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  1. As someone new to Regent I would like to hear the experience of other in booking "free excursions " especially when you book the cruise 2 or 3 months before the sail date. I see that there is a pecking order for booking and its a free for all say 180 days before the cruise. Many thanks
  2. On all the big cruise lines the default passenger is now "Free Drinks inside Cabin " Get up at mid day and drink till midnight. Its has been a race to the bottom for the last 10 years. I am surprise that Britannia is not dispensing "Lip Filler " in the Spa !! Looking at the previous post the seven day holiday is the default for our North American friends who tend to take less holidays than those of us in Europe. This is possibly linked to our generous social security benefits. In the USA you seem to be able to fall a long way very quickly unless you are firing on all cylinders.
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