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  1. We had about the same port times. 7-2 I think. We walked out of the gate abiut 0900 amd hired a taxi. We went to a motorcycle museum in Gydnia, then onto Gdansk. I think we’re were there for a few hours and then went to a seaside resort for about 30 minutes. We paid in €s. 125 maybe? Tour was maybe 41/2 hours? Many of the vendors were outside as I recall. We visited the Church first.
  2. I had a refund due to a price drop. The cards were refunded within a day. They did not tell me which cards were refunded, but I had copies and was able to figure it out. I used the cards for another cruise.
  3. Thanks @HBCcruiser would you say this suite is similar to the penthouse suite on the Royal ships? Looking at this suite for a Sept cruise. ty
  4. Also look at this company. Uber to pier 80 from the hotel parking. Shouldn’t be a long ride. I imagine flying both ways could be expensive. Also, the commuter planes often run late. I imagine you’ve planned for traffic if commuting in on a weekday. https://onestopparking.com
  5. @cashmeremypuppydog and/or @Margarita Jane How did you contact him? The social media site I tried to use doesn’t work. Interested in booking for January 2025. I can book via Viat….r but I’d like to book with him directly. Ty
  6. I agree, we had decided not to visit Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls ahead of our January, 2025, Buenos Aires RT cruise. That bank statement requirement was a big part of our decision. Now we are reconsidering the pre cruise trip.
  7. Ok, I will speak up if I see that notice again. I had the notice in my cabin on the Island and the Royal.
  8. @njhorseman, no worries. This is good news for those completing their traveling before April 10, 2025. @Marylebone37 The US has similar requirements for citizens of Brazil requesting US visas, including proof of financial stability. Who knows what will happen, but some of the main reasons for the delays seem to be difficultly navigating and errors with the application process. Those are well documented in the other thread mentioned above.
  9. I’ve never seen a limit. At times, we’ve received a noticed that laundry may take up to 72 hours, and it did. Other times, laundry returns the next day; or even that night. I think this depends how many elites members on board and the number of suites, plus the capacity of the laundry facilities. You can get free tokens for the self service laundry from guest services. We usually travel pre cruise and have laundry on the first night. We carry extra gym clothes and use the self serve laundry at times. We take pictures as well, but unlike at home, never lost anything.
  10. This is good news as the original date was January 1, 2024; then April 10, 2024. We will see what happens in 2025. The delays affecting January 1 and April 10, 2024 were last minute announcements. The most recent decree was signed on April 9.
  11. St John, New Brunswick: I think this is the port you mean, as there is also a St.John’s Newfoundland. We went with Alexi , wonderful day out. https://gofundytours.ca We booked a trolly tour for Newport and a rental car with another couple for Halifax. Both were cancelled due to Hurricane Fionna and related weather. I always stress to check the operator’s cancellation policies. Some require 24 hours notice. You might also try the Cruise Critic port of call boards or your roll call. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/9-canadanew-england/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2437-enchanted-princess-roll-calls/
  12. Hi, not sure which company you are booked with. We did an independent excursion with Iceland Everywhere last year. We stopped after about an hour. There was a bakery/ deli where we all purchased all kinds of food. We had lunch about 1pm at the visitors center for the Great Geyser. Many options there. Tour operators mix things up to avoid the large crowds.
  13. We just returned from a land trip to Australia & New Zealand. I don’t remember specifically about the shoe examination at Sydney, ( I think it did occur) but this definitely happened when we landed at Queenstown, New Zealand. The focus is on shoes exposed to soil, such as on a farm, or other outdoor activities and hiking. You step onto a marker and your shoes are examined. Additionally, we had to open our luggage so they could examine our boots. We had cleaned them throughly before the trip, so she was satisfied. They are very serious about this as their ego system is fragile. Not sure what happens from a cruise ship. I think immigration is primary looking for microorganisms picked up in soil from activities like hiking, working on a farm, etc. They are very serious about this. My suggestion is just make sure your shoes, particular the bottom, are clean. If you’ve used shoes / boots on a farm or for hiking, tell them. When in doubt, just declare it. As I said, I’m not sure of the exact process when coming off a cruise ship.
  14. You can bring a small fan, here is the notation in the FAQs at the end of the questions. https://www.princess.com/en-us/faq/pre-cruise
  15. I saw this scenario with a Princess excursion earlier this year. I sent an email to my cruise vacation planner and it was corrected a few days later. The excursion was dropped, as the departure time was correct. I’d get an answer from the cruise line before you book the excursion.
  16. Sorry, I missed this post. We are in Olden on May 30.
  17. We are on the Sky Princess in late May and doing both the Briksdal Glacier and the Loen Skylift. I finally found this person who is from Alesund. She is also booked the day before with our stop for Geiranger. Someone else booked her or we might of booked her for both days. She has a FB page with some good reviews. We are sharing with another couple. Due to timing, this is the only way we can do both. https://uniktur.com/shore-excursion-in-olden/
  18. I’m a retired employee. I once authorized an air ambulance from Cabo back to the SF Bay Area. $ 55,000. That was several years ago. I’ve used the app to submit for reimbursement for Covid tests(in London) and medications. Very easy and check comes quickly. Uploaded part of CC statement showing conversion from £ to $. Kaiser recommends carrying a small travel medical policy to show if needed at a foreign hospital; clinic, etc. but will absolutely reimburse.
  19. Kurada Railway: We are in Cairns now as part of a DYI land trip. I had committed to reporting back on the status of the railway. There was another slide last night and the railway is closed again. We’ve been here two days and the rain is very heavy with localized flooding. We took the Skyrail up and bus back down through a private tour company. Very enjoyable day. Parts of the road also have heavy damage. Parts were washed away leaving one lane.
  20. AA changes take effect for tickets purchased on May1, 2024 and beyond. So if you have an EZ Air reservation, and want the miles, you probably will need to actually purchase the tickets by April 30, 2024, and not wait for final payment. AA has stated that in order to earn miles, tickets must be purchased on its website, a One World Partner website, or one of their approved travel agencies. The list of approved travel agencies will be published in April. It’s doubtful EZ Air will be one of them.
  21. Here is a link to United‘s information on flight upgrades. At the bottom is the link to Star Alliance upgrades. You can bring up your reservation and view your options. You should see offers. The website will default to money, but click on the miles option. https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/mileageplus/awards/upgrade.html
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