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  1. 53 minutes ago, Capt_BJ said:

    we took the train and did a similar walk .... it is totally flat. Only problem I had was getting my bearings for directions. And a wee bit of traffic in immediate vicinity of the station . . 


    Hint, use google maps or earth and 'street view' ... you can 'walk' your entire route virtually!!!image.thumb.png.d367a86c3af58cbfaf70a4277dfaf778.png



    Thansk,will  do that.  Train looks simple.  Do you  take your bags with you, or do you have to check them?  I see a print your luggage tag feature on the website,  that is confusing.  

  2. On 4/7/2024 at 8:18 AM, mslhb said:

    We booked this tour with them towards the end of June. Let me know how you like the tour. So far the company has been great at communication and I am looking forward to exploring Olden!

    We are traveling with Radmyla - end of this month, will let you know how it goes.  She emailed me that a trip this week was just fantastic.  

  3. Hi I am looking at Shore Excursions for a late September-October cruise. I am having difficulties for Lofoten. Lofoten Lights, GYG, Viator, Tours by Locals and the ship excursion are full for what I want to do.   I did find this company that appears to be in Germany. I was able to translate the page and exchange emails with the company.  I am still looking for reviews, before I post on the roll call. any advice?  Thank you 


    Itinerary - My Shore Excursions (meine-landausfluege.de)

  4. On 4/29/2024 at 12:12 PM, vakamalua said:

    We will be in a suite on the Enchanted in August.  A couple of Qs about the Concierge lounge:


    • What are the hours it's open?
    • What hours is it staffed by concierge staff?
    • Is your medallion used for entry?
    • Is there snacks / drinks the whole time it's open?
    • What drinks are available?  Coffee, tea?  Bottled water?  Soft drinks (cans)?
    • What snacks are available all day or at different times of the day?  Enough for a continental breakfast?  Any items like the International Cafe?
    • Can you wait for disembarkation in the CL?
    • Any other information would be appreciated...Thanks

    24 hours

    I didn’t notice Consierge set hours, except sometimes there was a sign, stated she/he would be there at a certain time that day. I have seen an assistant there more hours. Someone is usually there in the afternoon.

    There is a card for entry, it will be in your stateroom

     Nespresso Machine, tea, water, soda in cans

    Snacks most of the time

    Pastries, small sandwiches, cheeses, fruit, cookies, have seen dips 

    Idk if it’s open on disembarkation morning, most wait in another venue, the Consierge will tell you which one. 




  5. 55 minutes ago, charliedalrymple said:


    I will admit complete ignorance of and a total lack of interest in all things Lord of the Rings / Hobbit.  I'm just curious--were the movies actually filmed at Hobbiton?  I would imagine that would make it quite exciting for fans.

    While on a tour to Rotorua from last month, our tour guide gave us a little local history. She stated that Peter Jackson found the area which belong to a local sheep farmer, arriving by helicopter. The farmer knew nothing about the story even after the first film was shot.  His daughter educated him.  The land and set still belong to the farmer. He’s considered the luckiest farmer in New Zealand. But still attends to his sheep.   It’s a beautiful country, 

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  6. 8 hours ago, DCThunder said:

    I was just looking at the American Advantage website and the change is now effective July 11, 2024, rather than April 30.  I also just checked and an international RT business class fare for January 2025, booked directly with AA, is around $100 less on the AA website than on EZAir.  

    Good to know.  We also booked with AA, RT business class for January, 2025.  EZair didn't come close with pricing.  This is for EZE.  

  7. We had about the same port times. 7-2 I think.  We walked out of the gate abiut 0900 amd hired a taxi. We went to a motorcycle museum in Gydnia, then onto Gdansk. I think we’re were there for a few hours and then went to a seaside resort for about 30 minutes.  We paid in €s. 125 maybe?  Tour was maybe 41/2 hours? Many of the vendors were outside as I recall.  We visited the Church first.

  8. 6 hours ago, Marylebone37 said:

    I just can't imagine uploading bank statements or pay stubs to a foreign web site.  Talk about the risk of fraud or identity theft!  OMG.  But I understand that travelers will make their own decisions based on their individual risk tolerances.

    I agree, we had decided not to visit Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls ahead of our January, 2025, Buenos Aires RT cruise.   That bank statement requirement was a big part of our decision. Now we are reconsidering the pre cruise trip.  

  9. 3 hours ago, NavyVeteran said:

    I believe this applies only to Elite - not to suites. Suite laundry has priority over Elite laundry, so its turnaround time is not affected much by the number of Elites onboard. When I send laundry out in the evening from a suite, I've nearly every time received it back the next day - even on cruises when Elite laundry was taking several days.

    Ok, I will speak up if I see that notice again.  I had the notice in my cabin on the Island and the Royal. 

  10. @njhorseman, no worries.  This is good news for those completing their traveling before April 10, 2025. 

    @Marylebone37 The US has similar requirements for citizens of Brazil requesting US visas, including proof of financial stability.  Who knows what will happen, but some of the main reasons for the delays seem to be  difficultly navigating and errors with the application process. Those are well documented in the other thread mentioned above. 


  11. I’ve never seen a limit. At times, we’ve received a noticed that laundry may take up to 72 hours, and it did.  Other times, laundry returns the next day; or even that night. I think this depends how many elites members on board and the number of suites, plus the capacity of the laundry facilities. You can get free tokens for the self service laundry from guest services. 

    We usually travel pre cruise and have laundry on the first night.  We carry extra gym clothes and use the self serve laundry at times. 

    We take pictures as well, but unlike at home, never lost anything.  

  12. St John, New Brunswick:  I think this is the port you mean, as there is also a St.John’s Newfoundland. We went with Alexi , wonderful day out. 




    We booked a trolly tour for Newport and a rental car with another couple for Halifax. Both were cancelled due to Hurricane Fionna and related weather.  I always stress to check the operator’s cancellation policies. Some require 24 hours notice.  


    You  might also try the Cruise Critic port of call boards or your roll call. 







  13. 1 hour ago, Senga said:

    Independent, Golden Circle.

    Hi, not sure which company you are booked with.  We did an independent excursion with Iceland Everywhere last year.  We stopped after about an hour.  There was a bakery/ deli where we all purchased all kinds of food.  We had lunch about 1pm at the visitors center for the Great Geyser.  Many options there. Tour operators mix things up to avoid the large crowds. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, vjmatty said:

    How is it possible to not being shoes you’ve worn outdoors?

    We just returned from a land trip to Australia & New Zealand. I don’t remember specifically about the shoe examination at Sydney, ( I think it did occur) but this definitely happened  when we landed at Queenstown, New Zealand.  The focus is on shoes exposed to soil, such as on a farm, or other outdoor activities and hiking.  

    You step onto a marker and your shoes are examined.   Additionally,  we had to open our luggage so they could examine our boots.  We had cleaned them throughly before the trip, so she was satisfied.  They are very serious about this as their ego system is fragile.  Not sure what happens from a cruise ship.  


    I think immigration is primary looking  for microorganisms picked up in soil from activities like hiking, working on a farm, etc.  They are very serious about this. 


    My suggestion is just make sure your shoes, particular the bottom, are clean.  If you’ve used shoes / boots on a farm or for hiking, tell them. When in doubt, just declare it. 

    As I said, I’m not sure of the exact process when coming off a cruise ship. 

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