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  1. That is the same thing I was told 1/2 hour before closing. And then nothing for 3 1/2 hours.
  2. azbirdmom, You must have realized that we have the same TA. Great idea for a gift certificate at her favorite spot. You really are on top of things to have saved that!!! I remember her talking about getting the ornaments and have seen some beautiful flowers that she has received. Thanks so much!!!
  3. I agree that our Ta's are working their tails off with hardly any compensation anymore. I am trying to figure out what I can do for mine. Wanted to send her some type of gift card but been so busy that I have not had time to figure what kind to give her. Years ago, I sent a different one a really nice bottle of wine on a cruise she was taking but I want to do more this time.
  4. My TA does that too. When I was dealing with the change of ships for Alaska last week, the rep told me the let so many people go last year and now they are having issues finding people. So, you are correct about being under-staffed and of course Monday is the worst day to call but I wanted to get it settled. That seems to be happening all over. Many restaurants around me are closing several days a week and are shortening their hours.
  5. UPDATE: I talked to my TA this am and she said she would call Princess for me. She said I was within the window to cancel the flights and would take care of it. As we talked, I went over all the negatives I felt about these two cruises. And then I did the math on what this cruise was costing per day. I almost fell off my chair. I booked this after 6 other cruises were canceled for November over the last year. I just wanted to cruise! We always book suites and I never really thought that much about the cost. I could be staying in a great suite at the Four Seasons for a month and have some leftover for what I am paying per day in our suite for the 20 days. So, she asked if I just wanted to cancel both cruises and I said YES. She was on hold all day and finally was able to talk to someone after dinner. Still very unhappy with Princess regarding their customer service. Thanks for all the suggestions and help you all gave me.
  6. Hi Susan, I am thinking of just canceling both of these cruises and also my two SA ones in March. I talked to Nancy before I called and she is going to call them. She said no need for me to call them if she cancels for me. I really am not very thrilled about the Caribbean since we have been there so many times and do not plan to do any excursions unless I find something really unusual. Not too exciting about wearing a mask all over the ship. We enjoy our balcony so much but we might get tired of it after three weeks of nothing else to do. Then we have to get off the ship to be tested between sailings. I thought we could go visit some friends that live down there on turn around day but with six ships in port, that is going to be a zoo. AND I just did the math on how much the suites are costing me. More than we paid for the Grand suite for the month in Tahiti.
  7. I called again to day but of the people that I needed to speak to are not there on Sundays.
  8. I may be wrong. Princess lists sales open 8 - 5 on Sundays but general support is not open and I think that is who I would need to talk with.
  9. As of a couple weeks ago, Princess is no longer open on Sundays. That is one reason I took all the screen shots - to prove I called yesterday and was on hold for hours. They also close at 5pm now, it use to be 7pm. They let a lot of their staff go months ago and that is one reason the holds times are so long. My TA does not deal with air. But as I said, she said she will call for me on Monday.
  10. Then I am out $1800 for our 2 first class tickets
  11. Thanks but I am not on the Sky. I also did try to cancel it and a popup screen came up saying I would have to pay the penalty. They also are charging me the fee for just changing the flight time. As I have said, my cruise personalizer said I was 46 days out so I was within the timeframe, and my TA agreed that I should be able to do it. I did screen shots showing the 46 days out. cjpj, I was very nice and I have used your technique to warm them up many times.
  12. My mistake, the cruise is Nov. 10th. My personalizer says 46 day to go. But all of their info says you can change up to 45 days so, even if today was 45 days, that is within the timeframe. The 45 days is prior to the cruise departure.
  13. November 9th. 46 days from today so I should have been able to make changes today. Or that is what they advertise. I searched and there is nothing mentioned that there is a penalty between final payment and 45 days.
  14. I put my phone in my jacket beast pocket when we went out to dinner. It was still on hold after 3 1/2 hours. I would pull it out once in a while after that and then they were gone. So, not sure if it got disconnected when everyone went home. We'll see if everything I spoke to the first rep about is noted They are closed now on Sundays so we will see what Monday brings. My TA said she would call Monday for me but she is still dealing with canceled cruises so I can handle it. Thanks for all your concern.
  15. Wow - terrific price. Flying internationally right now seems really cheap. STill on hold. 2 1/2 hours. I have been taking pictures of my phone every half hour. They aren't open tomorrow and I imagine on Monday, they will say - it is too late so not sure if photos proving I contacted them will help or not.
  16. Yes, I agree. I have not done a domestic cruise in many years - this is a Caribbean one so no international travel. We fly first class so I love using EZAIR. MY TA does not do any air for her clients - no problem for me - I like to have control. Here is what is happening. I talked to my TA and she said cancel today since tomorrow is 45 days out and there should be no penalty. Well - I tried to cancel and a message came up saying I would be charged a $653.40 penalty. I called princess and luckily got on right away. The guy said he would discuss it with EZAIR. He came back after 10 minutes saying I needed to talk to customer relations and there would be a 20 minute hold. So, I am on hold. While I was waiting I tried changing the date and changing from first class to economy (really dumb of me to book first for 2 - 2 hour flights early in the morning - too early to take advantage of free drinks). Guess what - I would still need to pay an extra $95 because they will charge me the $635.40 penalty!!!!! And their econo seats are much more than directly with Delta. There is no where I can find that says they charge a penalty before the 45 change date. With everything Princess has put me through this past year on changing ships, etc. , maybe it is time to look at Regent or Silver Seas. I am not happy!!!!!
  17. I don't think there is a specific number. I have asked several times. What makes me mad is that the regular reps think they can deal with our flight questions and usually after 20 minutes they will transfer me. I have asked them to do it right away but they won't.
  18. Thanks cjpj. Will give them a call this afternoon.
  19. I did a booking through Delta's site and the new price is only $100 more than my original fare. The difference in price for Princess is $294. plus the fee.
  20. I am within the time I am suppose to be able to make changes without a fee. When I originally made the reservation, I thought we would want to stay a couple days after the cruise but now we would prefer to come home right away. Heck, for $947, I can probably book 2 nights at 5 star hotel. Delta has made three different time changes to our flights since I booked and I called them a week ago to change the flights - they have that no fee change. But they told me I have to make any changes with Princess.
  21. Change fees: $653.40 Total Balance Due Now:$947.54 USD
  22. I have flexible air. I thought you could make changes up to 45 days out.
  23. I also was able to check flights. They are better connections but a lot more money.
  24. I agree that other than afternoon tea at the palace or whatever it is called and Butchart gardens, we could not find much to do the three days we were there after a cruise.
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