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  1. It was nice to put a face with you name & Sam’s this morning! We had a great time on the 28 day cruise! Disembarkation this morning was the worst we have encountered. Our group was called about 20 minutes late and it felt like they just said,”Okay! Everyone left on the ship - Go!” Finding luggage was a challenge and having Global Entry didn’t help as they only had one lane open. It was disorganized confusion for taxis vs shuttle lines. From the time we retrieved our bags until we got to the airport was an hour. Not what we have experienced in the past. We were behind about 40-50 people in the taxi line. I kept thinking about all the posts asking “Can I make an early flight?” Today would not have been a good day to try that! Lol! Hope you had a quick, uneventful trip home!
  2. Happy for you! My result from the guy was a shrug of his shoulders. I will definitely relay my feelings on my survey! I thought I was purchasing a superior product and got squat! Luckily, we didn’t take this cruise to surf the internet all day! It’s been a great cruise to ports we have not visited before and the crew has been outstanding!
  3. I agree with my Crown shipmates! We are on for 28 days and I bought the unlimited for the voyage. My husband is making do with his free minutes. I was happy on the first 12-day voyage- fast connections, able to FaceTime, etc. This second portion has been horrible. I give up on loading Facebook, Instagram and more. The Navigators at Ocean Front are unfairly taking the brunt of the complaints but are maintaining a positive attitude. Latest word is that the system will be “upgraded “ and tomorrow it should be lightning fast. Fingers crossed!!
  4. Congratulations on the great upgrade!!! Happy Sailing!
  5. Does anyone know how to add shipmates in ocean compass
  6. Or is it a PICNIC? Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. Sorry, couldn’t resist my Technical Support days response! 😄
  7. Thanks to everyone! Truth be told, my husband wouldn't believe me 🙂 I promise I'm not the "I told you so" type, there will be no celebrating another victory. Who keeps score after 48 years? Lol!
  8. I know I have read about the PVSA but I'm having a Senior Fog Moment! 🙄 Two cruises on the Ruby in May, 2020 Cruise 1 leaves LA and arrives in Vancouver Cruise 2 leaves Vancouver and ends in Seattle I'm thinking we cannot do these 2 cruises back to back. I know there are many PVSA well-versed CC members who can answer this. Thanks!!
  9. Yes, I was asking about the offline Map app. Thanks for your response! It was worth waiting for! LOL!
  10. Nope! That's where I plug in my waffle iron! 😀
  11. Oh no!! My two favorites - the Avocado and Bay Shrimp starter and the Salmon are not on the “new” menu !! 😢 I was so excited for our B2B in September on the Crown - 2 Embarkation lunches!! Maybe they will change back before then! 🤞
  12. I realize this wasn't an upgrade - rather an upsell. Just answering the misinformation regarding the laundry facilities 🙂
  13. Don't panic! There are self service laundry rooms on the Royal Princess. Might be a confusion with Royal Caribbean 🙂 Sorry, I don't remember the hours.
  14. So, it's not just me? I was feeling special! 🙂
  15. Yes, it was disappointing. Our previous Royal experience was totally different. Still a great cruise!
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