. We want an easy way to transfer to SFO. We do not use Uber or Lyft. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Great info...thank you. We booked our flights with HAL. We are nervous that the first group does not exit until 8:45 am. Our flight is t 11:15. We are also TSA pre check. Fingers crossed.
  5. Lisa...did you receive a boarding pass from the Port Valet program?
  6. I have that large list from 2019. I have the Navigator downloaded and can view the pdf wine list which is the same one that is on this thread. I have to say that my favorite drinks are wine and sparkling wine. It would be nice to see a current list of mixed drinks that are included with the HIAE.
  7. Thank you Kazu...that is helpful. I wish that HAL would put out a list with wines, mixed drinks including after dinner.
  8. What is the price limit for a glass of wine on the regular, not upgraded, Have it All Event? I can't find that anywhere.
  9. Thank you for responding to my post, I got the job done.
  10. Asking for help....on the website I can select date and time for "complimentary dining" but how do I lock that in? I can't find it anywhere on our booking.
  11. Am I understanding this correctly that when you reserve ahead of time there is a prompt for the size table you want? We would love that.
  12. I am very concerned about the boarding procedures and can't get any information from HAL. We booked our August 15th cruise and our flights thru HAL but made our own hotel and transportaton arrangements. The latest Seattle Express can have us to the dock is 1pm, which may be ahead of our assigned time. My major issue is that I have a bad knee and am limited in how long I can stand and I am getting nervous that there will not be an area with chairs to sit and wait for our assigned check-in time.
  13. I have a question about the Have it All event. Rather then stay on telephone hold for the next two days, can I make a dining and shore excursion reservation on line and have the it applied to the Have It All Event?
  14. Thank you, that worked. We are at Dock E the closest dock to town. It is in front of the library. We have been in that dock before with HAL and it is a wonderful location. We are so pleased! Zelker...your name looks so familiar to me and I am thinking that we have been on a cruise together. DH and I have completed 47 cruises, 15 of those in Alaska. I remember that I talked to a lady at a CC roll call get together who, like us, was a football fan with her favorite team being the Broncos. I also see that you joined CC three days after me. Those were the days of the dial up computer.
  15. Zelker.....thank you so much for taking the time to share this information. Thanks to you I have learned that we will dock at AS (Alaska Steam Ship Dock) in Juneau on Aug 9th. I have looked at numerous sites with maps and can't find that dock. We are hoping that because we will be on a HAL ship that we will be closer to town as that has always been the case for us. Princess and Celebrity get the "mile away from town" docks. Fingers crossed........
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