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  1. That is not my understanding where there is not a life sentence. This is what I found: Many prisoners can get time off—that is, a reduction in sentence—by behaving well. In the federal system, prisoners who, in the judgment of the Bureau of Prisons, have exhibited “exemplary compliance with institutional disciplinary regulations” can get up to 54 days per year off their sentences. Prisoners are eligible if they are serving a prison term of more than one year; those serving life sentences are ineligible.
  2. Thank you all. We were in a Neptune Suite on the Amsterdam under Canaletto and it was completely quiet. On the Maasdam we would prefer Starboard side. Moving under the Lido will also put us under the overhang. We felt sorry for the people on the Amsterdam who had a large part of their view restricted due to the overhang, this was especially true when cruising Tract Arm. I am thinking that our alternative would be to move forward and under either the Beauty Salon or the Massage center.
  3. We are looking at a SA suite on the Maasdam. Would noise from the Lido deck above (pool area and buffet) be problematic?
  4. I wish that the OP would return to this thread and let us know if he, hopefully, had travel insurance to help cover the exorbitant fees.
  5. Sounds like a scam to me. I'd call HAL and notify them or if you booked with a TA let that person/company know.
  6. Barb....we did not receive daily water on the Amsterdam so it is news to me too.....Judith
  7. Chicopaige....I am so happy to hear that you are getting resolution and your bag back to your home address. Losing luggage is one of our biggest fears! One thing that we do when traveling is we put a full size sheet of cardstock that is a color, not white, inside our suitcase on top of all of our visible things. It has our full names, address, and phone numbers for contact purposes.
  8. My husband and I also got off the Amsterdam 7-1 and used PV as we have many times. Our luggage arrived at our home airport w/o a problem as it has many times in the past using this service. I always worry about this and will keep the contacts noted in this thread. Chicopaige...I am so sorry to hear that you are missing a bag and hope that it is recovered soon. Not a good way to end a great cruise. I am pleased to read of the responses that you have received from both HAL & PV. This makes me think that next time we will take a close up photo of the tag on the bag.
  9. Embarkation day lunch in the MDR is a well kept secret. Just got off the Amsterdam and we headed for the MDR after dropping off our luggage on embarkation day. There were very few people there and the lunch was wonderful, the atmosphere very relaxed.
  10. How does one get to the Kodiak Bear Town Market from the ship? Is it walkable to get there or do you need to take the shuttle (school) bus. I tried a search for maps and could find nothing.
  11. Barb....this will be our third time also for this particular cruise. It will be our 14th Alaska cruise and our 44th cruise overall. We will be celebrating our 45th anniversary. In my research I also learned all of the good things that you did about 7027. I will be happy to get in touch with you once I return. We do not purchase internet on board. When are you going? My email address is: markjudith at msn dot com
  12. I would like to get back to wine. My DH and I will be on a cruise a week from tomorrow. We are interested in one of the Sommelier Suite Cellar wine packages. We are three star Mariners and understand that we can get a 25% discount for our Mariner status. Can someone clarify that for me. Thanks....
  13. Hi Barb.......I sent a response to you awhile ago on my cell phone and I am not sure that it got onto this thread, I can't find it. My DH and I are on the next Amsterdam cruise, we are in 7027 also. I did quite a lot of research on cabins on that floor, most were available as we booked early on. There were excellent reviews about 7027 (and 7025) as they are right below the Canalleto restaurant and are reported to be very quiet. They are also conveniently right across from the elevators, the reviews stated that elevator noise was not an issue probably because you need to enter an alcove to get one. I feel that we made an excellent choice and hope that you will feel the same way. You are still close to the Concierge lounge. Hope this helps........Judith
  14. Rich.....your photos are wonderful. We will be in ISP on the cruise after yours. We could not duplicate the quality of your photos. You must have a very nice camera. The posts, photos, and menus are a real gift from you....thank you!
  15. Rich......I look forward to receiving this every evening......
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