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  1. I visited both Taronga Zoo in Sydney and Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide last year. Both were fantastic!! I did a ship's tour for the Taronga Zoo, as the transportation issue was handled and I didn't have to worry. I loved the zoo. But, hands down, my favorite of the two would be Cleland in Adelaide. The drive there and back is beautiful as well. Our guide pointed out landmarks and provided information about the Adelaide area, etc. At Cleland, we got to walk amongst the kangaroos and other animals, there's a great section with the Tasmanian Devils, as well as dingos. Lots of different animals, including koalas, and tons of birds. We did an excursion using a private tour company, not the ship, and it saved us a good amount of money. We used the company called Puresa.com. Excellent company, excellent vehicle, excellent guide. Picked us up at the ship, dropped us back there at the end of the day. At the actual park, we were on our own for several hours. Plenty of time.
  2. We’re out on a whale watching tour this afternoon. Just saw several whales out in the fjord and their tail flukes as they dove down. Also puffins out here! Cold but a great trip.
  3. Buy another one or two Tomahawk steaks - so your dining staff can get time off!!
  4. We've had a very active roll call for this cruise and I think there are over 130 of us scheduled for our CC meet and greet.
  5. I, too, will be on this cruise. I'm 2 trips behind in posting on my own blog, so not sure if I will get the chance to post "as I go" for this one. I'm also not planning on buying the internet on the ship, so that means less wifi time available. I did 1/2 VOV in 2014, love Iceland, and so am very excited to be going back and this time doing the full VOV. We have new Iceland ports this time as well as a new Greenland stop.
  6. I just got off the Maasdam 3 week Alaska cruise on July 9 and the gym on the ship opened every day at 6:00 AM.
  7. Once you have cruised over 50 days in one sailing, you will think nothing of sailing more days. My first long one was 35 days and it was a test to see if I could handle the 111 day world cruise I had booked the following year. At the 35 day mark, I did NOT want to leave the ship! So I knew I could handle longer cruises. On my first WC, I got to about day 90 and all of a sudden had horrible homesickness. I cried every morning for about a week, and then I was over it. I was only homesick for my two little granddaughters, however. I didn't miss being away from home, just their little smiling faces. What helped was facetiming with them. Now I do that regularly when I'm away. As for eating/food/drink -- you have to discipline yourself just like at home. This last cruise of 80 days, I picked up about 5 pounds. It disappeared pretty quickly once I got home. I think it was the desserts that I couldn't always say no to......
  8. I've often stayed in Aft cabins above the MDR. Never a problem at all. I've even stayed above/below the casino and have never had any noise problems. As one poster said above, if you're above a music venue, that could be problematic.
  9. I do not think this is correct. The 2xxx cabins on the Main Deck are BELOW the promenade deck (walking deck). Those cabins are 3xxx.
  10. jakers, Do you recall who the maitre 'd was on your cruise, in the dining room? Also, the Pinnacle Grill manager?
  11. ditto to what kwb101 said. it's a separate card. don't lose it, either. they will charge you $75 (last known amount) if you don't return it the day before disembarkation. I had a lanai last summer on the veendam and most of the time i left my slider open just a tiny crack - you couldn't tell it was open if you were walking by or even standing nearby, and then I didn't have to worry about having the special card to open it. the doors slide, but they are heavy so you really have to pull firmly to move it.
  12. Bon voyage Ruth! See you on the Maasdam in June!!
  13. Oh you sooooo understated our “hilarious” time at music trivia tonight!!! First off, we trounced the other teams with our perfect score and because another team falsely claimed to also have a perfect score, Erin forced us into a tie breaker, which was the theme song from Titanic, which we had to ACT OUT as well as name. And let’s not forget the special items of clothing that went “missing”!! And now I’ll keep quiet!! 😂😂😂
  14. Kathi forgot to mention that it was well over 90 degrees F yesterday in Buenos Aires so we were all pretty wiped out from the heat too. Patty and i skipped dinner (and trivia, sorry Kathi!) and went to a dinner and tango show. Both were EXCELLENT!! The show was first as there were some other HAL tours there too. It was one hour long and extremely well done. Afterwards a smaller group of about 20 of us went to a private home for dinner. A local chef prepared our 4 course meal. Of course that Argentina beef was the main course! We returned to the ship quite late - about 10:45 PM. My bed never felt so good!
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