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  1. You can bring a small fan, here is the notation in the FAQs at the end of the questions. https://www.princess.com/en-us/faq/pre-cruise
  2. I saw this scenario with a Princess excursion earlier this year. I sent an email to my cruise vacation planner and it was corrected a few days later. The excursion was dropped, as the departure time was correct. I’d get an answer from the cruise line before you book the excursion.
  3. Sorry, I missed this post. We are in Olden on May 30.
  4. We are on the Sky Princess in late May and doing both the Briksdal Glacier and the Loen Skylift. I finally found this person who is from Alesund. She is also booked the day before with our stop for Geiranger. Someone else booked her or we might of booked her for both days. She has a FB page with some good reviews. We are sharing with another couple. Due to timing, this is the only way we can do both. https://uniktur.com/shore-excursion-in-olden/
  5. I’m a retired employee. I once authorized an air ambulance from Cabo back to the SF Bay Area. $ 55,000. That was several years ago. I’ve used the app to submit for reimbursement for Covid tests(in London) and medications. Very easy and check comes quickly. Uploaded part of CC statement showing conversion from £ to $. Kaiser recommends carrying a small travel medical policy to show if needed at a foreign hospital; clinic, etc. but will absolutely reimburse.
  6. Kurada Railway: We are in Cairns now as part of a DYI land trip. I had committed to reporting back on the status of the railway. There was another slide last night and the railway is closed again. We’ve been here two days and the rain is very heavy with localized flooding. We took the Skyrail up and bus back down through a private tour company. Very enjoyable day. Parts of the road also have heavy damage. Parts were washed away leaving one lane.
  7. AA changes take effect for tickets purchased on May1, 2024 and beyond. So if you have an EZ Air reservation, and want the miles, you probably will need to actually purchase the tickets by April 30, 2024, and not wait for final payment. AA has stated that in order to earn miles, tickets must be purchased on its website, a One World Partner website, or one of their approved travel agencies. The list of approved travel agencies will be published in April. It’s doubtful EZ Air will be one of them.
  8. Here is a link to United‘s information on flight upgrades. At the bottom is the link to Star Alliance upgrades. You can bring up your reservation and view your options. You should see offers. The website will default to money, but click on the miles option. https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/mileageplus/awards/upgrade.html
  9. We were on the Royal last year and got access to the Enclave. There was a letter in the cabin that said we had this access. I haven’t seen that before on the Royal Class ships. The letter was from the concierge. I’ve read other reports of people getting access as well, but it’s not a listed perk. I was surprised. So maybe…?
  10. You need to check your documents. For the January 21, 2025 voyage, the departure time is 1600, so would need to be onboard by 1530.
  11. We’ve sailed on the Enchanted in one of the forward window suites and an aft suite. The aft suites do have warp around balconies. The ones on Dolphin and Emerald are quite large. The aft suites are close to the suite lounge which is Mid aft Riviera deck. Aloha or Baja, are good choices, if you can’t get Riviera, I think the owners suite is on Emerald, so not sure about noise from club below. But all are nice. The side penthouse cabins are nice and across from the suite lounge. It’s a good size. Two balcony cabins, basically with small balconies, but two of them. The forward suites are near the retreat pool, up a few decks. Also easy to get down to Sabatini’s for breakfast - deck 5. It far from other things, like the suite lounge, main dining rooms.
  12. @riffatseathink some are still using this. Question: what is the latest on how far out you can submit ? I have 2023 dome, but just booked a cruise for January 2024?
  13. @VJWcruiseryes, there are groups of passengers who take this cruise specifically to visit the Falklands. Evidently on NCL they represent a large guest base. There are many reports from passengers on the roll calls from the February 2 and February 18 cruises on another social media site. Many of these reports(over 30) are long, detailed and thoughtful. Some include conversations with the Captain, stating the orders came from Miami. Many believe the changes were aimed at avoiding (as best as possible) missing the Falklands Islands stop in the future and a repeat of the “gathering” in the Atrium on the January 21 sailing. I think that was the evening of January 30th. Passengers from that sailing knew the reason for missing the port was not weather related as they were told. How? Folks had communication with passengers on the Sapphire Princess, on island tour operators; and even port staff in Stanley. The Sapphire Princess and the Azamara Quest both successfully called at the port in what was described as a beautiful calm day. The changes came a few days later on the Feb 2 sailing, with the Falkland stop being moved up by one day from the second Friday to Thursday. So, I do think it is possible this had more to do with port congestion at the Falklands than speeds in Antarctic Waters.
  14. Ah! Thanks. We are using Edson, based on your recommendation. Yep, I use my Gmail account.
  15. @MercruiserTy, Yes, Ive been trying to work my way through this. My Spanish is so so for booking, but relying on it for flight updates … maybe not. We are on the Sapphire Princess -January, 2025, RT Buenos Aires. We want to fly to Rio from the US, then on to IGU. Overnight on the Argentina side, then on to Buenos Aires from IGR. I’m having trouble getting the Brazil flight information for this portion, with all flights changing planes in San Pablo. Oh well, it’s probably a bit early anyway. I’m sure there are direct flights. Princess wants an insane amount of money to do this in a 5 day cruise tour. I heard from the guide today as I sent him a message through tour by locals. I told him, he was recommended on cruise critic. He can start us in Brazil and end in Argentina. This part seems perfect, Ty. I also learned about the Visa for Brazil, so looking at that now. The financial document requirements are a little concerning. But also not sure about the arrival and departure portion. This means I need to purchase the airfare (OK) but not sure how I show departure if in a car. Maybe if I purchase the tour with Tour by Locals? Hmmmm… Ideally, I would like to secure the visa before committing. Thanks for your expertise.
  16. Wonderful, thanks for this.
  17. This is what we want to do. What airlines or site are you using for the 2 flight information? .
  18. Yep, my thoughts as well. We usually book with the airlines, but sometimes use EZ air.
  19. I’m posting this here as I think it’s possible EZ Air tickets will be affected. I received an email this morning from AA. Effective for Flights Ticketed after May 1, 2024. It states passengers will only earn award miles when they : Book directly with American and our eligible partner airlines Booked through our preferred travel agencies. There are also exceptions for some corporate/business travelers. The list of “preferred travel agencies” will be released later. Will EZ Air be on the list? Are United, Delta, SW next? Here is an article I found https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/other/american-makes-big-changes-to-earning-miles-jacks-up-bag-fees/ar-BB1iBnTW
  20. We use the same logic. I see fewer small private companies offering the full refund if the ship doesn’t make the port. And as you said the bigger companies have that 24-48 hour cancellation policy. Many people don’t read this. Other factors include how far the excursion travels away from the port and if no other option is available. I had a private vendor email me in December that they could not guarantee an on time return; so we went with the similar Princess option. We book a mixture of Princess sponsored, private groups, and DYI excursions.
  21. Blackberry cars will pick you up. Contact for a quote Or you can pre book an Uber.
  22. Hi Ken, I started following your thread after I leaned about the NCL Star’s incident at the Falklands (on another media site); and seeing clips of a large, vocal & singing gathering in the NCL Star’s atrium the day before, January 31. Originally, I was following @scubacruiserx2 ‘s January 7, 2024 thread as we booked on the NCL Star for February, 2025. I’ll admit I didn’t know much about sailing to Antarctica other than there are plenty of sea days and it is clear that neither NCL or Princess offer/sell expedition cruises amd no one would be setting foot on the continent. Due to the costs and time spend to get to BA or Santiago, my guess is most of the passengers on both ships understand these two points very well. After reading many of the posts here, it appears some posters don’t completely understand the importance of the “sail by” to Antarctica, as I admitted I didn’t until recently. If posters want to fully appreciate the significance of this type of cruise, I suggest they read your threads or at least glance at all the amazing pics taken during the Antarctica portion postered in both threads. We sail both Princess and NCL frequently. Again, Thank you and @scubacruiserx2for your threads.
  23. I just check the website today. The word “Antarctica” now again appears on the sailing titles. The original 2 days including Paradise Bay is now replaced with one day at Admiralty Bay and Elephant Island. The map however, still shows a cruise in Paradise Bay. This applies to 2024 and 2025 sailings. So it doesn’t look like the issue will be resolved by next year.
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