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  1. Thanks. Waiting to do check in and print documents but maybe that is the way to find out. Cruise is October 27th from Rome.
  2. Website is working for me now too. Just wish it showed our stateroom assignment. ☹️
  3. Is anyone else having problems this afternoon? Website was fine earlier today but now I can’t log in to see my account.
  4. We did a family cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas in March, 2018. We had only cruised with HAL to that point. Ou daughter and grandsons had an inside, we had an outside and our son, DIL and granddaughters had a family outside. The family ov was nice with a large window and window seat. The crew was wonderful with the best CD we have ever had. It was a good choice for our family but we won’t cruise with RCCL again. There were none of the nice touches we enjoy on HAL. Apparently bathrobes and pillow chocolates are only in higher level cabins. There were too few public bathrooms with none around the upper level dining room. Only paper towels in those bathrooms. Constant messages about leaving the buffet area as quickly as possible even though there were lots of empty tables. I had no idea that all ships don’t have a retractable roof over their main pool! The food on our 7 day cruise was very repetitive. I realize that none of these issues are earth shattering and may make very little difference to others. There are so many wonderful cruising options. We have found our fit on HAL.
  5. http://dlvr.it/R60glR Hope I’ve copied the link to Cuba article correctly. It was reported by Toronto’s Globe and Mail
  6. Just read that Trump administration is canceling “People to People” program and imposing new restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba including corporations and “boats”. Does that mean cruise ships?
  7. Thank you for your descriptions and wonderful pictures. This cruise has now moved to the top of my wish list. 🙂
  8. We did a family cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas last March. We have only cruised HAL and have no interest in changing that. That said, it was a great cruise for our family. The cruise director, Elvis, was amazing and the crew was wonderful. It worked out perfectly. However, the food was ok but repetitive. There were not enough public bathrooms. We had dinner on the upper level of the MDR but had to go down one deck for a washroom. Having only cruised HAL, I assumed all lido decks had retractable roofs, not! We don’t live where cruises are easily accessible and we have to plan our vacations. We are happy that we have found something that suits us.
  9. On our recent Koningsdam cruise the wine package charge took quite a while to be posted to our account. However when it finally appeared it also showed the 50% discount. No problems.
  10. We are Canadian so of course we’ll be polite.🙄👍
  11. We leave on Sunday on our first cruise as 4* Mariners. We will definitely report back about wine package discounts. To say we will be disappointed if the discount no longer applies doesn’t come close to describing how we’ll feel.☹️
  12. Abra, thanks for posting pictures of your beautiful stateroom. You will be spoiled for anything else now.:) I enjoy exploring new ports but I love being on a ship so I suppose that makes me a sea days person. Ran leans more towards a ports person. Enjoy! Deen
  13. Abra, A Neptune suite, wow! We have been enjoying your posts on french letters and look forward to following along on your cruise. Sounds like things are going very well.:) Deen
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