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  1. I don't notice much "hawking" on Carnival. If you go to the "port talks", or to the onboard shop events, yeah, you are going to hear it. I rarely go to those , so it's not a problem.
  2. One "special" always available to those who do not have Cheers is that you can get a "double" of traditional cocktails for a reasonable upcharge. The last time I sailed without Cheers I got doubles of my favorite gin & tonic for just $3 more than a single.
  3. I have done a hold a couple of times. The price and terms at the time you place the hold remain until the hold runs out
  4. 1. I've gotten so used to wearing a mask, it honestly does not bother me much. 2. I don't go to the clubs. 3, This one is of concern since limited seating likely may that fewer people could attend; however, if there are fewer people on board, this will be mitigated. 4. Don't use casino much 5. Don't use casino much 6. Don't do many excursions 7. Love seadays 8. last time we stopped in Key West it was for a few hours in the morning , nothing open except tourist trap souvenir shops . Much prefer a land trip there. 9. Contestants can wear a mask and distanc
  5. The bars on deck and in open areas are generally open to anyone, Those in inside enclosed areas have restrictions after a set time.
  6. It is really not as a great a bargain as it sounds. The base price of the cruise is adjusted for the "free" drink package. It is a savings over booking the cruise and buying drink package separately, but Cheers is definitely not free; you are getting the drink package at a discount. (It's similar to many "free OBC" promos; you can often find cheaper rates where the savings is about the cost of the "free" OBC.)
  7. DH gets his second Pfizer this week. I get my first (don't know if it will be Pfizer or Moderna). Just grateful to be getting it.
  8. We came off our most recent cruise the first week of March 2020 just before Covid restrictions. At that time we already had an Alaska cruise booked for July 2021 (I thought then that surely this be over by then), so during quarantine I booked a March 2022 Caribbean cruise. As restrictions continued, I postponed Alaska for a year. So now we have no cruises in 2021, but two in 2022 - March and July. Maybe having two in one year will make up for having none this year,
  9. If you can stand an inside (or even like the total darkness) , that's definitely the best value. But many of us have to have fresh air or at least natural light, so I would go for the cheaper balcony and put the difference towards the drinks package, We're not in the room enough for the aft balcony to make a difference (Is Mardi Gras designed without OV cabins?)
  10. We came to that same conclusion. I am hoping our March 2022 one sails, though.
  11. We'd have to drink enough the other days to make up the difference 😄 We don't sail out of Texas, so have not had to do this, but definitely see why you would not but Cheers until the second day.
  12. We figured we get our money's worth with the cheers if we drink 10 drinks a day between us. That's not hard to do especially since a couple of specialty coffees add up to the price of one alcoholics drink. Free bottled water and soda add to the value as well.
  13. Because state tax was not paid on the Cheers package.
  14. Yes it does, unlimited unless they are "spiked"
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