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  1. Just got off the Breeze Saturday. When our steward introduced himself he did not ask what our preference was. We received both morning and evening service every day.
  2. how much effect does a CD have on your cruise fun? Absolutely none, unless she has a loud, screeching annoying voice that makes you want to rip your ears off and throw them in the water.
  3. No matter what happens, in your situation you are looking at saving a minuscule amount even if it IS worth it. If you don't feel well for just one day and aren't drinking, that's shoots the whole deal out the window. My advice is just forget you ever even heard the word "Cheers" and pay as you go.
  4. We understand, you want to get there when you want to get there and walk right onto the ship. This is our world now.
  5. They are your friends and you are going on the cruise with them. Why not just stick with them and disembark together?
  6. Purchasing Cheers is not a right. If Cheers does not work for the occupants of the room, why can't people just leave it at that?
  7. We have a stateroom on deck 7 on the Breeze in January. I went online and saw a room I would rather have on Lido deck, that wasn't available when I booked. I called Carnival to see if I could switch rooms and the guy told me I could, but the occupancy for this new room is 4 and I will probably lose it if a party of 4 wants to book later. What are my chances, really?
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