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  1. Goodness, I slept in to 8:30 which I haven’t done in a long time. Happy Birthday @durangoscots. Now we are getting a little deep when we start recognizing CC anniversary’s. It’s called ADDICTION! The Gazpacho was fantastic. Sue went on a Downton Abby marathon yesterday so I was also drawn in. Made me miss our butlers on the Onward! The diet continues and the pounds are shedding. Need to get going as I’m slightly behind this morning. It’s laundry day. May all of you have a great week and thanks for all your postings. Bruce
  2. It’s from a Cook’s Illustrated cookbook and as you can see been used quite a bit and adapted for smaller servings at times.
  3. Good morning everyone and Happy Father’s Day to all our dads. It will be a morning of church, then a walk, my first “watched” NASCAR race of the year and for dinner. Drum roll please. Homemade Tomato Gazpacho soup. My request and it works on our Med. Diet. We were in Mumbai awhile back and I was surprised when I realized it was once named Bombay. I had forgotten that. Speaking of church it is time to get ready. Had a nice Face Time with daughter and family yesterday as she has a twelve hour shift at the hospital today. Have a great day and week. Thanks to all who participate and make the Daily possible. Bruce
  4. Longer cruise. There will be exceptions but I wonder what the average would be for the seven day Caribbean or Canada cruises would be. Maybe Himself could give us an idea and whether poor participation could have added to cooperates decision.
  5. Go to Trip Advisor and search top ten things to do in each of your ports of call. Also do the same on You Tube if want to see the options on video.
  6. With church attendance down around the world it makes me wonder how many were actually attending these services. One is told Philippines is over 80% Catholic and likewise stats in Italy but the percentage for those who actually practice and attend is high twenties or low thirties. Attendance throughout Christianity is down. So that is why I wonder how well attended have these onboard masses been? We often attend a non-denominational layman’s service if offered.
  7. Good morning. @Himself Bon Voyage!🛳🍾 Not much to discuss here. We are here getting what’s needed done. Our Med. Diet has been tasty and pounds are coming off. For me having no wine or alcohol since getting back is probably the best diet for loosing weight. My liver is purring! Oh my the Celtics looked bad last night. Are they saving it for the Gardens and fans? We might go to the farmers market to look for some fresh veggies. Another alternative we may go enjoy the neighbors pool which is a benefit for taking care of their cat. It was hard to believe but neither one of us came down with a cold on our world cruise. I did come down with sinusitis but that occurs twice a year no matter what. Cruise video bloggers from Canada who refer to themselves as the Cruising Canucks recently sailed on Volendam on a Canada itinerary and declared it their best cruise ever. It’s on You Tube. Another discovery of the virtues of smaller ship cruising. Time to go feed the neighbors overly spoiled cat. That cat has total control over her human parents. Have a great weekend. Dad’s enjoy your weekend and family. Unfortunately it’s only going to be Face Time for me but the big get together next month on Saint George Island is worth waiting for. Thanks Rich and your faithful editors- Bruce
  8. Our first cruise together was on the MS Volendam in 2007. She’s still looking good. We love the Canadian itineraries especially the repo’s to Florida. Thanks for sharing.
  9. That is how the ground looked when we were there. No snow in town.
  10. After reading all the post so far here is my fairly dull post of the day. I was glad to get some new shoes for the Lexus yesterday and looking at the new threads it was definitely time. Our Mediterranean Diet continues and along with that no alcohol. Our livers need time to heal and that is always one of the main culprits on our weight gains. After morning walk we will tackle unloading one of the luggage forward bags which is harder as there is such a miscellany of different items. On our days of remembering heavenly birthdays we don’t grieve but celebrate the many wonderful memories and joys they left behind. It’s the circle of life and they are missed until we meet again. Terri sounds like you’re going to make it home today. Safe travels. Well, nothing is getting done here so it’s time to get a move on. May all of you Dads have a great Father’s Day weekend. Thanks for the reports and post. Bruce
  11. @ger_77Thanks for advice. They matched “Big Box” price of tires and I liked their 24 month road coverage if tire get’s a nail or damaged. Very nice dealership with cafe with full time attendant and they even have a barber shop. Hope I get out of here before lunch.
  12. Just wanted to say how pleased we were in Barcelona last Sunday using Azamara transfer. Upon disembarkation we located our bags,there were porters available to cart luggage as we proceeded through immigration. Following immigration we dropped two bags to the Forward Luggage folks then proceeded to bus driven to airport and more porters available to assist to check in counter. Super efficient. Those two Luggage Forward bags were delivered to our house yesterday three days later. Luggage Forward is not cheap but we on the World Voyage had a $500.00 each credit as part of our booking. We miss our Onward home and crew.
  13. Up early here in Central Time as I have an early appointment at a local Toyota dealer for our Lexus. Not going to drive two hours to a Lexus dealer for tire rotation and oil change. It’s going to be expensive because I believe it’s time for new tires. So will get a quote and compare. Like I mentioned yesterday our bags forwarded from Barcelona arrived yesterday. So we have more unpacking to look forward to. We were in Zeebrugge last June and I’m always amazed the number of vehicles awaiting delivery at the port. Terri I do hope your connections go through and you have a safe and uncomplicated trip home. Time for some breakfast and to get ready for a thrilling morning at an auto dealer service center. Thanks for the reports and post. Have a Daily of a day! Bruce
  14. All I can say is tonight’s news did not pick a great picture around Miami. Rain for a few more days. Streets flooding, cancelled flights. Hope there is a break and your flight is a go. Safe travels.
  15. We have been there in mid summer and there was really no snow that we had to walk through in Svalbard. In Svalbard as your walking around there were signs to walk no further without an armed escort due to Polar Bears. Now in scenic cruising around the Polar Ice Cap there were many glaciers so I’m not sure if your cruise plans some zodiac visits. Our cruise there was on another line. Enjoy. It was a neat place to visit.
  16. Pretty impressed with luggage forward. Handed over in Barcelona Sunday morning and they were just delivered to our house today Wednesday.👍
  17. We have a long back to back from Miami to Miami on Azamara Journey next January which will take us around South America and will include Antartica, Amazon and a visit to Rio during Carnival. It will be a reunion as several from our World Voyage have booked. October 2025 we are booked on Azamara Quest from Montreal to Barbados which another great itinerary. Our 2026 Seabourne Sojourn 129 day Ring of Fire Voyage we have not planned yet. It’s a unique itinerary that starts in LA and follows volcano alley through Hawaii, Polynesia with some unique stops along the way including Tawain, South Korea, lots of Australia and Japan and then comes across the Bearing Sea to Kodiak and ends in Vancouver. If our health holds up we are awaiting to see the Azamara 2027 World Cruise itinerary. We are so fortunate and Blessed to be able to consider such adventures.
  18. Good morning and it’s really is morning for me. Pretty much back on Central Time. Bags are unpacked. Received notification yesterday that are luggage forward pieces are already in Atlanta so we should be getting them soon. I have been impressed with that service so far. Today is one of my few days that I do not have an appointment for something. Maybe visit our neighbor and jump in their pool. Here in NW Florida we are not being affected by the tropical rain the peninsula is getting. @catmando Happy Birthday to you.🎂 Have been to today’s port of call several times. We are pretty burned out with Caribbean cruising as we have done just about all there is to do. We are from Florida so we have the beaches here. When we go now the ship is the usual destination. Rich appreciate your diligence and dedication in being editor and chief of the Daily. This making my own coffee and breakfast is rather a unique experience. Making my own bed is work! Have a great hump day everyone and here’s to good health. Bruce
  19. It seems strange posting at these early hours versus early afternoon. We got a good start yesterday getting back to a normal routine. Three bags left to unpack and there are two bags on their way from luggage forward. The cruise booking offer included $500.00 luggage credit per person so we definitely took advantage of that. Yesterday I made many appointments and was surprised that I was able to take advantage of a cancellation and get a dental cleaning today at noon. Several will follow. We have started a diet as we both have gained weight but we are not sure how much as our scale gave up life during our absence. Maybe committed suicide versus bearing our weight gain! Headed out for a walk and then back to tackle another suitcase. There is no place like home but sure miss the one at sea.🛳 Have a great day, thanks for the reports and post. Bruce
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