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  1. I agree that staying in Quebec extra time is the best solution. If we had not already visited Quebec for several days on a land vacation previously, we would have done so. Quebec City is amazing!
  2. We had an overnight in Quebec several years ago. Originally we had a flight leaving around 1:00 p.m. Then, Delta changed our flight to departure at 6:00 a.m.😮. We ended up having to get off the ship around 4:00 a.m. so much for our “overnight”
  3. Just remember - sugar free does not mean carb free. With my husband’s Type 2, we have learned a lot about carb control from a dietician who has Diabetes herself. I agree that portion control is important whether sugar free or not! I am glad you are taking the pre-diabetic diagnosis seriously. Good luck!
  4. Another vote for water shoes! Very rocky beach!
  5. I second Astro Flyer!! Nice to see you back on the board, Dave!
  6. Fabulous pictures!! We also like to take pictures of license plates 😄 Enjoying your thread immensely!!
  7. Yes! That was the one! We had a great cruise! Hope you did also!
  8. We did a B2B in Southampton in September and did not have to leave the ship or go through any process. I asked at Passenger Services desk at least three times to be sure! Lol!
  9. The Crown does have deck chairs on the Promenade. It does not have deck loungers. I loved those on the Island but that ship has a wider Promenade.
  10. That would have been a tragedy for me! 😱 Breakfast at Sabatini’s is not to be missed! Thank goodness you caught it in time!
  11. Alas, no. But I’m sure there are many in our future!
  12. Agree! He didn’t bring home any of those! 😄
  13. 🤣 He would have, but we gave our granddaughter all 60 from our last cruise! Lol!
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